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I was frankly p!ss!ng myself laughing pretty much the whole way through this:) It was funny, the story was pretty good, pace was great, and there were some hilarious gags. On top of that I thought that the technical execution was good with quality camera work, and even some well placed CGI. I loved it, and I can't wait to watch it again when it goes up on the site!

So first I have to say that I think making a serious, moody short, is a hard, hard thing to do. You guys really set a very sombre and reflective tone early on, and I really connected with the main character. I also was well impressed with the camera work. As others have said though, I felt the story's ending to be a bit soft. But technically, great, and the story was nine tenths of the way there.

I loved this film! I think the invisible superhero concept would have got tiring pretty fast in anything longer, but for a short it worked great. Adding to that some nice camera work, and lovely shots of a misty Wellington harbour, and you managed to effectively hold our interest without an actor in sight. Could there have been a few tweaks (like some foley for the best fight scene that wasn't ;) sure, but in two days?! This was very cool, and I'd watch it again any time!

There was some really great composition and excellent camera control displayed throughout this film. I shoot on a DSLR, and certainly recognised the skill required for some excellent, precise follow focus work. But I have to agree with others that the extreme low DOF used in almost every shot was a little overused, which became distracting. But polished it was, and a good story to boot.

Fairly simple story, but it was punctuated with a few really nice shots. I remember turning to the guy next to me saying 'nice' during the backlit (by car's headlamps I think) scene of the two guys facing off in the street. Was a great shot!