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Seriously guys, story is king. If your story is incomprehensible, whether because of technical errors or a muddled storyline then your film becomes unwatchable.
Having said that the premise, once it was pieced together through post film discussion wasn't terrible. We think a man is stalking a woman only to find the reverse is occuring. Cool, i could get on board with that. It's all in the delivery. Some of the camera work was good, particularly the final shot, which was the reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1. The audio was poor and that was really inexcusable, learn how to noise remove. Sound is the most important tool you have for creating a good film.
More incredibly creepy stuff like that final shot, a script the audience can understand and solid audio and I predict some solid films from you guys.

I really enjoyed this film. Horror can be one of the most difficult genres to pull off convicingly and while countless 48 hours films in the past have gone for the whole "creepy talking to people who aren't there, cryptic plot" storyline, this is the first I've seen that actually pulled it off. A story that was clear, touching and able to be easily followed was the strongest point of the film.
Cinematography was also exeptionally strong; alot of single point perspective shots combined with brilliant locations culminated in a strong Stanley Kubrick esq style. However I feel this could have been capitalised on more. The 40% of shots that didn't fit into this style became noticable because of it. Decide with a style and stick with it. Half done stylistic choices resonate porely with the viewer.
The biggest let down of your film was the inclusion of the pizza delivery man. It felt like a blatent attempt to include the character and added nothing to your film.
Sound was ok, definatly not the worst of the heats but still could have used tightening up. Music felt too repetitive. I get the conventions of the genre and all that but I feel like a bit of variety would have impoved the work.
All in all an amazing effort, you punched well, well above your age and I look foward to your future attempts.

For the majority of this movie, to be perfectly honest, I was disinterested. Poor camera, lighting and sound meant my understanding of the story was shaky at best. Your song was funny but was really a one joke gag. But your final shot made up for it all. All of a sudden the story made sense and the earlier humour just served to highlight the deeper emotions of the ending. Where this film stands up is in the re-watch. Once you know the ending you could see your earlier hints at it. Your concept was great and some of the humour worked very well. Like I said though, your technical side really let you down. Invest some time in learning effective camera, lighting, sound and editing.
I'll also admit that musical is a very difficult genre. Especially if you're not prepared for it.
This team showed talent, and I look foward to your future films as serious competitors in the finals.

This film had my ripping my hair in frustration, because it could have been so good! I felt like if I'd been able to see what was happening properly, and heard the sound this film would have been so much better. I cannot judge your story unfortunately as I couldn't understand it. You obviously had very nice lighting and your costuming was top notch as well. The story may have been a bit complicated. Trust me, go with something simple and then do your cool stuff around it, trust me I've learnt this the hard way. Get a decent camera and mike next year. You have so much potential and I think your films in the future will be amazing, just work at it.

I understand that its fun to subvert you're genre, unfortunately you still have to retain some semblance of it. I'm sorry guys there's no way this was a converging story lines movie. Otherwise I thought it was decent, solid camera and lighting worked in your favour. You're gag worked, but I'm not sure it was enough to build a storyline around. Your story came off as a bit bland, and your finale seemed rushed. Acting let you down a bit, with one of your actors obviously reading off a script, also age relevance is crucial, I know it limits school teams immensely, but you just have to find a way around that. You're music wasn't memorable but that probably just means there was nothing bad about it. Sorry for being overly critical, It was a good film I'm picking at relatively minor issues. All in all I enjoyed your film.

Also I don't like puns

Nice premise, with some good gags that you pulled off well. Story a bit hard to get into. You really need to discern what it is that's mucking up your sound as I know you're using a decent mike. Set was good and the crowd scene was pretty realistic. Camera nice and I felt you're shot choices always paid off. I felt your music was brilliant as always, but lacked a sense of cohesion. With this sort of story line the music really needs to build up to your dramatic finish gag and unfortunately I didn't feel you achieved this. Still, amazing movie one of the best of the night, I look forward to next year.

I thought that your film had good story and that I at least followed the plot easily however it's true no one leaves a ring at the scene of crime.
Nice camera work.
Sound could have been a bit better but otherwise awsome film.