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Double knee-slap worthy. Hilarious and fun. Great concept - excellent execution. Would watch again!

Stunning film. Finalist? Surely. Incredibly slick cinematography, a brilliant gradual reveal of the narrative, stunning integration of this year's elements, and I will never forget the high angle shot near the end of the film. That young actress as well - what a star! Congratulations to the filmmakers, I hope this goes far.

Some good ideas, but for what? There was nothing here beyond the gags.

I have no idea what I watched here, but I'm pretty sure I loved it.

Outrageously funny film. Had me absolutely in fits during the lift scene. I loved the style of the film with the documentary feel fitting perfectly. This was a very clever take on the genre - great to see a original lean taken. It was a tidy narrative, shot very well and some fantastic lines. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to sign a workplace card without thinking of Jenny again.