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Three robbers end up with an unexpected passenger.

High production value, neat little story, solid performances. So glad that this film has now appeared on the review site. It was my fav of the heat for sure and I was gutted I couldn’t vote for it for audience favourite - I think it would have for sure been in the top three and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the finals.

A group of people await the end of the world.

There were good cringe moments in this one, but the narrative wasn't very clear. The world set up of animals rising up and taking over the world was great - I just want to see THAT movie now though! The flashing lights through the window at the end were a nice touch, but I kept expecting the final shot to be an army of animals attacking!

A little girl learns how to travel in time, and attempts to change her future in order to help her elderly self.

This was a big story to try and conquer in 5 minutes, but this team gave it their all. Some of the shot choices were sort of flat, and the audio and performances could've used some work - but the kids were very cute and I loved that the little girl had a clear goal which she achieved. The old lady's fourth wall break was excellent, but just seeing her sitting their smiling was an excellent ending.

A team tries to figure out what sort of 48 Hours film to make.

This is an extremely classic 48 Hours idea... I've seen it maybe a dozen times over the years! But this one gets an extra star for saying "I wish we got musical!" and then having a the beginnings of a legit musical number. I kind of wish you'd got musical too!

A couple use a device which plays music that reflects your mood.

Some good performances in this. The main reason the rating is low is that the ending implied that a man in jail would be raped by another man. Coming up with a more creative, less harmful ending would've helped your film stand out and feel less dated.

A man goes to the toilet while supported by his 4-year-old bodyguard.

A very cute performance from the little lead boy, adorable to see! Also some cool effects. The narrative wasn't super clear, but it had some creative use of split-screen.

A girl in isolation tries to figure out who in her world is really real.

Nice performances from the two girls in this one, but the fluctuating audio levels made it tough to concentrate on the story. But the story arc still made sense, and it was nice to see the creation of a "cell"-like room rather than just using an ordinary flat as a location like many 48 Hour films do.

Two teens go investigate a building and come up against a slasher.

This team made a solid effort in trying to build suspense - at one point I genuinely did jump from shock! Overall though, the audio made it tough to hear the dialogue and the narrative wasn't clear, so I'm not 100% on what the story was.

The line "That better have been the wind!" got a good laugh from the very element-aware crowd, as did the shot where you could clearly see the camera man in the reflection. Good on ya!

A cop travels in time to solve a murder.

This film had a clever twist that I won't spoil here, but it sort of petered off at the end rather than treating that reveal as a shock twist. Still, the general idea was great and the double-take made me laugh.

A split-screen film with two stories which happened to both work with the exact same dialogue.

This film was very clever in its use of split-screen - the juxtaposition of the two scenes made for some great laughs, like "a bit salty"! The use of wind was the most clever I've seen so far too - having it move from one side of the split-screen to the other got a good chuckle from the audience.

On the downside, it was a little slow in a couple of places and could've moved from line to line quicker. But overall, one of the best in the heat.

Two people meet in a bar and discover that while one is a doctor who saves people, the other is a murderer who kills people.

The general concept on this one is great - it has automatic conflict built into it. However, the film didn't really deliver on the promise of the premise. It felt quite slow in a few places.

But, there were some fun murders in it and the cut neck with the sticky plaster on it was great.

A group of school girls explain the ways their school works in a mockumentary style film.

This film had some really hilarious moments in it - well done! Some great performances by teenage girls giving it their all. Loved the fire drill scene, everyone's screaming was on point. Although the narrative point of the story wasn't super clear and the production value could've been higher, it was still a very funny watch and I hope that this team keeps working together.

"Stick the knowledge right in you" was a fantastic line by the way!

A family goes camping and at first think it will be lame - but end up having a fantastic time looking at the stars.

Cute film. Some cool editing and nice slow motion shots, a lot of care went into the production of this. The story could've used a bit more to it in order to really land, and overall it could've been a little pacier - but it was a solid effort. Well done on wrangling so many kids - loved the sad little girl's Charlie Brown walk!

A film about two people who decide to try and "do" every weird holiday they can find online. (Apologies if this is the incorrect film - there's no title here, but by process of deduction, it must be this one.)

This was a clever take on a holiday movie - it was nice that it wasn't about Xmas. It was also a great use of one location.

The sound mix was kind of off, so it was difficult to understand some of the dialogue. Overall, the whole thing could've been cut a bit tighter and the ending wasn't very clear - but solid performances from the two actors.

A film about a young man's love of poetry and a rocky relationship with his girlfriend.

This one definitely had the intention of being a drama film, and a big part of the reason the rating is low is that it didn't seem to want to recognise its assigned genre at all - that's always a real shame as it's a core part of this competition. The narrative was a bit hard to follow and could've used some clarification, but the performers definitely gave it their all.

A hitman sticks to his guns and refuses to shoot a blind man.

This film was hilarious and did a great job at hitting on all the right story tropes. Total commitment to the parts by all the young actors - fun performances, costumes and props.

Couple of very funny one-liners too, like "Foiled by a pillow again!" Can't wait to see what this team does together in the future.

A girl who dreams of being born in the 90s wakes up in the 90s.

This one was really cute, mostly because it portrays growing up in the 90s as something amazing (real life spoiler: It was fiiiiiine I guess!)

Well done to the young actresses for a solid effort. Cute ending which focussed on a modern teen's love of smart phones, and a good try at using 90s props and costumes.

In a world where nearly everyone has been turned into a pug, you will be turned into a pug too if one licks you.

Of these 5/7 stars, a large amount of them are for the use of Very Good Dogs.

But also, some cool VFX - would've loved to see some more of those. And more dogs. Frankly you cannot have too many dogs.

Overall the film worked well - it delivered exactly what was expected. Good on ya.

Two girls discuss the best way to get out of going to work, with the aid of the medium of dance.

This had a fun premise, but was definitely affected by some technical issues which I'm sure the team know plenty about and don't need a list of. It would've been great to hear what was happening in the back half of the film, as it looks like there was probably a funny interaction the audience sadly missed.

Some great dancing, well done for giving that side of things your all.

A young man remembers his friendship with another teen who passed away.

Kudos to you for attempting a drama in a competition filled to the gills with comedy. It was clear that you were trying to portray a touching relationship with a sad ending. The overall arc was clear and it was very sweet.

Some sound mix issues held this one back, but I look forward to seeing what this film does in the future.

A teen guy ends up in a murder spiral that just keeps getting worse.

Some fantastic acting in this one, well done to all of your for your realistic portrayals of fun characters. Some pretty dynamic shot choices too, props to the director.

Real time is for sure one of the more difficult genres and you pulled it off without it ever feeling boring. Good on ya!

Bold team name, folks!

This had a fun mockumentary style, with some great character acting throughout. Well done especially to the man in the various wigs, and the actress milking her V pour.

I also really enjoyed the informative info about who Planksy was, it helped me get my head around the narrative.

Looking forward to seeing what your team does in the future. (But the big question is: Are you brave enough to have this exact team name next year??)

A man lives with a ghost, his girlfriend wants him to move out and marry her.

Some super fun practical effects in this one, well done! One of my other notes was "Don't move into together, you're too young!!"... but that is no reflection of the film itself :D

The ending could've been a little punchier - maybe the text on the screen was a last ditch effort when the team ran out of time? But the effects made it a fun watch for sure, great job!

A cute film about a teen girl's journey into murder, and her mum's YouTube channel.

Loved Mum's dabbing. Some great one liners in here too, like "At least she's got good taste in men!"

The real meat of your film (get it??) began once Mum entered the story. The editing overall could've been tightened up a tad, but it was a great effort!

To me, films like this are the true embodiment of 48 Hours. "I don't know what just happened but I love it" and "Am I high?" are my favourite two things to think while watching a film. This had a fun animation style (and I applaud you for managing to crank out an animation as long as that in 48 hours).

As others have noted, there are some sound issues contributing to the lower rating.

Favourite things: Baby death. Hairy legs after 9 months on the planet. Baby birth.

This animation had very cute character designs. It seemed like some technical issues may have affected this team due to the lack of meat to the story and the extremely short length, so good on them for powering through and handing in a nice little scene anyway.

The only ultra team in the heat did a stellar job of wrangling not one but TWO child actors. A smart directing choice here to use a voiceover style storytelling film, as I'm sure that meant the shots they needed to get with the kids were less intense. The plumbing stuff was funny. There were a few sound mix issues, and overall this film could've been tightened up and made a bit pacier. It also was unclear why the kids couldn't just grab the chocolate while mum was busy with the plumber. Narratively though, it tied up nicely at the end. I hope the young boy enjoyed all the chocolate he scored over 48 Hours weekend! :)

This team seem like they're new to film-making, but have a lot of passion. The shining moment in this short of the girl saying "Take your coconut ruff and get out of here" or similar. Some work on tightening up the editing would help as parts were quite slow, and the sound mix needs some work. It would've been nice to have another scene at the end where the girl realised the guy had robbed her, maybe cancelled a date because of it? I look forward to seeing what this team does in the future after some work on their craft.

A very original idea which was well executed. It was a delight love story, but the ending was a little predictable. The sound mix also needed a bit of work. Also, it was tough to buy that the visually wooden door was electric (great idea for the story though). Your "love" shadow was probably the coolest shadow in the heat. Loved the Alexa "Ha-- Ha-- Ha--" gag, too. Nice job!

This film had a very strong start, with great acting by the young actress and directing that totally nailed the "monster movie" vibe. It reminded me of one of my favorite films this year, A QUIET PLACE. The narrative become a little unclear in the back half - I wasn't sure whether or not the way the girl destroyed the monster was the same thing she mentioned to her mum on the walkie talkie at the start? Additionally, there was a tonal shift when the Weetbix were being thrown at the monster, which seemed a little more comedy gag-like than the rest of the short. The shadow work was awesome though!

A very fun premise that was well executed and well acted. Loved the montage of different deaths and the "headache" dialogue gags. One thing that would've elevated this film is a slightly clearer ending - was that the cops knocking on the door at the end? If so, a siren sound would've helped. Also, a narrative reason for him *actually* dying for good would've helped. But overall, this was a really fun time - nice job!

This felt like a new director with potential, because there were some nice shot choices. However, the narrative was wonky and it was unclear what the ending was supposed to represent. The sound mix also needed some work. I look forward to seeing what this team can crank out after another year of honing their skills.

This film did a great job at delivering on its genre and on the promise of the premise. The sound was a bit patchy here and there, and the montage in the middle went on a little long - but the story had a nice twist ending.

A slick little film with nice production value. Although it's super nice to see SHORT short films (god bless the change of 7 mins to 5 mins in this comp), this one felt like it could have done with a tad more story in order to really make it sing.

A girl tries to be a witch with her new wand, and it goes terribly wrong.

Some fun gags in this one (especially "Steve")! Unfortunately, the narrative wasn't particularly clear and the pace was a bit slow. It would've been great to see a bit more of the rivalry between the two girls.

The magic spell gags the end (where the room went back to normal) were pretty cool - a very 48 Hours-esque effect!

Entertaining concept - Two teenage girls assume their friend is a werewolf, when in fact she actually wants to tell them she's gay. (And also a werewolf)

There was some really great "teen trope" directing in this one - the girls sliding down the wall, disappointed, two heads poking around the door - that stuff was great. The performances from the girls were all great too.

I wish that the girls hadn't screamed when the girl came out as a lesbian - it would've been nicer to see them be more accepting.

It was great to see the little additional scene at the end where the friend is a werewolf (but also sad that she was leaving the house, presumably because her friends didn't accept that she was gay).

Without having seen the film this one was a sequel to, it was really tough to know what was happening. That seems to have been a real trap for Ultra teams. I also missed a bunch of the plot because of the sound mix issues (that must have been pretty gutting for the team).

However, the production value was otherwise pretty good. I hope that a version with the sound fixed a bit is what ends up in the screening room :)

My favourite film of the heat for sure. A simple premise, executed well.

It would've been nice to see just a tiny bit more animation of the characters - it was clearly a directorial choice not to do so, but, some of the pieces of voiceover went on for a really long time without the picture moving and it felt slow.

Great ending (something a bit lacking overall in this heat, unfortunately - so was really refreshing to see).

Some interesting ideas in this one, but I don't think it all gelled together very well. A man had a curse upon him for using his phone at the movies (I think) - but the rest of the film had nothing to do with that. I loved that he could only speak using the Wilhelm scream, but, I think that gag could've been used a bit more.

The ending was also a tad confusing - did he get a different curse on him at the end...? I'm not sure.

A few great laughs throughout.

A fun concept - a totally inept kidnapper fails at kidnapping a girl.

Nice performances, but a few technical issues with sound and lighting. Also, I'm not entirely sure what happened in a few parts. Couple of good little jokes though!

Cute concept from this school team - an alien girl is trying to court an Earth boy.

I would've liked to have seen some more moments in the script that deliver on the promise of the premise. Neila was supposed to be a fish out of water, but I think to really sell that she needed to be a bit weirder, and to do some weirder things.

Good effort with the acting in this one, and well done for slipping in somewhat racy lines.

A solid effort for what seemed like a school-aged team. A tighter edit would've helped clarity, and so would a better microphone. But those are easy fixes! Keep going.

And massive props for The Room reference.

I agree with the other review here - the women characters in this film were very disappointing and have contributed greatly to my low rating.

There were a couple of nice tunes, but the production value overall was a bit too rough for the whole thing to come together.

Some of the shots in this went on a bit long, and the story itself wasn't clear.

Very little happened in this film, which I think was the point - but because the sound quality was low, it was really difficult to stay engaged. Real-time films are super difficult though, so good on you for giving it your best shot.

I really admire the commitment of young teams when they try to stick to a non-comedy genre. Well done, come back next year and you'll keep getting better.

Clever idea! It was already funny up until the reveal that the flatmates were trolling, which made it even better. I would've liked them to troll him one final time - the ending felt like it was missing something. Overall, made me laugh out loud several times. Nice job!

High production for cinematography, but unfortunately I'm not really sure what happened in the story - it could have used a bit more clarity. Sound mix was also a bit off. Congrats on some beautiful shots though!

This was my favourite of the heat. Great little twist ending, high production value. Editing could have been a little pacier, but overall was great fun.

Fun little story, good ending. Just a shame about the unneeded racism - the story would have played fine without it.

A real estate agent cleans up the Earth to try and sell it intergalactically.

Very cool concept. I think there might have been some technical issues - there was some flickering in the frame and sound dropped out a few times. Overall, the story became a little repetitive after a while - we learned pretty early on what the woman was doing, but didn't get any further information for a few minutes. I also thought the ending was heading towards a meet up with some aliens, and was sad when we didn't get that. However, this was a great twist on the Last Man On Earth genre - it was nice to see one that was about something other than being alone.

Huge commendation for this young team for their total commitment to world building. Yes, the kid was playing a role better suited for someone 20 years his senior - but dammit, he played it 100% straight and nailed it. Can't wait to see what this team does in the next few years.

A slobby man learns some important lessons from his conscience.

This team obviously had a blast and it showed. Lots of fun and some great musical chops. Sound mixing was a little off and editing could've been a bit tighter, but the excellent group song/dance made up for it. I was also a bit confused about the very end - was he trying to get back with his girlfriend? What was up with the sweater? I wasn't sure, but the film left a smile on my face.

Death and Cupid battle it out over the fate of a couple on a picnic.

This was definitely the slickest film of the heat, and it had a nice little story to go with it too. Really appreciated that it kept it short and sweet. Great concept guys!

Some seriously funny moments where the woman was trying to get into the next toilet cubicle to the man. Also loved the life model and the general premise of an art lesson in the toilet. The ending was a bit confusing - I'm not sure what happened after that and what the connection to the busker was.

A hard-case woman leaves her husband, only to find that her dream man is not who she expected.

Some great "kiwi bloke" comedy in this one. I also thought the twist at the end was neat. What really let it down for me was seeing the woman punched in the head - I didn't think it was necessary for the film to work, and I lowered my rating of the film accordingly because of it.

An abused woman's boyfriend comes home and forgets their anniversary, but then her gift for him has its own surprise.

Unfortunately the rating went way down because of the ending, which I won't spoil here.

A man is too obsessed with social media to realise he's the last man on Earth (or maybe he knew, and was ignoring it).

Neat little concept and great production values, but unfortunately it became quite repetitive quickly. The story never really picked up and went anywhere. If it had been a bit shorter, the gag premise would've worked better.

A woman in a sensory deprival tank leave notes for herself so that when she wakes up, she'll be able to start a new life.

Nice production value, but this film needed a more cohesive story to pull me in. I think that the woman had a bad thing happen to her or her boyfriend while she was at work, and was trying to forget it -- but there weren't quite enough clues for me to be sure that's what it meant.

A girl wakes up and tries to remember her evening after a night of drinking. At the end, she discovers that *boom, spoiler*. A solid little film that did everything it needed to do. The ending that it had worked, but using that particularly thing as a twist is a bit of a let down these days as it's over done. Some good acting, nice job.

Oh one more thing: Apostrophe in the title please! Let's. :)

A young man confused about his identity believes he is a small girl. Definitely the most visually effective film of the heat. It was really well directed and had nice sound design and acting. However, it was style over substance a bit - there was no clear arc and no characters changed, plus it was quite obvious where it was heading the whole time. Also, the super evil look the male character gives at the very end completely changed the tone of the film, and made it seem like he was going to go off and stab people just because he was transgender - would've been much more effective without this.

Quite messy, and I'm not totally sure what was going on, but it has a good creepy tone going on once we get into the film within a film. Nice work on the sound design in that area, the scary stuff reminded me of the video in The Ring.

This was a well shot, well directed mockumentary style revenge film. It was genuinely funny. It had me at the beginning, it even had me at the bit where he found what was inside the elephant Teddy, but it lost me completely at the end.

Making a rape joke is not a good idea for your film (or ever). Having the main character we're supposed to sympathise with head off to rape another character *with zero implied consequences*? Come on guys, don't do that. Even if you think it's funny, next time consider that jokes like that can make portions of your audiences think a lot less of a film. Here's a great article that might help for next time:

A man tries to get his USB somewhere before a deadline. The weird thing about this one is it seemed to be the exact opposite of its genre - it was supposed to be race against the clock, but the character seemed to be doing the exact opposite of that at every moment by taking a really long time to do anything. That may have been on purpose, but it didn't work for me.


Two girls go on a roadtrip in a movie trailer style montage film. Story didn't really make sense and it wasn't a rom-com, but that way-too-long Bingo scene was hilarious. Points for the little bobbles on the Bingo hat, and the backwards car greenscreen. It's clear the filmmakers had a blast making this one and it has some true 48 Hours spirit.

Fun idea, but not a super original one. One of the problems with a 'rewind time' sort of story based around dating is that it's actually super seedy and gross to manipulate someone like that - especially when this guy is actively a douchebag to the girl from the beginning. It seemed like maybe the film was trying to give him a bit of a comeuppance at the end, but it wasn't a strong enough one to take away my hate for the character - I wanted him to actually suffer instead of effectively getting off scot free with no one aware of the jerky thing he was doing. It also could've used speedier pacing to make the jokes land a little better. Acting from the girl was great, though!

PS. Ditto on Meatloaf's comment re. Rape Crisis.

This one was about a man lost in the forest, eating a lot of mysterious meat which leads to *spoilers!*. Plot was predictable and soundtrack was a little over the top at times, but with a bit of cleaning up it could be pretty creepy.

A fantasy story about a man who loses something he values dearly (haha) and must go up against a Scottish warrior to get it back. Great concept, competent directing, but it didn't quite deliver on the promise of the premise (ie. the fun stuff with the warrior could've been more ridiculous than the challenges chosen). However, it was awesome that you had a narrative with a satisfying ending. Oh yeah, and sweet use of GoPros! Would love to see what this team does next year.

Cute little story about a trio befriending a bear. The shock ending didn't really hit with me (thought it could've been much more shocking, especially since it was animation - although I do appreciate you not going with the obvious bear mauling). I noted down that your soundtrack was neat too. Nice job.

A French girl finds mysterious items on her doorstop that relate to her childhood. Turns out it's her old childhood bully Bobby Young. And in the end she does something rather nasty.

Beautifully shot, very slick production value overall, the music suited the mood well and liked the title cards. Cute film, but found the ending unmotivated, which is what pushed the rating down from a 4 to a 3.5.

A guy goes to a magic show where he learns the magician is a fake. After signing a contract to not reveal this to anyone, he does, and finds the maniacal magician on his doorstep. Turns out he really is a magician and he's angry. Chaos ensues.

A good idea that was well shot. Didn't like the use of animation as it didn't feel story driven. However the initial purple glowing effect was really cool. Ending did not wrap up well and the sound levels were a little funky, but overall a good effort from a tight team.

The story of three buskers trying to create a super busker group. Some good physical comedy with a statue type character (planking, well done), and looked quite pretty. Missed the mark with the road genre though as there was no road or semblance of a journey.