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beautifully shot. definitely one of the strongest of this heat. I enjoyed the performances and cinematography (very cool close ups of the camera as the photographer walked away) It was very "one hour photo"-esque and this is a short I could easily see made into a feature.nice one!

cute story - loved the acoustic soundtrack, I thought the lead girl robot was great and her line delivery of "did you hear that?" - was hilarious! I think the male lead was Ok, but was definitely overshadowed by his female counterparts.

The soundtrack was the only memorable part of this film for me. unfortunately I didn't get engrossed in the storyline, although there were some very beautiful shots.

A super fun project to work on. Great team of people and i'm really proud of this little beaut film :-) HARD ON!

Nice work Tony and Bald Face cheeks! I really enjoyed this film and had lots of laughs! Great use of POV - probably one of the most memorable ones I've seen. Lovely comedic moments with Maurice. Well done!

A few sound issues but overall this was a really enjoyable film - the dog was superb and there were some really wonderful shots that kind of reminded me of the lost dog Lotto TVC. Very funny.

I definitely enjoyed this film!! Clever idea and some good acting. I have never heard of "the floor is lava" game before so it was a really cute idea. "Race against the clock" wasn't too apparent but I like the think-outside-the-box approach to this. Well done!

I thought this was brilliantly executed and I loved how twisted it got towards the end... Clever use of rhythm- I felt as if i was in a trance throughout this..