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What a funny idea to get revenge from the guy that appears on all of your pictures, funny acting but some repetitive jokes, also the ending was weak.

Suspense from beginning to end, amazing footage and good image quality. The ending was a bit cheesy but a good movie in general

body switch is a very difficult genre, using it not to live someone else's life was a good change but the story line was poor and the body switching became repetitive and predictable

At the beginning the film seemed to be very promising, I loved the idea of a stopper super hero, but the use of the elements was poor (prop and bobby) and the ending was weak

Excellent idea of a quest: the pursue of the last roll. Very funny and well done! Unfortunate that it got disqualified

One of my favorite 3 films of the heat, interesting and very well done crime story with a superb ending! Good acting and good image quality

Not a well done film, very poor editing, very bad acting and a story neither original nor fun.

very poor sound, image and story line… not a god short

Very clever horror short! Loved the mix of superatural, gore, macabre and humor. Excellent makeup and dead/body parts FXs. One of my favorites films of the heat