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Very nice. Could tell why you got nominated for 'best script', some wicked dialogue in there. The handheld doco-style almost made it feel like it was a home video, not in a bad way, more in a 'this feels very natural' way. This may have also been your downfall though when it came to being selected for the finals, as it appears the judges picked more 'stylized' films over a good story this year. Good dynamic between the characters, and I actually thought the bit at the end with the man climbing into the spa, suit and all, was a nice comedic touch.

"The one with the awesome slow motion shots". Hard to argue with the film technically, was a very slick production. Feel like it may have relied on those shots a little too much though. Started to become a little gimmicky after awhile, and almost distracted me from the lack of a good story. Was my second favourite in a below average heat though. Was kind of expecting a lot more from the guys who brought us 'John'.

Very slick entry from a capable team. The opening slow motion long shot at the start was very cool. Good technique with transitioning to the flashbacks, pushed the one-shot genre to the limit. Just feel as though the script was lacking a little bit, felt a little incomplete. Good concept though and wont be surprised if it makes the finals, mainly due to the technical creativity.

I liked the tone of this film, you could tell it was an erotic thriller straight off the bat. Perfect setting and colour scheme. The creepiness/weirdness reminded me of a David Lynch film. That is also the films downfall though, as it didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. But apart from that it was a well made, stylish film.

This is a hard film to review. On one hand it had very noticeable/distracting audio issues, but on the other hand it had some really impressive visuals and well crafted cinematography. So technically the team seems very talented ...but just ran out of time to finish the audio? And story-wise it seemed a bit incomplete. It really was quite stunning to look at though, and the bail over the bin was very well done.

This was my favourite film of the heat. I haven't seen any other One-shot films yet but this is exactly how I feel they should be. The camera is basically an invisible character, it's tough to make sure the movements don't detract from the action, and I feel like these guys pulled it off perfectly, high five to the man behind the cam.
The acting was natural, and technically it was spot on, I'm assuming this is because of the more time that had to spend in post.

I thought the film was well made, but as others have mentioned it misses the mark a little bit when it comes to the genre. And story-wise I struggled to really connect to the main character's situation. Perhaps closer, more intimate shots would've helped. As far as the ending goes, I thought it was really unique and impressive, but feel as though with a little bit more tweaking to the script it would've been a bit more deserved and had a deeper impact.
But regardless I think it will still probably show up come finals time, mainly due to the ending.

Even though the story was fairly cliche I thought it was easily the most polished film of the night. Editing, in particular was really impressive for 48hours. Although, I think with a more unique grade it could've had more of an impact. But overall, production values-wise, best of the night for me.