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First time entering i presume..i was near the group who made it and heard them questioning what happened to the sound, they were quite embarrassed poor guys. I thought the cosutumes were awesome. When the main character came out of the water i was so surprised it was awesome the start was great! then it started to get abit confusing, editing skills when the mother took the drink was awesome ! great locations, great job overall GOOD LUCK for next year!!

Went to this heat to watch a friends movie, overall quite impressed seeming that they are kids, many things they could improve on but good job considering age, would of liked to see a mixed team, of girls and boys but great movie, special effects well used, great camera.. Good jobs guys

Creative movie! Great ending , everyone in the cinema LOVED, i stayed from heat 3 to watch this moive and im really glad i did, a little bit of inappropriate humor here and there noticed a few kids laughing though so it wasnt too bad, over all Great movie hoping to see it in the finals!

Very well put together, well scripted , brilliant idea! I just loved this movie can't believe the amount of negative comments it's getting! 48 hours is a very short time to make a film and this... This film was hands down the best film created, the amount of professionalism is crazy, parts where I wished there was alittle more explanation on the story line but you only had 7 minutes so I realise that. Overall great job hope to see this one in the Auckland city heats!!!