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This film did have potential, though it left that behind pretty quickly. The script appeared non existent and the other characters were surplus to requirement. I really did like the party-popper explosion at the end, that was inventive.
It was a bit of a hot mess, but I hope you enjoyed making it and that it gives you motivation to tighten the ship next year.

Beautiful and poignant, shot and directed well, with clear story - everything we have come to expect from Submission Impossible. I agree, the 'rules' of imagination/imaginary friend were slightly blurry at times, I would have preferred we see it entirely from the outside, with no acknowledgment that there was really someone else there. The wee actress was so so good, she is destined for big things!
Most memorable intro I've seen, pretty sure that award is yours this year

Another strong film from Strang, and a really original idea for Coming of Age. Production value was high, as always from this team, and the overall product is very satisfying. Loved the portrayal of a 12 year old in the body of a grown man, lots of little nuances that were particularly well thought out.
I really really enjoyed this film and I look forward to seeing it again in the City Final, which I have to assume it will be.

This film was fun, full of silliness (though possibly slightly too silly at times) and a lead character that you couldn't help but enjoy. Production was a little rough, but it had all the charming elements of a short film shot in a weekend by a bunch of amateurs, which is what this festival is about. Good job.

Really sweet story, with a satisfying ending. I really enjoyed the take on the Secret Identity genre, where a case of mistaken identity becomes the secret. Editing was great, a lovely upbeat soundtrack, and super solid performances from both actors. This film feels really completed - a simple but engaging story that runs a natural course and ends appropriately. It is everything that a short film should be. Super inventive title too, given the amount of comic book characters we identify with secret identities. Really enjoyed the double entendre with the title at the start of the credits also.
Deserves City Final for sure.

I didn't quite understand the story here, or how it worked into the genre, but maybe thats just me. The setting and the lighting were very impressive, and the actors all did a great job

High production value, well shot and edited and with a really great script. Both actors were perfectly convincing and relatable and delivered the script convincingly and genuinely. The ending was perhaps a bit cliche, but certainly had the cringe element that the genre required.
I would expect to see this one at the city final for sure.

Firstly, a really committed and convincing performance from the lead actor. The idea of everyone he came into contact with being filled with joy and dance was a really good way to handle the Musical/Dance genre, which is very difficult for a lot of people. I enjoyed the song, and the long single shot during it. I'm not sure the end was the most fulfilling way to wrap it up, but the party-popper/confetti canon was a fun way to visualize him getting his jollies :)

Well put together film, I particularly enjoyed the take on the wine drinking mums who were relatively disinterested in the kids issues (though we understand who they have the nonchalant attitude by the end). Both the young actors performed well and carried the piece. Plenty of long hours put into a film set mostly at night, and I think Rocket Boy's best film so far.

An original concept on time travel, well at least the method of time traveling! Full of funny little bits and pieces, I laughed out loud multiple times. By the end I wasn't sure there had been much of a story arc, but it was enjoyable and made for audience enjoyment and that is to be respected in itself. Production value was good, and higher than I would expect from just an iPhone so well done!

A good effort from a young, and I assume, first time team. As mentioned, that overhead shot down the stairwell was especially awesome and the most memorable moment of the film. There were moments it could have used some music for atmosphere, but I enjoyed the quiet in some parts as well.
There is no need to try and fill the time limit, don't be afraid to make your film shorter and snappier to avoid it dragging.

This film had real potential and didn't quite make it all the way there. Production wise, it is a slick piece with great editing, lighting and direction, and a strong performance from the lead actor. Something was missing from the story, making it feel less Secret Identity and more thriller. I think we needed more of the other side of Rocky Jones, the good side, to compare against the terrible things he has done. It seemed like it was struggling to fit itself into the 5 minute timeframe and the end result suffered for it.

Second strongest film of the heat in my opinion. Really great performances from the actors, littered with gags and mistaken advances. Well shot, well edited. Could've played up the cringe even more by making the characters more conflicted about whether to indulge the other.
I have incorporated "cockporn" into my vocabulary.

Really interesting story for this genre. Feels like the generation gap was glossed over in favour of telling a sci-fi story instead, but no harm done. Appropriately creepy and solid acting performances. Really liked the animation effect in the sky and the drone shots. Started with good pace but dragged towards the end. Perhaps too much time spent on the beach scenes at the end, could've benefited from cutting it down a bit for a snappier ending. Overall, a really complete little film.

Animation, solo/duo team, split-screen and 4th wall break and a musical?! Yikes. The level of work put in here is astounding, but even disregarding all those insane challenges, this film is as top-notch as they come. Delightfully entertaining with little gags everywhere, it is extremely visually pleasing to watch. The CCTV cameras are a great way to conquer the split screen, and the comic book style of little boxes to take in works so well. City finalist for absolute certain, and could very well go further.

High production value and performances as always. Good use of the split-screen element, some really excellent moments of story telling between the two. There was a lot to explain to the audience, and the majority of the film was spent doing this. Storyline didn't feel as complete or full-circle as I would've liked, but over all a solid effort for a sci-fi film.

Fun take on finding the "perfect" partner. I liked all the little combinations of characters and their interactions. The spinning scene (filmed on an office chair maybe?) was cute and made me giggle. Clearly a lot of work done by a small team and two solid actors who played into the gender reversal well.

A clever and original take on the coming of age genre. Good editing and lighting. I feel this story could do really well if expanded on, so a 5 minute film was like a teaser for a much larger story.

Really enjoyable and entertaining. I appreciate that AAMO go for the audience laughs and the entertainment value rather than perfecting production value. I would've liked to see the second screen a little larger and with more reaction from the guy watching the trailer. Bizarre, out-of-the-box and fun as hell.

Excellent makeup and visuals, with strong performances from the actors. The story was difficult to follow, I'm not quite sure what it was about for most of that middle section, but I really enjoyed the end and how the younger character became the power player and outsmarted the situation. Sound was murky, the language used was a fun and interesting element and a good way to set the film apart and make it memorable.