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I really liked your score. Thought it was absolutely fantastic. Keep it up! One of the issues with your film is the plot was hard to follow and took an absurd turn that didn't really make much sense. I suggest learning about the absurdity curve would really improve your storytelling. Keep up the good work, you have a solid foundation to build from.

Good attempt at a master movie, your monster was a definite high point of your film. Unfortunately, this film came across as quite chaotic, for example you were all speaking over each other which worked in part with your theme of confusion. This is most likely unintentional though. It would be a great improvement to slow down your dialogue a tad as if the audience can follow your story it will make it much more intriguing. Good luck next year

I really liked your cinematography, some of those shots looked fantastic, particularly the interview ones looked extremely authentic. Unfortunately there was the odd shot where the boom mic came into shot which broke the immersion.

A suggestion that would improve your film is to check your sound levels, particularly the bass seem quite heavy at the beginning. If you opto to continue I think you have a whole lot of potential

I thought this was an interesting take on the heist genre, though unfortunately the film came across as quite a bit of a mess. Don't let my score dissuade you however, you have plenty of promise that can be totally refined into something pretty amazing one day.

Your film would be greatly improved by mentioning the plot towards the beginning and that would give your film a fantastic boost and improve it a whole lot. Best of luck if you decide to continue