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For a musical, it took a while for the music to start. The use of pre-existing songs was a pretty safe option, and as 'me myself and i' stated, more mature humour would have set this apart. However, it was a well shot film, and very well paced. Very good use of character, though. A strong story, though not much of a musical.

Probably a good example of story being key. A lot of attempts to create mystery or suspense were left feeling hollow and confusing i.e the use of prop. Visually, this film was pretty good, but again, nail that story first. Otherwise, these nice shots are pretty empty.

Your intro was hilarious though. More of that, please.

It's been said in every review so far of this film, but the dog was awesome. Well trained, the scenes where she(?) featured were the best.

With that been said, this was a nice little film. The actor's did a good job here in roles, that as another reviewer said, that could have easily been overplayed. Story was fine. Clear, concise and safe. But it's been said many times before that this is often the best way to go. May have not done its human characters a whole lot of justice though. Felt like they needed more laughs in a way. But opinions.

The cinematography was pretty good, though it felt some shots had more attention than others, which is often the way with this kind of shooting, at this time of year with little daylight.

Overall, a good film here from a new(?) team that will probably produce more quality work in future years. Nice job.

Nice use of genre, though the string motif felt a little on the nose. A clear story, if a bit cliched. The bleeding in the bathtub was all a bit silly though, same with the downer of an ending. Well intended cinematography with some great shots, and very good soundtrack choices as well. Also, a good laugh with the Jehova's Witness characters. A fair film.

Visually, this was one of the best films of the heat. It also had good intentions with it's sound design. However, story wise this is a film that left a lot to be desired. Vic's situation was very strange: a largely unhappy man in a somewhat odd relationship with two young women, which is pretty much unexplained. The film only gets stranger from there, and still remains rather shallow.

This team clearly understood the need for visual storytelling within the non-dialogue genre, unfortunately there was not much of a story to tell here.

If 'Brothers' is anything to go by from last year, this is a team that tries it's best to twist technical storytelling conventions to create something as out there as possible within the time frame. 'The Solution' carries on this tradition.

A dystopian future, a mysterious website where you can download 'the solution' to your sickness or troubles, a mind trip 3D sequence (glasses were handed out at the door, by masked characters), great use of sound and score, as well as a clever use of prop. This team has really embraced the idea of creating more of a visual experience than a short film, though perhaps the experiment may have been lost on a few punters. Something a little different to distance themselves from other teams, if a bit too much for some to connect to. Still, a stand out in the heat. Techno thriller was a genre this team saw to do something out of the box, and dived in (for those who saw this, pun was intended).

Started off very strong, sticking a few big laughs with the audience, which was good. Despite being limited technically, this team embraced what they knew and went with it, with varying results. The aerial shot, for example, didn't quite fit with the doco style film they were creating. Thought the use of character in this one was one of the strongest. However felt that after the halfway point, the film lost a bit of it's 'just go with it!' charm, and the ending was a bit stale.

However, this was one of my favourites of the heat, and showed great comedic potential. A team to watch, in my opinion.

This was probably one of my favourites of the night. You guys really tried to do something interesting with your given genre. Playing with the form here was seriously great. A very adaptable team, making the best use of the few resources you had. Some of the other teams should have taken notes from what you guys achieved with your budget and level of experience.

Your issues here were nothing that any team starting out film making would experience. But even then, you tried a lot of great things, as unsuccessful as some of those things might have been. However, you seem to have a will to keep getting better.

It's great to see such a young team do such interesting things. Please continue film making.


Test your camera! Test your editing software! Test your export!


But even without your horrendous technical hiccup(?), this was still pretty poor film making. A nice concept, but with a rushed and lazy execution. Clear but paper thin use of character, pretty much non-existent use prop, average use of line and I don't even remember the slow motion.

You seem like you guys want to keep doing this. Write more, shoot more, edit more. Read up on cinema techniques, watch more films


Didn't care much for this film. Started out with a few laughs, some less intended than others I suspect, but increasingly got more irritating.

Not sure if using your location as some sort of plug for your high school was a good idea, but I guess keeping your filming local to your base was a good call production wise. But every time I saw or heard something to do with Sacred Heart I rolled my eyes. But this could have been something you had to do as part of a school team, in which case don't join a school team.

Again, gags were good for a while, but dull all around. Nice try.

Let me begin by saying that I'm sorry for sounding so harsh, but...

This was a complete and utter mess. Just really lazy film making. I wasn't sure what was going on here. It felt like there was a fairly okay idea, but the crew, whoever they were, because there was no real intro or credits (time should never be an excuse for this, by the way) just stopped caring. Like, was there a script? What the hell was with the editing?

Also, use actors who aren't in other teams. Again, looks kind of bad when they're played almost back to back.

There a bad films by people who tried, and then there is this. REALLY think about what you're doing before making a 48 Hours film, or any film. This was a shambles, with little evidence of understanding or care for the craft.

Again, sorry for sounding like a prick, but this film really urked me the wrong way.

First of all, I liked your use of character. I liked your set up of the story as well. Actually, your story wasn't all that bad. A nice twist on the plot.

However, what the...bleep...was up with all the swearing? There are other ways to come off as intimidating or frightened than swearing. Nothing wrong with an f bomb, but pick your times carefully. It just came off as weak dialogue writing.

Sorry, double post. Bad internet, bad!

A bit of a mess, but your definitely got the 'com', whether intentionally or not. Made a lot of mistakes that people picking up cameras for the first time make. The shallow depth of field looked nice in the bar scene however, so props to whoever shot that.

Also, that is the first and only time I have ever seen the polar bear line work.

Story is everything. I think that's the moral of the story here (pun sort of intended). You had a great concept for this film, but your story really collapsed upon itself. From small things like kids drunk off V, to vampires standing in the daylight (none of that Twilight sparkling shit). Then there were bigger things like, who was that dude in the mask who came in and started shooting people? The ending was madness, but not the best kind of madness. Also, exposition is a killer. Work on the subtleties of the medium.

Use of mandatory elements was weak also, felt like it was pasted on top of everything you had written and didn't really fit with the flow of the film. The fact that you had to highlight who Nicky was in the credits is not a good thing.

However, the promise in your team is extraordinary. You clearly had a lot love for this film, and will to try new things, which is key in film making. Writing and choreographing a shoot like this is hard, and you did well to pull off what you did. Well done.

I think everyone here has covered the execution with the action scenes, the slow motion usage and the other techniques. Your biggest problem was pacing. The film felt it could have been half the time, and twice as good. Some of this problem is in the way the confrontation with the film's villain was written and cut. However, what you did with the resources at your disposal was great.

A very solid, and original concept. A great use of the genre. Clues and twists fairly well executed. Mandatory elements were a little on the weak side. This could have done with a little more exploration. Otherwise, great work.