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Holy. Shit. Blew the audience away.
Short. Sweet. Cinematography. Color grading.

I wanna see this get an award. City finals, at the very least.

Needed a better writer, never add the trait of a character in a line of dialogue - very much a bad decision, like a cheap nut shot.
Editing-wise, work needs to be done in this area as pacing was lost the entire way through. Acting needs a bit of work as well.
See if someone can get a better camera too. Because unless it's creatively/stylistically intentional, having a good quality video camera that shoots in widescreen will go a long way.

Although it might be dead, someone give that lamb some love. It really needed it.

Keep on practicing the craft and you guys will be great in a few years.

Ditto to Andrew's point.
One thing I was wondering at the end, and would want to watch it a second time, is what the exact relationship between the two main characters was.. The gay was there, but brothers? Idk..

Neat drone shots by the way, I'd take notes on further practicing with the equipment this team used as some shots did look like they were on uneven planes and framing did come out a little poor for some shots too.

Started off comedically with a funny tune based on the town where the film was shot.
After a relative of Flowers exits the car a first time - wondered if I was watching an arthouse film or not. And thus, lost the story for the rest of the film.

Hit and miss for this one - but keep on entering, learn the craft, and there's no doubt that these guys will improve.

This was a fantastically stylised film with its funny points as well as a rather thoughtful Flowers, with an arc that was subversive. Making the audience think that he was an antagonist, when all that time he was rather mistaken; though he could have asked for the lady's preferred color first (oh well..). Though there's nothing integrally or technically wrong with the film, I am left slightly disappointed that the film didn't spook more than it did make the audience laugh. Sure, one could argue that the historical approach to the genre was a neat maneuver - one could have also easily catered for an audience that wasn't so easily spooked and had grown up with a more modern literature of film with scarier themes/stories.

All in all, hope we get to see this film in the finals.

Fantastic use of the character and somewhat original cast members.
Very Glad that this team didn't use an excessive amount of night shots and Pills.... We all know we've seen that too much...
Music was great, but agree with steelpotato that a song could have been near the end.

Other than that, the film was still fantastic! // made me laugh.

The fact that Paraparaumu College entered this year seems to be the biggest mistake made... Both Teams, Teachers and Students, made horrible films. I don't even point out in detail the mistakes made in the film/tv show...

This film made me think of what another wise man said..."I'm gonna change the man in the mirror...I have to change my way" The film brings this thing out in a straight-forward and logical way. I loved it! :)

P.S :: Mark, don't be such a biast reviewer... Infact, Newlands College reviewers all together; should stop being biast with their own films and 'putting-down' other films without any helpful advice for future competition entries...

As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)


Let me just outline the film...
Mistake #1 :: Story
Don't get me wrong...the idea was solid enough to capture my attention, but the content and input that your team put into the film ruined the chances of this film getting far. At times, the film jumped from one place to another without adequate transitions, and it confused the audience with the thought of "WTF is going on...?" Also, don't let the audience read alot of text at the beginning of the film...

Mistake #2 :: 'Ending'
Zombies to Rugby Failure. Appropriate? In this case...No! How would this have made the world end, infact; it doesn't make sense in how the world ended though what the audience saw...

Mistake #3 :: 'Annoying ALARM NOISE'
As we understand, the events taken place were just a dream. But was it really nessessary for the audience to go through 4 and a half minutes of 'Ear-Torture' just so we somewhat understand what is happening??

Mistake #4 :: Camera-man visible in one scene
There is an anonymous 'figure' in a normal standing position either filming the scene or taking a photo in the final 'jumping in water' scene... Not good in film terms
Sorry to disappoint, but this had to be a bad end to the screening night with so many errors. I hope that you do learn from this and compete next year; I expect so much from "The Oxymorons"; and it can achieve many great standing ovations. As they say, "The Proof is in the pudding"
As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)


A beautiful movie about the mistaken relationship of 2 guys, leaving the slut with the person with bad luck, Nicky. Don't really have anything else to elaborate on as the film was the best out of all the Newlands entries.

As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)


Some Definite Things to work towards in your film as I outline below
Mistake #1 :: 'Found Footage'?
I'm sure you recognize this... It's your Genre...Yeah, the one that your film is supposed to be based on... Where was it? All that was in my face was a story about...hippies fighting against things that pollute the environment...

Mistake #2 :: Story
This was kinda unique, however, awkward at the same time in the way as the audience was introduced to a unique environmental group (L.E.A.F), but was then sort of redirected to a radio confrontational scene and then made the viewer lost in where the film was actually heading afterwards, especially with the slow-mo of a Pumpkin hitting the ground...Definitely Questionable...

Mistake #3 :: Loud Noises?
I'm sure that in the ending parts of the film, sounds were so excessively loud that one of the right speakers in the theater 'popped'. Why didn't the editor moderate the 'noise'? Infact, why was it even there in the first place? Everyone thought that the sound system was stuffed up that the next film didn't have any sound for the first initial seconds of playback.
As I said before, some things to learn from; hope your team participates next year. As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)


A Grade-A & Polished Product with a simple and easy to follow story-line. Hardly any problems and great SFX used that didn't spoil the work too much; hope you guys really make it far within the competition.
Don't really know what to write as to mistakes made in this film, because hardly any were made throughout the making of the product. The Story was thoroughly detailed and made me laugh too.
As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. ;)


A plot and setting that could have gone, hand-in-hand, and together make a great film. However, the story was poorly acted and somehow Nicky died without much bodily mutations what so ever...
Mistake #1 :: Story
Just to sum it up... There is no 'tension' within the story that gave the audience a real and authentic 'scare' as Horror films are supposed to provide. The reasoning behind the 'killings' of people weren't explained in huge details as well... Connections between scenes would help a huge lot, especially when explaining the story to an acceptable amount.

Mistake #2 :: Music
Just somewhat disappointed me slightly. Didn't give the audience a thrill, as any attempt to, would just result in the anti-climax it provided... A pointer for next year, put more focus on the music according to the genre you receive; as this portrays the story in a much more detailed light.
Hopefully you learn some important things through having this experience. As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)


Personally, the film itself is one that doesn't... flow well. Don't get me wrong, the story had some potential as the behind the scenes of a film in construction with a short preview at the end. But there were some simple mistakes that could have been rectified.
1st Mistake :: Camera
The problem with the cinematography was first and foremost...the horrible case of Back light being activated on your camera when shooting the single take and focusing the camera was another case that needed to be looked at as well. The camera operator should have been aware of these errors and also should have been shooting decent sequences as some of the angles shot with are questionable... This would also keep the fast-motion parts in a relatively comfortable pace for the audience to not spaz-over about.

2nd Mistake :: Sound
Getting Right to the point. Silence your Fast-Motion Scenes next time.... I feel as if people were going to be deaf from squeaking and stir confusingly with the rough fast-motion parts resulting in green smelly goodness, seeping into the carpet below.

3rd Mistake :: Editing
Just one or two of these instances happened throughout the film. The 'cutting' of scenes were quite apparent and shouldn't have happened at all as this contradicts the genre of "One Shot". It makes the audience think that possibly more shots, than just one, were the minimal into the creation of the film. One Recommendation for next year, if you are to compete, is to study the genre and come up with nifty concepts on approaching it.
There are certainly things to improve on for when you guys compete next year and if you follow some of the advice and criticism I have outlined; you will make it further in the competition. As I always do with my opponents, it's that I wish them luck for future endeavours into the magic that is making a film; furiously in just 48 hours. :)


Fantastic Musical that actually stayed in One-Room.
Bravo Performance and Cinematography that just brought me into complete collapse of joy.

I hope you compete again next year! :D

You have restored my love for Road Movies for it's complete funny outcomes to certain situations, and a killer hitch-hiker isn't new at all; but still as equally good. Originality to the Script could be useful in this case.

The Actors do their stuff with Professionalism and with style, I also love it how there is contrast towards the other characters as well; highly defining on what their personality type is. No Improvements here.

But One problem is that Car that you mistakenly shot and cheaply covered the license-plate with a white bar. That turned out to be one of my Media Studies Teacher's Friend's Car. So be careful about the environment you shoot on.

But other than that, a fantastic attempt :)

Fantastic use of Humor and the Sound on this baby was very well done indeed.

One thing that you might want to target is to be more relevant to the Genre, as a Quest Movie doesn't just mean trying to find what will get Bobbie back to her old self. But means an Adventure to find lost treasure (terrible example, but hey. :D)

The quality of the film was OK overall, but more quality control in script-writing and possibly even editing could improve the final production of your movie.

A great attempt at a recently added genre, but there were a couple of problems I had with the film in terms of direction and understanding.

First off, the Story in itself doesn't explain clearly enough on what was going on in the film, throughout the presentation I had questions about where the story was heading and what the characters were saying. In this case, I highly recommend that next time you clearly establish a story that isn't complicated (so basic), also manipulate the Camera and Sound to tell your story.

Secondly, Cinematography and Sound needed to be improved by a margin that you need to make videos that fit to the Aspect Ratio (16:9) and not (4:3), this is in the rules and should never be just read once, but twice. Sound needed to be more non-diegetic (voice-overs) because voices from just a camera's internal microphone is a big no-no in the Film Industry. :)

This film is a masterpiece and surely is commended as this attempt of a V48hour film paid-off, so well done.
I found problems with the Storyline, as I'm allergic to huge amounts of films having cliche material. An original storyline should be used in future film competitions as we see teams taking cheap rip-offs of other major influences.

The Ghost in my opinion wasn't acted in the sense that most people thought of, so you might want to manipulate the Camera, Sound and or Story-line to make sure that the Character (Bobbie) is portrayed in the best way you want.

Finally, make sure that if one guy gets sufficient amounts of damage, that you actually create a really 'funked' up face next time :D

Before I start, I would like to say that this has to be the worst 7 minutes of my life I spent watching such a poorly made film. The Audio needed the huge amounts of work done to it and the story-line had an opportunity to win my vote but was poorly executed.

The Cinematography needs complete replacement and some tracking shots to make the environment of an intense-sort of battle place for the dance-battle to be taken seriously. A bit of focal adjustments should add a bit of sophistication to some scenes. Take these tips into account for next year and I'm sure outBOX Studio's film will be just as equal as 'The Rise of Dogboy', in that sense; keep on trying. :)

Acting could have been improved by a marginal amount and storyline was given a 1/2 for originality; but I will have to say, the equipment used was very high quality. Humor is fantastic.

Camera Angles needed more work and a more original approach to the genre would be the biggest recommendation from me, but still, well done! :)

This film had the best use of the "Lame" Factor, in the way that it was just so Epic!
The Sound were the best out of all the other films, so was the storyline (very original...)

All in all, very epic movie!!

This film left me in deep regret for Superhero Movies that were once great, but were smashed by this piece of work. In other words, I don't think that there has been any other film that has destroyed the future success of such a genre through cliche storyline, chroma key slip-ups and sound variations.

Though that first paragraph was full of negativity, I am willing to help through the following advice.

1. Chroma Key: When you shoot your actor/object in front of a green screen, make sure the lighting is adjusted to full blast to make sure that there isn't any shadows or other problems with what is on the screen. Now you know not to wear Green in front of Green, unless you wanted too... :D But one other thing is to use a High-Quality Camera, (HD is PERFECT :D) so that there is no Green-particles when you add the Chroma Key Footage to the background you desire.

2. Story: I was just gob-smacked that you used the "Bitten-to-be-Superhero" story to portray the character, you might know that this has been done many times with Spider-Man and many other films. Also, the "Animals-being-Superheros" Story which is a hard one to keep away from. But if you run out of ideas, then use this for next year's film: A Dragon-Slaying Potato XD

Best of Luck :D

This film was so good at the start, but failed to meet the standards of the rules when the camera was completely bombarded with an Adidas Logo on the main characters T-Shirt.

Cinematography needs further development and I believe that if you get that and the Costume Dept. back to work, then I'm absolutely positive that you can make a fantastic film next year. :)