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A sweet generation-gap film with some good production value. The kids were endearing and I liked the final payoff. I couldn't help thinking about a recent Spark commercial with similar storyline about tearing kids away from their phones... But I definitely enjoyed this more

I guess this one wasn't for me... I'm not a fan of the meta 48hrs film. It did win me over in some parts that showed comedic timing and creativity, but overall it still felt like a bit of a cop-out on the real-time premise, which is basically a blank check to do something ambitious.

I agree with CatFan that the more interesting movie was happening off camera - but obviously it doesn't always work like that in 48hrs and you did a good job putting character, humor and some drama in 5 minutes. Just a shame we didn't get much of nature run amok, unless you're talking about human nature? Liked the ambiguity of the ending but could've used a bit more subtle storytelling and world-building throughout to deliver on the premise.

I feel like I owe you a high rating just because your unfair disqualification from audience favorite let us sneak in for the win hahaha. But your movie is also great! The old lady was delightful, it's a shame she had so little screentime cause the comedy was potent every frame she shared with the gruff bank robbers. I didn't expect you to go through with the darkest option but at least they had some retribution for their cruelty. You could've made them more incompetent to sqeueze out some more Coen-esqe "heist gone wrong" comedy. Also hard to get a sense of characters with their masks on most of the film. Overall a great film, and awesome to see you guys are still hanging around - you won the first year we entered as a team (under a different name) way back in 2011! Some full circle shit for sure hahaha

Give that old lady all the Oscars. I will not forget that preformance in a hurry. A good premise but ambitious for 5 minutes - two different time periods started to get confusing. Kids were great together, I would've loved to have seen them together looking at their future selves. Fun, with a big scope and a positive message - drop that deadbeat bf while you can!

10/10 for your team intro haha! Movie starts off killing it, looking and sounding great, I thought this was a winner for sure. Kinda gets lost in the middle, I couldn't tell with the car scene if the audio was doubled up accidently or if it was intentional. Weird VFX and a long flashback dance and then we're back to the good stuff. You could've lost the whole middle and probably had a shorter but better 48hrs. It's hard cause it's a such a fun big premise!

Have to agree with CatFan here, the ending was a bit tone-deaf in 2019. There's plenty of jokes to be made about a device that selects "mood" music for you, but we only start getting them towards the end and I reckon it got needlessly dark. Well shot and well-acted, I would've liked to have seen more comedy squeezed out of that premise and prehaps in a different direction.

Whacky with a suprisingly good payoff and undoubtedly impressive for an Ultra 48hrs! Issues that you have mentioned with sound and limited shots aside, I thought it was delightful! If only we all had a bit more time...

Nicely executed coming-of-age that shows some creative flair and acting chops. I would've liked to have seen an exploration of how long she's been here or why she's trying to break out now - Can't help feeling that most the stuff of her trapped was filler, not that it was boring. I liked the mysterious scientist. Sound issues drifted into "unintentional comedy" at points.

I got a slasher where was my holiday film?!! Hahaha I appreciate the effort in this one and liked some shots and moments (overhead shot was nicely used for suspense!) but I was waiting the whole time for a plot twist (preferably holiday-themed) which never came. Just something at the end about a foster family or a twin, that was too quick/late for me to understand! The massive empty complex was a great setting but I couldn't help wishing it was at night...

Good neat premise for a 5 minute film! I can't remember much happening in the middle however, though the start and end made up for it. I know getting cop uniforms is hard but why not pull together some special "time cop" uniform that's a bit sci-fi? Even if it's a bit shoddy, it would help pull it away from the "boys playing cops and robbers" 48hr trope which I think detracts from the time travel premise.

Started off well but failed to get going - these two characters didn't seem to like each other (aside from one common interest) but suddenly they're inseperable as murderer and doctor? Why did the murderer pop off in the middle of a date to kill someone? Did I miss something? And the scene after the montage confused me - did the montage really happen or was it a fantasy?

Production value was solid, I reckon the story just needs to be a bit more thought through.

Resourceful 48hrs with a lot of energy and fast-paced gags! The characters were all there but I didn't really get a sense of a story, just a short scenes. Next year I suggest working with what you've got more strategically to up your production value - don't shoot in cavernous echoing halls, put thought into lighting (thought I did see one light!), costume etc

Also I would've liked more "gross-out"!

A man sits, eats, and sleeps in his living room. Good film for a bathroom break.

A film that succeeds at not taking the competition seriously where so many others fail.
Classic 48 hours gross out humor, gratuitous blood and parking garage scenery. I feel you guys have the skills to do a more conventional film next year if you so wished. But where's the fun in that....

A rom-com for the modern age, weighed down with a storyline that predates the Bible. As charming as the leads were, these 48 hours are precious, so use them to be a bit more ambitious!

Quirky pretty short that left me just a little lost plot-wise. But that doesn't mean much in the face of supremely executed comedy! Keep doing what you're doing, but maybe focus on the bigger picture as well as the jokes.

Stellar cinematography and overall production value! The mystery was a bit so-so however, with a humorous yet somehow unsatisfying payoff? I guess I was hoping for more exploration of the concept. Also you could often tell that lines were recorded just off camera. Maybe a lapel mic for next year?

More "The Fault in Our Stars" than "Bonnie and Clyde", check on the 48hrs webpage next year to see explanations and example films for each assigned genre. Putting that aside the plot was a bit well-trodden and a topped off with a "so what?" twist. It's a shame to see talented acting wasted!

Seemed to tread muddy waters between funny and serious, or was it just me? Obviously the concept was humorous but often couldn't tell whether I was supposed to be laughing or not, in particular with the ending murder montage. Some nuggets of great cinematography among bland daytime shots. The story didn't seem to click either.

One of my favorites of the heat, the concept was golden but criminally underutilized! I would've loved more on the "black sheep market", or maybe if you'd gone "hunger games" with the fight for the wool - but still interesting nevertheless!

Great job not overloading your story and trying to be too cinematic like a lot of school teams do. Your concept was a little predicable but coasted well enough on the charm of the actors!
A lot of 48hrs cliches though - The (repeated) breakfast montage, the waiting at the bus stop, the murderous twist. I hope you guys do something unexpected next year!

Simple and well acted! The real fun comes with authentic details, most likely all too real. Shiny visuals are the icing on the cake.
Seemed more like a horror-parody than cat and mouse? Not that that matters.

The kids were adorable and weren't half bad actors, even if it was hard to tell what they were saying half the time. I would be lying if I said I didn't watch the whole thing with a big smile on my face.
Obviously at the same time it's definitely an amateur production, with the problems becoming most apparent at the climax which is so slap-dash and abstract it moves into outsider art territory. Try and spend a bit more time crafting your editing and cinematography next time.
But don't let me discourage you, I hope to see you guys next year!

Undeniably weird and using all the low-fi 48hrs charm it could, I quite enjoyed The Groundskeeper. The actors were funny and the ideas were just zany enough to get a pass from me. Next time try and get some better audio.

Another of my favorites, the premise was pure gold as I could really identify with it and it tapped right into my "helpless" fears. Sadly, it lost a bit of the appeal and uniqueness when she got out of the car, I expected it to somehow go a "Terror at 40,000 Feet" route with her messing with the car, going under the hood.

Special credit to the car owner who trusted their nice vehicle to a woman wearing a mask waving around a saw blade.

The child actors coped remarkably well with acting, they have bright futures should they choose to continue on that career path. What might be seen as a simple and cliched plot was saved with the children acting, giving it just enough charm and "aww factor" to be one of my favorites for the night. Great job!

A fun fast-paced romp through the city. Some great locations and actual efforts with lighting and coloring scenes, good job. Clearly an ambitious project, glad to see you pulling it off in 48hrs.
Would've like to see more of a payoff with the bioweapon at the end of the film.

Neat, I really enjoyed watching this one, one of my favorites. Good production value (other than that "sun shield"). But it ended too soon! Nothing really happened other than introducing a cool concept to us.

An cool short, good to see some effort with lighting. I understood the story in the first half but towards the end I think I got confused because I had no idea what or when it was happening- maybe a visual distinction between the time periods could've helped?
You probably didn't need to have that much monologing of the main character either. Other than that though a very enjoyable short!

Weirdly simple- There were only 2 shots in the whole movie and the camera just cut between them. I was quite intrigued by the premise actually but it goes nowhere too slowly. Actors were good but shouldn't have tried to make something so serious for 48hrs. Have fun with it!
Next year (and you should keep trying because you have real potential) Focus on cinematography and having a plot that develops over the film. And lighting helps!

A very strange film, I had no idea what was going on. It felt twice as long as it needed to be. At heart there were some interesting concepts and the actors were good. The design of the film was neat with the title graphics. But the construction flaws and overall plot confusion reigns supreme.

Nice film, a little muddy and simple plotwise however. I don't get why he cut off his own hand? Was that a joke, or did I miss something?
The acting was really on point in this film, the homeowner was brilliant. I also don't quite see the "cat and mouse" of it all. Perhaps they should've played mousetrap instead.

A classic 48hrs style movie with a lot of the classic jokes and twists, but didn't really embrace the genre nor app to it's full potential. Well cast actors who look the part, and I thoroughly enjoyed the credit montage. Can't really think of much to say about it, other than to try and do something more out there next year.

Nice and funny, some good jokes that haven't been done to death. Was a bit shallow, however I would've like to have seen an actual story. It impacts your chances of getting anywhere with it (If that's what your intention is, which it should be because this was a good film).
Great acting by the lead.

I liked this film overall. At the same time though, you had the best setup in the world, but you didn't have the material to get it's money's worth. I would've like to have seen them interacting with their customers. The "black" of the comedy feels awkwardly shoehorned in, and the ending didn't quite pay off satisfyingly. I thought there would be some sort of reason to have them stabbing him, but I guess not?

Probably the audience's favorite of the night, Jewish caricatures aside, I wont be surprised (or annoyed) if it wins audience favorite. The cheap production values served only to enhance the humor. It's a shame it ends of a bit of a bung note, you should have really tried to add some punchiness to that end so it could go out with a bang.

I can see what you were trying to do with the audio during Hitler's speech, but it only served to sound like he was talking inside a tiny room, taking me right out of the movie.

Some excellent cinematography of a less than stellar plot. Can you name any unique elements in this film that I should be appreciating? Everything has been done before. When you get horror in 48hrs you should be taking advantage of this gift God has given you to do something weird and different.
Still the acting and cinematography give it some merit.
No breakfast montages next time please!

The effort in cinematography blew me away even though you where trying to compensate for a less-than-ideal camera. Sweet and simple, perhaps a bit too simple. It lacked characters or real tension, you should watch Hitchcock's Rear Window to see how to really build up that paranoia.
Next year PLEASE no morning routine montages, especially when you repeat them. It's been done to death in student films.
The ending jump scare was a bit unnecessary but I enjoyed it regardless.

Very basic and run of the mill rom-com plot without much original humor, the "date's irrational fear" twist has been done before. Try something wild next year!

Was really enjoying this one, that "ending" left a sour taste in my mouth.
Still, looking at what you had it was such a fun set up and development, the suspense of imagining what's gonna happen next was where the real humor came from. A real highlight, please give it another try next year.

Felt too long and the acts were all off- so much set up for a vague complication and 3 second conclusion. Lots of opportunities missed for interesting development/jokes.

Still, I liked the bully character.

I enjoyed this film, sweet nice twist that I hadn't predicted. Glad to see a school film that's not set at school, or featuring a morning routine montage. Could've used a bit more meat in the plot area.
PLEASE remember to level your audio. For me the worst part of this film was the moderate house scenes compared to the ear-shattering party scenes which would pop in without notice like a horror movie.

Very basic plot and setting- try to take your film outside of school next year. It'll do wonders for audience engagement.
There was a nice heart of effort inside, people seemed to be trying their darnedest. I liked the twisting of the theme but try to put that innovation through the rest of the film as well. Keep at it!

Okay, this is just ridiculous.
I don't like having to point this out, but most of the reviews here are "10 out of 10 only posted review" reviews - clearly faked reviews that boost the score to the top of the charts.
16 out of the 17 reviews here rate it four stars or higher, and they all have only one posted review. That's not just chance.
It's very sad rating your own film to this extent especially when the few real reviews I see here rate it so low in contrast. We all work hard making these films and seeing that this one is top of the charts frustrates me.

Although it doesn't have any real consequences, it's still not cool guys.

You can tell they had fun with this one, but was at the expense of technical aspects. Excellently acted with big laughs, just lacking cinematic quality and flair.

A neat but amateur effort. Good idea, but as usual it suffered the classic school team problems - rough sound, no story, flat cinematography. You should have made it more weird and interesting! Better luck next year.

The "masking out the background" efforts where admirable but shouldn't have been attempted- they definitely detracted from the film in my eyes. Just film at night!
Well acting and filmed, but could have used much more story.

The tone of this movie confused me - was it a comedy? or horror? or thriller?
Suffers from a lot of technical problems including some errors at the screening which may have meant I missed something. Despite this, a lot of heart went into it, a good effort.

A surprisingly well done take on the "let's make a 48HRS on 48HRS" idea that's been done before. Unrecognized highlight of the night, keep at it!

I don't really know what others saw in this. A tight story, but the cinematography and editing was distractingly abstract in places (especially the opening!) Not a winner in my eyes, but a nice try.

Nice effects, production value and cinematography. Suffers from a very plain story. Push the barrier more!

Had some production value and effort, but could have done more to stand out. A tad plain.
Also the other reviewer here rated this one 9/10, but it was the only film they're rated... (someone who knows the team?)

Interesting and gave some laughs but ultimately novel, nothing more.

This is an interesting movie. It had very good cinematography, lighting and especially good acting. I found the "cupcake reenactments" a bit drawn out and silly, but whatever. I liked the characters, and it was fun to watch.

Definitely one of me and my friend's favorites - it deserved its spot in the top 3. It was quick and witty, and original. The awkward humor was good, and I liked the twist. there could have been more of a ending "punch-line" though.

This movie was very well filmed and acted, but suffered from deathly slow pacing. We must have flashed between those security cameras 50 times, and by the time something happened, the movie was over! I did like the ending though (reminded me of Rear Window), but the buildup was too long. Give it another try, and I'm sure you'll do great!

A nice little film. The actors were good, and the premise was nice, although a little cliche. The ending confused me though, I still don't quite understand what happened.

A hopeful but ultimately unimpressive attempt. The end twist was expected, although the acting was good. We definitely didn't need to see the whole news story segment to reexplain what we had already saw though. I liked the "shock baked beans dead ghosts ending, It should have just been that.

I had fun watching this movie, despite some problems. The story was simple, the actors were cute and I liked the story and end twist. The movie was about 3 minutes too long however. There were also 1 or 2 ..."interesting" shots... (If you have seen this movie you will know what I am referring to).

Although other people I talked to liked this movie, I didn't really see why. It make no sense, and the only reason people laughed was because of the awkward absurdity. I can't remember as I type this what genre it was suppose to be, but it certainly wasn't that. It was certainly impressive that 2 people did this in 48hrs, but it seems they where too caught up in their medium to make any story.

This movie confused me. We had an interesting premise, and I could see it coming together pretty well. We see her getting a depraved love of other people screaming. Then we cut to 3 minutes of torture scene, then end. I really wish they could have come up with a better resolution to their good premise.

This won audience favorite, but im not sure if it deserved it. It was short and sweet, the acting, lighting and cinematography was good but the story didn't make much sense. Why would the father try and take the phone away on the bike? And the biker hitting the father was clunky. I also still don't understand whether it was supposed to be a comedy. There where 2 jokes in it, but not much else.
Where was the techno-thriller?

A confusing piece that I still don't understand. I sure it had a good plot, but the filmmakers have to try harder to communicate it! The shaky cam was Ddsconcerting and drawn out. Not the worse of the night though.

Reminded me of the plot of the grand winner a couple years ago, by the Downlow Concept. A very similar plot in fact. The filming was good and the acting was VERY good, but the music looped and looped the same 30 second bit until I was driven insane!

The type has been done before, and this film felt like it was missing half the plot. What we saw was good, but a tad drawn out. you could have cut out half the awkward silences.

Despite technical setbacks, the story was light and fun and it had an interesting twist that left the audience with a collective "eww". Not exactly star materiel, but it had a lot of heart. Very interested to see where this team goes.

I liked the ending twist, but the story was a bit too humorless and empty to get a higher rating.

Not sure if this should have won the best of the night. There was some technical merit, charming and good cinematography but the story had a lot of confusion, possibly because of the lack of diolouge. There was a random scene jammed in the middle with a guy disarming a bomb. I got the ending and thought it was an interesting resolution, but the middle didn't make much sense.

Very funny, and well made. Not sure if it was meant to be funny, but either way it left the audience happy, and me too. Short and sweet, this team could be going places.

The story and characters needed more fleshing out. There where some very good looking shots outside, but they were few and far between. Outside shots also suffered from yellow lighting and graininess. Interested to see where this team goes though.

The sound distracted from a interesting premise. the resolution was... nonexistent. It was very enjoyable to watch though, and a good try.

A surprisingly well-made and filmed story. It had good cinematography, but too simple a story. The end twist was good though, and they had some unique and interesting ideas.

A fun watch, but without much technical merit. Some good acting, but a simple story made it go to waste. Hopefully, they can experiment more in future!