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Wasn't too sure what to make of this, not sure if the film earned the emotions it was trying to convey...

Fun! Probably biggest thing that drags this down was the odd 4:3 with letterboxing, but must've been a weird technical issue so didn't affect me too much. Still made me crack up, and some interesting VFX.

When he fell from the ceiling? Bro..

dy Guard

Ah! Cute and fun, claymation style felt like a breath of fresh air, and looked great! Could be the best of the heat?

Interesting concept, I like the idea of a one shot movie. I understood what was meant to be conveyed using the two main characters, but as all the dialogue was silenced, the film was very hard to grasp. The ending was also quite abrupt and left me a bit puzzled. I appreciate what they were trying to do here but... I was just left perplexed.

One of my favourite of the heat. Clever use of mixing the two genres they had, relatively entertaining throughout.

Had a really fun time with this one. Funny dialogue with some interesting and engaging characters. Mostly light and enjoyable. Quite a few shots were impressive and well done. The biggest problem I had was that you could tell that some shots were filmed at a completely different time of day which messed with the lighting continuity, but pretty much every team has experienced something similar so it wasn't too unexpected.