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Renting sucks. And it's expensive. So what could be better than self mutilation and a splatterfest of buffoonery to drive down those pesky weekly payments?

Honestly, I'd've liked to have seen MORE splats and more buffoonery. There were lots of opportunities to take more chances with the audience here. Several times I found myself taking a deep breath of anticipation... then letting it out, unfulfilled.

Don't get me wrong - I loved this very clever movie! It was one of my picks of the evening. Awesome use of the shadow required element, btw.

I just wanted more of it.

I liked the premise of this movie, but in execution, was a little too "Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" for me*. It started off strongly, the characters were awesome if a little stalker-y, and I loved that most of the movie was in Cantonese (assumption - I *think* it was Cantonese. My profound apologies if it wasn't!) with subtitles throughout.

I would have preferred the song at the end to be shorter as it took up a considerable chunk of the movie's run time, and really didn't add to it.

Otherwise, good fun. Apart from the stalkeriness...

* come on. You HAVE to acknowledge the parallels!

I have a background in biology (I mean.... apart from being an organism created in pretty much exactly the same way as depicted in Fraternity Milk...) and found myself laughing at the clever way that the story of conception was told here, and found this movie a treat to watch.

I love time travel movies, and this was a very clever take on the genre indeed. It was like Ground Hog Day was a horror movie, and Punxsutawney Phil was waiting in the kitchen with a cleaver. I found myself hoping that one of the two characters WAS waiting in the kitchen with a cleaver, after an eternity of being driven mad by the screams of the other, but it was not to be.

But this was one of my favourite movies of the evening. Thank you for the pleasure of watching it!

This was a fantastic movie, and easily the one with the best story and most relatable characters during the heat. The story followed an arc that was not unexpected, but that was fine. That was the outcome most of the audience were waiting for.

Well done, team!

Creepy, creepy, creepy, creepy,creepy movie.

I loved it!! :D

I loved this movie! This had (almost) everything a festival movie should have - interesting camera angles, a shift from black and white to colour, stunning use OF that colour, good sound, an interesting premise, wide angle lens, the works. This was my favourite movie of the heat. The only note of pause I had was the very end. I don't feel the death of the mushroom picker added to the story (though props to the actor for not blinking when the goggles were removed).

See you at the finals! :D

This one really didn't work for me, I am sorry. The non-synched sound was an interesting idea, but it's one of the things that does annoy me when I see it happen. Doing it deliberately is always a risk and I feel in this case, it didn't work. The black and white worked particularly well, and DID suit the genre and the theme of the movie well. I'd've liked a bit stronger story, too. That said, thank you for the movie. It had moments I genuinely enjoyed, and had a really nice feel of a teen sleepover.

This had a nice sense of a creepy monster in a school, but I kept hoping for a reveal. Nicely shot and good use of location.

One question.

Who stacked the chairs in front of the door inside of the classroom, if no one was in there.... ;)

Nice visuals, but sound was a bit challenging (It's Wellington...). Liked the bear and running down the street naked to find love!

I think this would have benefited from more tension between the characters rather than the spooky noises. And while I liked the shot of the character being dragged out at the end - one thing (in my opinion) that horror stories need is resolution. I feel that was missing and would have made this a much stronger story.

Some really nice ideas - the airport, the rotating time progression, the matching muffins... but as the other reviews have suggested, the characters just weren't that engaging.

A hard movie to review! I liked the concept and the execution (pun not intended!) - but felt the story could have been a little stronger.

Strong visuals, NICE ending. There were gasps from all over the cinema!

Brilliant idea, well executed, iconic Wellington locations. :-D

Crazy fun! (Disclaimer - I played about 4 different roles in this movie!)

Best film of the heat as far as I was concerned. Slick, well scored, a *genuinely* creepy lead character.

It reminded me of The Twilight Zone. Absolutely loved it!

I loved this. It was quirky, it wasn't just people struggling to sing - it looked like the film makers got "Musical" at the genre draw, their jaws hit the floor and they said "sod it - let's do something out of the box"

Well done! (no, I wasn't on this team, nor do I know anyone in it - I genuinely loved it!)

Nice use of the available locations (the lift scene HAD to be improvised!!) and the shot of the hero driving his car two parking spaces - unexpected and fun.

Nicely crafted, but couldn't get past the content matter. Sorry guys.