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Hey VCP!
Although mockumentry is not a favourite style of mine, you guys executed it VERY well. As before, VCP featured quality acting and production value.
It seems others have felt the ending a little weak, but personally it seemed fitting with the character and it hit that 'cringe' nerve well.

Could be up for some nominations.

Thanks for all the reviews folks!
From the Stoves Mouth - after 8 years of 48 with live action/ actors, we made a call to hit the reset button and try something completely different. After never doing stop-motion (or animation) before, it was a really enjoyable curveball for us. Here’s our synopsis:

Three pilgrims from three different lands travel to ‘The land of the long white’ for Enwhitenment. They travel via the helpful talking boat (MF) who is soon revealed as an apocalyptic rapture forecaster ‘The end is nigh’ (is an eye) and dumps the ‘blind’ followers into the sea. We zoom out to see the whole world has been set on an eyeball. Final shot = The boat was right!

All in 2.5 minutes. Yeah, we were ambitious :)

I'll be honest OJ, I wasn't sure what happened in this and its relation to your genre.
I'm unsure of the running time of this entry, but I felt the stalking scene filled much more space than needed.
Much like XVW_BC has stated, you had me on board most of the way, but I was left thinking you left out a vital scene.

Needless to say I won't be investing with Southern Finance(?)

Hey LL! It was great to see you back in the comp after your fantastic entry last year.
I thoroughly enjoyed Late, it was a simple concept with a unique twist on the 'dude that can't wake up on time' genre. Although a little repetitive, the gags were clever enough not to make it drag.
Solid technicals, although I can't quite remember where the line was used (did the boss mouth it?).

Hey VPP! I thought this was the winning story of our heat and could have beaten ours for shock ending! Nice work from the child actor, and ingenious special effects.
The only let-downs for me were technical - sound in particular. But we're ALL guilty of that at times ;)
Overall, its a solid 48 hour entry with an original twist. Well done.

Nice job Shihad!

Loved the absurd & mysterious insomnia induced streaker visions...
Modern noir style, great lighting, hilarious 'flashes' + bonus cleavage.
Great short guys.

Doing a musical when it's not your genre, that's ballsy!
But that was among the best musicals I've seen done in 48.

Story was a nice play on the reunion genre, and there was some genius dialogue/lyrics.
(And the subtitles certainly helped pick up any lost words)

Great job.

I really enjoyed this short. A cute simple story that nailed it's genre.
The obsessive guy was creepy/amusing as hell. Texting scene was hilarious.

This film had a great mood to it with good colours and locations. However, as the potato mentioned, motivation was lacking for the lead and it didn't quite sell me to story and bring me in to the fantasy/adventure genre.

I did enjoy it as it had strong potential and there were some nice concepts with the transitions using the leaves but I feel that it wasn't quite nailed.

Really slick little film this one. It nailed the Fantasy genre without providing us dragons, knights or anything predictable. It was original with a very simple and effective story. Nice bit of hate going on between the mother & young woman.

Not entirely convinced by the use of the rocks and the story behind them, but hey.... 48 hours!

Well done.

To be honest, I found this impossible to follow. It felt there was way too much story and needed to be simplified way down. Technical issues also separated me from what seemed like a vital use of voice over.

Credit where its due, the use of make up was among the best I've seen from any 48 film. Just a shame the delivery of story couldn't quite support it.

As horror goes it had all the elements and for the most part The Filmbusters pulled it off. It could have used some better timing and use of the tension.

All in all, well done for pumping out a solid shot at a genre that all too often receives "Ehhh WTF" responses. (Also, the dude next to me clearly shat himself so thumbs up to that)

Musical is a phobia for most 48 teams and sadly it seems it may not have been the genre of choice for The Cardboard Hoarders...

That aside, I really enjoyed the nice and simple spy story with the sprinklings of kiwiana humor. Acting was decent, with a solid performance from the lead who carried the weight of the dialogue.

I remember your guys entry last year and this year was a solid step up from that, so I look forward to next year...

One of the better Superhero films I've seen. A nice lighthearted story that was packed with plenty of humour. Great use of the Superhero Father, speechless goons and...tap dancing son? But lets not forget the epic 'Tricycle Dub step Rampage' scene. Gold.

Main thing that I felt was lacking was the finale duel between the Father and Son. Sadly it seemed a little empty when my heart was still thumping from that dub step. Still much enjoyed.

I felt this was a well delivered little short that kept me engaged with the character. I was never really sold on the 'impending doom' factor through his performance but the main (sole) actor kept me interested throughout regardless.

The use of repetition with tasks/habits was a great use of the one-shot style, indicating the passing of time and adding to the characters environment.