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Super Market Shopping Dance Scene Was Crack up, awesome film. Production verging on too slick for my 48 hours taste, otherwise loved it.

Intimate and Concise little film about an inmate hoping to be forgiven. Great acting by the two leads and the dialogue never felt forced which is rare in my experience with 48 hours. Liked the simplicity and clean narrative, no wasted or excessive shots the film flowed nicely and never lost my attention, and a Double shout out to the lead actress.... awesome.

Very ambitious fantasy adventure Film, with a great original idea and some neat special effects. Seriously epic effort in such a short space of time. Personally a little Kitchy for my taste but if your a Dr Who fan at all, it'll be right down you alley.

Nicely Shot, Hi Spec (48 hours wise) Mocumentary, I liked the office TV Series vibe, well acted and some very funny scenes, u get the feeling that they weren't overly happy with getting musical, but gave it a great effort. Definitely one of the better films of the Heat.

Not to sure what was happening and felt sorry for the guy attached to the power pole, felt more like a bully film than a revenge film.

Ripper of a film, and technically very well done, loved the cafe scene at the end. Perfect end to the heat and would love to see again.

Funniest film I saw this evening, loved the what they did with the story at the end, really well done with loads of genuine humor in there, sound and to a lesser degree length are the only gripes i have. The movie had me hooked 2/3 in but went a bit long for me and the sound was pretty rough in places. But still very Entertaining film certainly one of my standouts for the night.

Great Effort Team, felt like Napoleon Dynamite: Fielding, Loved the scooter crash love scene and the speed dating also, lots of fun.

Great Original Idea, felt very long, if it could have ended 2 mins earlier would have been a charming little film.

Great Film, felt the most like an authentic film out all the films from this heat, surprised at the middling reviews, pacing acting, lighting and story all very strong here. Great Effort Team.