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I have to be honest, it wasn't a great movie in many respects. However I get the feeling you are a team that could do great things if you keep persevering and looking to improve your skills. One thing you nailed that many good teams fail at, was a cohesive story. It may have been a little simple and predictable, but at least it made sense!

Entertaining film, with a simple but quirky story well executed within the genre. A couple of the jokes felt a little like in-jokes that didn't really fit (eg. transvestite), and the whole premise was a bit cheesy. But in general it was a good laugh and felt like a well rounded story.

From memory you had some nice set design, and the hologram was well made. The story felt a bit empty though

A very entertaining short, that didn't waste one second of it's screen time. If I had to fault it on something, it would be that the story felt it was lacking a little in substance. That may just be me being picky though. It certainly nailed the genre that's for sure

An extra star for going to the effort of producing an animated film. I'll admit the style wasn't really my cup of tea, so I'm probably scoring a little lower than I should because of that. Having said that, I can't be the only one who thought the whole premise was a little corny. Oh well, I must admit it did achieve a few laughs. And although the premise was a bit weak, the story was well executed

A bit of light entertainment with a few laughs. Nothing spectacular, but it looks like you all had a fun time making it.

Technically stunning. Perfect cinematography, colour grading, sound and editing. Acting on point, although the basic story and minimal dialogue probably helped. The let down though was the story (or lack thereof). Work on that for next time and you'll have an unbeatable short! PS. I really should add another star for your team intro!

I think everybody will probably want to watch this one again for obvious reasons! A concept many have tried, but few have managed to pull off. Perfectly developed plot carried by the leads. I would be very surprised if it doesn't make it into the regional final. Will probably give it 7 stars once I've had a chance to view it again

Technical aspects could certainly be improved on (set dressing; wardrobe; camera work; audio etc.). The slapstick comedy is certainly the thing that saves this film, although some of the comedy does the opposite! The closing fight scene with the bun chucks and bread stick sword is where all the stars in my review come from

Well done for getting a film done in such a short time frame, however there is no denying that it shows.

Felt like more of a suspense than black comedy. The canned laughter was a bit awkward, and unfortunately the comedic content didn't really translate to the audience. I must admit that the bathroom scene had me tensing up with that knocking sound

You really should be commended for taking the 'musical' genre when there were other options! A feel-good story, lacking in substance, but made up for with good performances (both on screen, and vocally), and polished technical aspects

A bit predictable, but fun nonetheless. The ponytail pulling reference was well executed and got a good laugh out of the audience. Would have been nice to have seen a bit more character development with the two leads, given the amount of screen-time they had.

A basic story lacking a little in substance, however a strong performance by the lead certainly helped keep you engaged. A simple idea well executed is better than a great story poorly executed!

The script had potential, however unfortunately the execution let this film down. The same shots in the same location for the majority of the film made it difficult for the viewer to stay engaged. The twist at the end was definitely the strongest part of this film, albeit a bit cliche