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Spent way too long on the intro with the Asian eyes joke. Didn't remember much else about the film. :S

Nothing special. Rather cliched but it was fun!

Liked the twist at the end. Couple of out of focus shots here and there though and it could've been a bit shorter?

Not entirely sure what happened here...
Didn't seem like you made much fun making this. :[?

Didn't really hold my attention, but as yeahshotbro pointed out, well done on the one long take.

Really enjoyed this one. I didn't find too many faults with this one and it had genuine laughs. That kiss between the girls looked so awkward haha!

Thought it was a good effort in comedy. Though it did kinda drag in a couple of places where the gags didn't quite work. Really liked the gag when you got the cameraman to follow him in to the car when he was poisoning himself! Was the Placemakers guy genuine or was he in on it?

I liked the light-hearted take on it rather than the usual "OH NO! THE WORLD IS IN PERIL! Lets act depressed or do stupid crap!". But I thought the ending was kind of a let down and it changed the direction.
Nice helicopter(?) shots.

Puppets! YESS!!
Love it when a team puts in the extra effort! Very fancy intro too!
Hmm...I think I might be biased towards this one because it used puppets! Puppets!

Awesome! Found the most lolz in this film. Good timing and acting. Especially by the shark and dinosaur.

Nice to see some character development. Good flow. Great gore.

I liked the beginning and the end. Um..not sure what else to say though...but I enjoyed it! Hurrahs for you!

Didn't really stick to the genre (though I'd imagine it would've been the hardest genre to come up with an idea for). Not sure why the intro was animated. Like the use of the location though. Looks like it would've been a fun shoot.

Went better than expected! Like how well all of you pulled off playing multiple characters. I think? Were they playing multiple characters? Yeah I'm pretty sure they were!

Liked the beginning. It was really fun. But it kinda changed tone or lost something around the middle. Also that filter was kinda weird with all the blurring around the edges. Reminds me of Instagram....

I liked it. Didn't seem too cheesy. But the sound was a bit up and down.

Wasn't sure what happened sorry. :S
Alright production though.

I reckon it overdid the quirky. But it was fun I guess.

Very original take on the genre! Liked the concept.

Genuine lols! Must've been kinda awkward for the parents who brought their kids to this heat.

Alright first try.

Twas a bit quiet and hard to hear dialogue in a few scenes, but still pretty good and genuinely funny! :D