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a nice Jack Black meets Flight Of The Conchords vibe in the music, one of the contenders for some of the points (good luck to the single guy in the intro ladies wanted ad LOL)

I admit when i saw we were going to have a film of this genre to watch i figured that this might be when i take 5 and have a smoke break. Im glad i didnt as this was one of my favourites of the night, i liked how each segment of time travel was symbolised by an item, and great use of the box. This had me laughing at some parts (which is good as some peoples fantasy type things are boring).

I echo the comments made by the other reviewers, this was a good film (quite cheesy,,,,but still clever). The grainy footage made me think of the really early video games when they went from being boring old space invaders to interactive type things. One of my favourites of the night.

Sorry to say this but i thought this was pretty boring (although obviously the actors could act and it had some nice camera angles), i'm just not a fan of this genre...the music got on my nerves after a while, i woulda preferred some intense dialogue.

although very well shot, but it wasnt really intense enough for my liking, it left me wanting more.

This film was very cleverly put together....i did see one guy leave the room after about 30secs of footage (including the intro), musta been a PC idiot...I figure if this one doesnt get through to the final as one of the best films then it should be there as one of the sickest (in a shocking the wet pants off the audience kind of way), which i definitely like - a few laughing parents in the back row ought to be reaction enough for the makers of this film.

I won't compare to what others might expect of this genre and just base my opinions on what I saw. I tend to like humour when watching a batch of material (such as a few short films in one sitting), so the comments made by Tza had me giggling from the back row, this role was very well played and one of my favourite characters from any of the films from this heat. Nice use of the skills in putting the water back into the bucket, and mocking of flyboy too.

I don't remember seeing this one

One of my favourite films of the night - i think the other reviewers have used all the compliments necessary and i fully endorse them. I also thought the janitor was a cutey :-)

Clearly the bromance between the cat and the chap were the order of the day, a few funny bits (great cameos) and you have a film that isn't trying to preach or be the next Speilberg off the rack...

I thought this was pretty good (especially in the context of the night, in that this was the first film off the rack...and this being my first taste of 48Hrs films). The only thing i think could have been a bit better would have been better location choices.