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I've enjoyed watching these guys for years.

They are a great team, and a good looking family too. Andrew Bowen has had leading hand in all his families film efforts, yet this one feels a little distant.

the synthetic drug problem is a ver real one, and my generation hasn't had to face such a pernicuous threat as corner store brain-melting drugs being sold beside the soda. so this was a trooper of a film, but sadly misguided. After being gang-forced to inhale a drug called E-11 (the name of a landmine too) our delightful leading lady is quickly and thoroughly zombiefied and murderous.
Perhaps a little less of the heavy hand in character design would've engendered some sympathy for our anti-hero as she dispatches the bad girls who made her into a monster.

In order to curtail her misery, our heroine asks her little bro' to kill her, which he does with easy pleasure. Dammit, so much could've been made of this opportunity, and so much slipped away.

OK, so the audio was lousy, the night shooting awful, just awful, (sorry Bowens but please make learning about lighting and sound a priority for your next admirable efforts) and there were so many plot holes in your story I could drive my Massey-Ferguson through them, but I will always look forward to your next film.

OK, I'll admit it, I have a soft spot for this team, they've competed before in various guises and monikers and they're getting stronger and stronger all the time.
While this isn't a perfect film (losing your Laser Force card isn't that big a deal, is it?) the strengths of this film clearly outweigh the flaws.

Allyn Robbins is a delightful character, and I really would like to see him stretch himself as an actor. Its unfair that we only get to see him in time pressured events like 48 hours as I think he has some abilities we've yet to appreciate.
Supporting male, Ashley Stuart, has that 'haunted' look that is so hot right now, he really should be cast in something else, quickly!
A little more latitude in his character would've endeared him to us too.
Matt Beveridges' cinematography was spot on, the dirty window shot from inside Laser Force was magic, very appropriate.

But the audio. Dammit. Hollow, lost, camera mic audio just spoiled this outing for me. Great, dirty metal music from the (I assume) Big Bang and Fuzz catalogue tied it together very nicely,
but the vocal captures were a nasty stain on this fine fine film.

No Unicorns Were Harmed During The Making either.

Most Likeable Actor indeed, to the mature fellow reading the Eulogy. (Another Bremner perhaps?)
The audience got all the gags, (lovely touch with the obvious script too) and the best men, (what a delightful pair, the boxing bag scene my personal favourite!) were a treat.

Not all of this film worked though, (bedroom scene was not blocked out well (I suspect a different camera op) and it lacked definition.
The examination of Snoz's life was a little brief (four scenes, I think) and with that I didn't really connect with him, and just how did he die? I suspect heart disease, but hey!
Its a great little 'adventure film'? Well, I suppose the adventure of a life is an adventure, so...RIP Snoz, it was nice to almost know you.

I find it hard to determine just what it was that put me off this movie.
The ending was telegraphed so far ahead, it came in with the title. The interviewer was not engaged or engaging and the very attractive opening beauty shots disappeared into a dark series on interiors, letting the dynamism of the opening as a sad reminder to us of what we could have had. Instead, good audio and some very courageous framing aside, this felt a little lacklustre.

The supporting female, a very attractive woman, was barely included, and instead of examining her life altering drama, we were pushed in yet another insane in the brain because of sleep deprivation flick. please don't read that I didn't enjoy the film, I really did. The audience response was also favourable, but...I felt like there was more to discover.

TEFG are a capable, and unorthodox, group. Taking Immobilised to a new level, our Hero is trapped by his own tatty jersey (surely an Award winning struggle) in his budget car as his GPS enabled Samsung phone, with 'Vic' the voice command prompt retorts about life, her love for our hero and her longing to go some place of her own as her 'iron lung' of a battery slowly deletes. So...who thinks this stuff up? Its awesome.
TEFG will not win from their shot choices. Bland, in the extreme, Oh The Horror of Auto-focus, and their audio was, probably, the result of using a chip voice, the most unrecognisable of the night.
I sat near the back and although the sound was fine for most of the other films, TEFG made their job very difficult with over-processing.
But, hey, its going to be ok. The rest of the film was likeable, but I never really connected with Vic or our hero 'ERIC' (good gag) and so when Vic died (battery death not some bloody ending either) I was ho-hum about it, a flat ending to another-wise very fine work.

I'll say it, I'll miss Handcranked from this competition. Desperately, madly, missed them.

While we did get to see their disqualified film, and I for am glad I did, its not the same without them.
Good direction from Steven Belsten, again, good framing throughout and a mushroom trip with Worrik Stanton of course, along with good audio and music!!!
and then! WOW!! A flame stunt, not CGI, not AfterEffects, but an actual flame stunt. Kudos to you Handcranked. Well done Steve Belsten for occupying the flaming woolen suit.

Principal Female leads, the ever reliable Dell 'Fish on then Wall' McLeod, able and capable Katie Peppercorn (the fart gag was unworthy of you) so sweetly made Hank Haining into the dark cruel agent we need him to be. His portrayal of a bad man in 2009/2010's 'Trapdoor' is still one of my favourite Handcranked films, Angel Lyon was superb in that little gem.

I think Hank representation of the compulsory insomniac quotient of the character very well indeed, perhaps the best of the Heat.
Lok, enough goodness its just sad we can;t have them on the podium this year.

Maybe they'll come to the City Final anyway, and get an award for most audacious Team Intro!! Whips and chains, eh?!

Iron your shirt. That is my only negative on this film, so...if you're a dentist, iron your damned shirt.

The rest of this delightful film is just that, delightful, the male lead, a little lost in poor lighting, bad wardrobe (really, really inappropriate and bad wardrobe) and some questionable lipsynching (love the mexican non-guitarone player seq!!), and the very hard to hear, but exceptionally cute, receptionist, couldn't put me off liking this. It was great.

OK, it was a little thin, and clunky, towards the end. Meh.

Musically, you'd have to be King Loser from Mars to screw it up with Elena Berg and Michael Morris on your team. Cool riffs, funky beats, and the blend of his and her voices, OMG! Sweeet. Wow, now that is talent, folks. Maybe a nod for best score/song too. Did I mention how bad the wardrobe was?

Winner of 2012's Best Bad Film, they're strong contenders again this year.
Paul Campion, (I do hope I've spelled that correctly Paul, the credit was over too soon), is in a three-way relationship with C9 (?) whom I assume is a domestic computer, I guess) and a dog.

The computer is upset, sees (with a HUD) the dog as hostile, yet orders food for it. Awww, sweet.
Paul seeks solace with a vending machine type confessor, (lots of 60's-70 sci-fi being referenced here, think THX 1138) but ultimately it fails to deliver the goodies.
No sparking androids, no Westworld payoff, (nice little anim though) and sadly, no HAL 9000. Mirosoft Mary is also a little hard to hear sometimes, she mumbles, and becase of that we miss dialogue, important parts too, no doubt.

'I'm sorry, Paul, you can't do that."

Alright. Here we go. Aoraki Polytech film students on their first (second/third?) 48Hours film...this'll be great!!!! These guys are the future of new NZ film, right?!

After a nicely constructed, (Modern Family-esque Team Intro) the picture rolls, and...hold on...what the hell is this before me?
A bluey, phasing and contrast issues, awful framing and hollow audio, all in the opening minute? Auto White Balance?!?! (audio from the camera mic?) Seriously?! Seriously?!
I appreciate you're students, but these are fundamental errors. Audio glitches too, I swear I heard an off camera voice say 'cut', surely not!
And 'my card' was repeated two of not three times, my ears are old, but not stupid. anyway...casting is difficult when you cast your mates and (I think) your tutors, eh? Meh.

A nervous, sleep deprived lad is given a new, technologically advanced sleeping pill in a trial (the awfulness of the dialogue, setting and props I simply cannot describe) and we're speed. He is watched and monitored by cameras (that magically disappear!) and satellites (oh god) so he'll be fine. Of course he's not. This couldve been so much more, but anyway...lets plunge ahead. Suddenly, there are unmotivated Girl Guides in the film. Girl Guides in a film usually mean hostage drama about to unfold or serial killer bait. Sometimes other nasty stuff, but usually the former. But no, they escape with nothing more than a hasty slam of a door. Nothing else.

Then...jumpy, jumpy, jump cuts, and we're in a trippy prison of vertical phasing(!) (MC Storey even asked if it was deliberate! I'm sure he was just being overly kind.)

And we're back with the nervous lad and Dr Strangelove asking odd questions about Mum, which sets the lad off in a homicidal rage.
The good Dr (Agent) is killed (kudos to makeup, a good wound by the way,) and...ah, look, the rest of the film was also a collection of what-not-to-do's, with half the crew as contributing writers, it was a slow motion trainwreck looking for a fast approaching credit roll.

If this film was representative of Aoraki, and I belive it is, then lighting, audio, camera and storycraft all demand serious attention. This was disappointing, very disappointing.

First timers, we hope you'll come back next year. This was a mis-fire, we know.
Not true to genre, and your first attempt at a 48. Please stay, see the competition out, watch and learn.

The Brothers Lewis are keen as mustard to get on with it, and they deserve our help.
The boys look good on screen, they are clearly capable of taking risks and not afraid of experimenting. Stick around Lewis's. You've got a future here. This film doesn't.
Stick it in a box under the bed, (along with that huge pile of fake cocaine) and pull it out in 10 years time, snort the coke off it and show us just how far you've come.

Until then, intern on someone elses film(s) and you'll be up to speed in no time.

Nicely conceived, if not entirely well mapped out to the audience, this is stylish and competent filmmaking, its just a pity the story is weak, (along with the laughable cop costumes.)

Peter Holmes is no stranger to the 48, he's mighty on and off screen. A careful character actor (remember him from 'Coffee' a few years back? Great stuff) well he's not lost any of his stuff.

But, he deserves more robust material to work with.The wheels stayed on until the cops showed up, (laughter from the audience undermined what was a serious situation, but the costuming deserved it.) The story could've received a second/third draft, and slightly stronger ending. Although well received by the audience, (despite its few flaws) this should be top 12.

I got lost here. Can anyone offer any help?

A murderous box, a shadowy killer (you killed my brother?) and then we're on the sofa watching the tube? What the hells going on?

Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner! At least in my old and wrinkled head. I LOVED this.

Sure its a gimmick to play your film in reverse, but so what?! It worked, it really worked.

Beautifully shot by (we couldnt tell 'cos their credits were attempting to circumnavigate the globe) but a simple, effective original score by Sam Mehrtens, and cleverly cut by Cameron Hunt (I believe) demonstrate top shelf film-making. The audience, usually rustling paper or shuffling about, were silent. Absolutely silent. Until the rapture at the end! My god, there were shrieks of delight!
The protagonist, and his insomniac date, traverse Dunedin at night, in reverse, with fireworks (nice, very nice), a little dancing in the park and some harmless grafitti crime, until the sun comes up. Delightful.

Crisp clean colours and good, no...delicious framing, have produced a clean, adorable film for everyone to enjoy.

Watch this team closely. I suspect they'll be in the judges sights for the Top 12. Well, it/they should be. This makes Dunedin look good.

If I could be anymore confused and amused, I would be medicated.

Loved the talking trees, (maybe an award for them?), and the intentionally cringe-worthy male model shots were awesome! but as for the rest...yeah-nah,
which is a terrible shame, as this team have produced some minor miracles in years past. A misfire here guys.

Sorry, but we both know you are able to do more with less. The audience certainly liked you work though.

Oh dear, a narrator carrying the Heroes journey in a musical? A walk of Shame gets out of hand, even with His sexy bum onscreen, this film was in trouble before it began.

Principal male doesn't sing, the narrator drones on a bit out our hungover heroes current situation and while it looked good though the lens, the audience weren't impressed.

I sympathise, Musical sucks, (I know) but make a few phone calls and you could have a bongo drummer, a tea chest bass and a teaspoon orchestra to lively up yourself.

Sorry, but you (film-maker) gave me no reason to like the character, care about his circumstance or want to sing along to the droney narrator, not that I could anyway.

My highlight. Perfect and decisive sound design. A treat.
Nice casting, nice delivery of time, character, colour, place and structure.

Outtathepark! Kudos to director Serena Chen and her team of workaholics for this tight, tidy little wonder. Blessings.

An Immobilised genre film, right? I don't get it. Is there something so subtle in this film that I'm just too dense to see?

They sit on a sofa in animal onesies, challenge each other to stay awake (seriously) then they run together, drink coffee and go for another run.
They almost kiss, but ukelele instead. While going for another run, theres a nice trip-fall-kiss moment, again they're still not immobilised, and He is struck and killed by a car.
Strangely, she congratulates herself 'for winning' at his funeral. Thats not funny and its still not true to the genre. Dead is dead, its not immobilised. Or am I missing something here?
A stuck relationship maybe? Help.

This is from the same team that made the flawed but likeable femme fatale 'Chastity kills' in 2012.
While Chastity had some highlights in it, (nice camera, nice audio, good character) this, well, its not.

Apart from the sexy as toffee timelapse shots, the remaining camerawork was dull, inconsistent lighting and average audio didn't help this one pitch itself across the line.

Yeah-nah, it was supposed to be Immobilised, but became Incomprehensible. Yeah, thats it.

Actually entitled 'Will' this is a Chase Manning film, about how Chase Manning has constructed a robot in the image of Chase Manning. after that nothing much else happens.

Slow, laborious and overly concerned about getting its own details right. Kudos for the body shave though.

Great lighting, good production, slick and purposeful. as we have come to expect from this group of semi-pro's.
But...and here is where the wheels fall off...its a mis-fire.

The converging storylines didn't...converge that is. A bad date going very bad (quite funny in an 'Office' kind of way) and a thinly sliced second tier story shoe-horned in about 'getting in' before the restaurant closes, I suppose to rob, and not to grab a quick falafel with a side of cous-cous? There were guns involved so I'll assume they were going to rob.

Then, as the baddies were walking to the job, suddenly! a second group of bandits appeared! wearing the same 'Sara Jessica Parker' and Piggy masks!
but from Where? and Why? and How? did they get into this film? Two quick black and white shots do not make a converging storyline. But anyway...

Theres a push-up, not a punch up, and somehow the bad guys either knock each other unconscious (or suffocate in their masks), theres a noise and the dating pair go outside.
Upon discovery of the bodies, the 'hard policewoman' "Have you ever been called a pig?" did...what?...nothing. No police training kicked in, no body check, no 'call for back u' weapons check, nothing. A Big Hole of Nothing.

The style of BOTU films is slick, very capable and clearly able to deliver the goodies, in spades, but they just...don't.

All stars, all of them, even the cringe-worthy supporting male, nicely awkward. Female lead was a delight, crisp but reserved.
The bad guys mate received a lot of screen time for a few well written gags but then...nothing.

Its not their material, although they are a little ropey at times, its the deliveries, direction and editing that seem to undermine BOTU.
And its just too bad, as this team, numbering quite a bunch by the very nice credit sequence, cold really deliver some serious firepower, but,....y'know...they don't.

Maybe the beer sodden team intro had something to do with it?

With a confused centre and a disappointing conceit, this flick failed to fire.
The highlight was the central figures final piece to cam, the worried face of a man lost in hypnosis(?) and murder.

Many issues with sound and all-over-the-place grading.
Too bad, as this team has fired nicely before.

I would encourage this young and adventurous team to write more before they shoot again. Clearly there are skills here, but more attention to sound/grading will help a great deal..

A very strong contender for a Dunedin win, if it wasn't for a persistent doubt that fronts whenever I think of this film.

Stu's right, the lighting was superb.
Frankly, I'd be surprised, knowing their background, that it could be poor.

Is it the pacing? Perhaps.
It was absent of rhythm, but the expected beats were there. No surprises.
Maybe the denatured colour grade? Yeah. Could be that.

The second act was uneven and at times, uneventful.
Some audio issues too, (coffee room audio was poor) but that may have been the venue.
And the 'love interest' (the really cute brunette secretary) really didn't seem 'that into him' to warrant any interest/response from us. A schitck that fell flat.

And, unless I'm mistaken, the protoganist was shirtless when checking out his email...or maybe he was naked...anyway, it got in the way. Ewwwww.

The sudden dash across town was uneven, horizons weren't level and the edit poorly paced.
And wasn't his car in the car park too? Yeah, I did see it there.

Look, this young team made a fine film, but its too flawed to be a big winner.
Fourth place maybe?

Three chatty women make up urban legends over tea, while discussing the legendary Nicky Brick.

Look, don't mis-read me, I've been a fan of this group of miscreants since their stylishly engaging Horror outing 'Scarred' a few years back, (although some of their later entries were a little lacklustre), this one had some fun in it.

The nude man running towards camera (oh, the scrotum shot!), forewarned by MC Storey, wasn't to my liking. A gimmick at best, or just a poorly conceived gag, either way the shock may have erased any good work they might have done in the preceeding minutes and perhaps tainted the following seconds.

Ahhhh, maybe I'm being too hard on them. They've improved, at least visibly and sonically, they have crisp clean editing and what would seem to be a good work ethic. More power to them.

Superb, superb, superb.
A flawlessly framed and captured resolved chase/heist film.
Narrated well, if not always rhyming, we were lead through an exquisitely shot landscape, (nice lens choices btw) to a sudden plot twist and nicely timed ending.

This should be in the city finals, really, it should be.
Sure, its no Moby Dick or Agatha Christie in script depth, buts it is fun, its is entertaining, and it is told well.

Principal female is a babe too.

Handcranked. A byword for awesomeness/oddity/surprise/bizarre and cool.
Its a long time between drinks for these guys, but the weird gets stronger and more profound every year.

Where do you get a big eared red bear suit on a Saturday morning, unless you actually own one?!
Waitati. Nuf' said.

Good camera and angles, crisp clean audio and real interest generated by the few characters.

Audience loved it, too. always a good time with Handcranked, I surely hope to see their names in the Finals list.

Flawed but hopeful supernatural flick. From a difficult birth to maturity the afflicted was rolled into his story too quickly, too easily, and went too dark (literally) to quickly.

The two fellas in the bar were great, and the Wizard was cool too.

Too many flaws to be take seriously though. The story was good, but perhaps, overly ambitions.
I fear it may have had too many cooks and waaaaay too many Stephanie Meyers/Supernatural/Harry Potter influences. While sophisticated, it lost its pitch at the last.

Are we to believe that these are the same guys that threw us that POS dead fish last year under the guise of Team Shit F%^k C$#t?

If so; I am absolutely floored by their new maturity, vision and sensitivity. A healthy redemption, well earned. The t-shirt mechanism, while very simple, works well, Nicky Brick appears, albeit briefly, as a down on his luck bus shelter inhabitant.

Flowers became t-shirt colour blooms, and we even see that its not on the shirt, but attached to the man. Lovely touch. Nice music change too. The compulsory line, damn near missed, was sung in haste at the very last.

Not astounding, but damn fine work. Kudos, fellas.

Rom-Com. Ugh, a tough, tough genre for a bearded one man band. But he pulled it off, mostly.

Audio issues, and hard to determine dialogue, and some very very sudden jump cuts to be sure.
But the audience just ate it up.

I wanted to see how it played out, my attention never wavering. And a lovely, lovely ahhhhh ending.

A well resourced and well conceived film.

With an appearance of big budgetry and more than capable post production trickery, this group from SIT (in Invercargill!) is a very strong Dunedin win contender.

Full kudos and applause to the principal males in what must have been very difficult shoot in all that armour.
And it was real armour, wasn't it?

Loads of jokes, the elevator gag, the sex club gag, the 'they must be from Auckland' gag, the crash helmet gag was too funny! and lets not forget the good-no, great! acting.

A Contender for Best Script too.

A curious, and well done, Guy Ritchie style film from Matt and his mates from QT.

The Big Boss takes exception after he's harrased in some (unheard lines) by a telemarketer. 'Da Boy's are sent off (in a 2 seater Merc!) to retreive the little shit so the Boss can exact some retribution. Or at least I think thats what happening. Its a bit blurry now, y'see. Not the film, that was shot well.

Its just a bit, well, chopped up with gay abandon, roughness at the edges (did I see a boom pole) and finished with great haste.

The penultimate scene, The Boss in the spa pool, switches, IN MID SCENE, from bright daylight, to deepest darkest CO night.

The lines spoken in the car are funny, but overshadowed by engine noise, and I think there was some sound synch issues too.

Funny as fu*k when they grab the guy, hands taped to his head, which, if I might say is a pretty good trick.

Matt has his hands full taming this wooly bunch, and if I'm right its his first solo outing? (please correct if wrong) and for the first from the stable of Your Mums Team, its a damn fine effort.

TSBF (not the 'naki bank) are a bunch of raggedy-ann film-makers. I mean that in the nicest of ways. Their style is fast & loose and they usually shoot from the hip and keep running. Last years 'The Gurgitator' was a chow down masterpiece, which the Judges (damn them all the hell!) didn't see fit to recognise.

But this....this was not fast or loose or raggedy in any way.

After a quick reprise (and disquietening exposition) were into the life & damaged nature of the cop who hasn't been able to solve a kiddies disappearance.
Its a rapidly moving story, perhaps a little too rapidly at times.

Mum is hitting the crack pipe, the cop drives AND drinks, and after a few logic leaps, hey ho, we have our man. Or at least the cop is going to frame a pedophile for the kids disappearance. a tragic occurance, with a tragic outcome, but the tying together of the cops choice, and him actually being the guy, is just too circumstantial to be believable.

This is meaty stuff though.
Vastly different from The Gurgitator, and I wonder, (please forgive the pun) if TSBF have bitten off more than they can chew.

Leading man, Otagos version of Al Pacino (a wonderful mug on screen, btw) carries this flick with too-casual a stance, the direction is undercooked and the film feels like just needed a bit more V is its belly to really get going. However, I like, with great abandon, the freeze frame end, which earned a long and sustained applause, and not just because the beardy MC said you had to.

Congratulations TSBF, you've grown up.
And I like where you're going.

With an impressive arrray of well skilled staff, and several good showings in years past, I expected more from UH, and I came away sadly disappointed.

Nothing actually stuck here. The post it notes were OK as a temporay vehicle, but to base the principal character on an OCD behaviouraly trait seemed weak. The revenge was underdone and visually, I have seen much better work from them in previous outings.

Cat in the car full of dogs was funny, but also a bit disturbing. I like cats.

I know UH can do better, I've seen it.

If this flick isn't in the City Finals selection I say we burn the Judges at the stake, in the Octagon, on Finals night!
A perfect 10/10.

I simply could not locate a single flaw in this epic film.
And it seemed so much longer than the 7 minutes running time.
It actually 'felt' like a documentary. A damn good one too.

Quite aside from the vast array of interesting characters (Tim Shadbolt), the rough-red-neck cops ("I use the chatter ring to hold the offender down, and then Mace him!") a room of hoodied ne'er do wells and then we're off to a dance party for spinning the chatter ring on a dick!!!! Its a wtf laugh out loud moment that actually works! The patent clerk, the Senior cop ("I think its a bit shit actually."), the Asian TV presenter and his ENORMOUS Rubiks cube, the garage guy, even the weak Bobby Young character all put in 5-star performances. Terrific casting all round.

But the nights delight, was their Leading Man. The screen was barely able to hold him back, a real contender for Best actor, I reckon. "This much (arms wide) This Much! (Arms wider and grin to match!)" The audience loved it! In thirty years of the entertainment industry I have heard an audience spontaneously foot-roll only six times before, and this film totally earned it.

Matt Campbell and his team of non-professional film-makers (hard to believe isn't it) have hit a V48Hours home run.

A story with really interesting characters and set up, absolutely picture perfect, (never once did our attention stray to something they did not want us to see), and audio as crisp and clear as new $50 note. Delicious.

I'll put money down at the TAB that this is a significant winner.

Tough choice by a tough team.
This entry meant this group of noob animators from Invercargill really had to pull together to make this one work.
And, dagnabbit, it does.

The stylistis choice was clever, as it is functional, doesn't demand too much by way of processing time and resource useage, but still allows the animating group to create with some style and simplicity.

Now lets turn to the idea: An old hermit sets up the local cop, an old school chum, so he can exact his final demand, the Upper Cut wedgie. which he does, after the cop does a couple of (retarded) loops of the Underpants shaped county.

Well, lets be honest, huh. This is school-boy humour, at best.
It was never going to be Bakshis 'Lord of the Rings' or 'Fritz the Cat' or even 'He-man v Skeletor at Castle Greyskull' (ep 36, my favourite), or even the Powerpuff Girls, (who manage to exact several layers of social commentary each episode!.)

No, it was a thin premise. But it is Proof of Concept for something grander.

Next year, eh!

Nope, didn't get it either.

Although the potential for real funny was there, (transgender Oamaruvians, rise and be seen!) a lack of clear direction, by the Director, shackled this production to average shot choices inconsistencies in production values and script & plot choices.

The 'flashbacks' were also very odd, making me wonder if I was actually watching two distinctly seperate movies.

I want to see more form this group though. Some moments of brilliance (esp the opening & closing framing of the film).

I feel they will do better next year.

I had the good fortune of sitting close enough to the awesome Mr Storey and his crate of sparkly PA toys. I watched, with mild fascination, as he conjoured considerable magic in an attempt to get this flick to sound better than a McDonald drive-through speaker.
At one point he grabbed at his hair and, defeated, gave up. Damn.

A fine fine flick, with an authentic Yankee car, (great detailing in the signwriting btw) and I loved the scorpion tattoo detail. Did you see the inmates jumpsuits had TFD stenciled on them?! Nice.

A flick with plenty of art, great lighting, very good details and clearly they had the determination to make something really good.

But the audio! Oh! In a musical, is so very important. Sadly, flawed at the audio mixdown, we were left with a thin reedy finish. and a frustrating experience it was.

They're certainly able, lyrically, to carry the story off. If only we could hear them.

Long Texan Drawl "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. And you boys did do the crime, didn't you?!"

The plot, while solid, was a little thin, like the audio mix.
Lockpicking, (with the wire, of course) didn't seem to make too much sense, as they ran away from the cops anyhoo.

Greg et al, are fine film-makers, with skill and ability in abundance. Previous outings by them , in other guises, have always been a treat. The interior lighting of the copcar was superb, a little underdone in terms of outside reference points, and the car didn't really look like it was travelling, (more like waiting at that McDonalds.) But good all the same.

Costuming: Fine.
Details: Very good.
Story: OK.
Editing: All good.
Audio: Ah nuts, here we are again.

MC Storey said that their film was not received for playing at the Heat.


WOW! They stole the Internets!

Straightman Dave (TV3/ex-Ch9) Gooselink as Ken Tucky, news presenter, fronts a homegrown little stinker. He's fallen a long way from the stratospheric highs of 'BAIN: The Musical' to be involved in this forgettable pastiche of every bad cop/csi/detective show we've ever seen.

An Orange Bodysuit, handleld laser pointers, and the compulsory prop being used to open the security door to the world internets office are a poor set up into some pretty overcooked scripting.

After a scene in the Chinese Gardens (why?) a few logic leaps, a handful of really mean one liners from one (oh, god, why him again) cop to his sidekick and we're mercifully at the end.

Dead in the water from about one minute in.

I have nothing to offer here that the previous reviewers haven't said.

Lacklustre is the word that comes to mind.

Buy a mic & learn how to use it.

Comprehende, por favor?

Reviewers actual notes: Either a deliberately flawed pisstake or maybe just they're too full of themselves to write anything else.

This tale consists of one mans confused sexuality, a slew of poor quality pick-up lines, a women given to a guy as if she's a sexual convenience, and then there's a Wires-in-a-Condom seq because he can't jerk himself to a performance state, (an awkward and squirmy moment) is a collection of things designed to just fall flat.

Very poor quality audio and abysmal picture at times. And FAR FAR too much liquor to be safe destroyed what could have been a nice tale.

Poor direction and a rushed development, (probably overtalked) highlighted the serious flaws in this, otherwise, potent film.
The dialogue in this flick was LOL and I don't mean the deliberate funnies...

"Now that I drunk you're quite attractive." Ugh. Grow up.

Convincing guy-on-guy kiss at the end though. You're sure to get a mention at the Awards. But maybe not for what you're hoping.

Sadly DQ'ed because of technical, this film had some story to tell.

History catches up with an abusive mother as her son, now an abuser in his own right, shows his true colours (bruises on pale skin) on his fraile-as-paper girlfriend at a family Christmas do...

With such strong subject matter, and depth of talent available, I was disappointed that so much of the duration of the flick was wasted on the teams' kids and dog.

So you have kids, eh? And a dog? Really?
Big Fat Hairy Deal.

Take this sage advice. 'Keep them out of the picture if they're not necessary to the development of the story.' And they weren't.
The premise of having a 'Family Christmas Theme' was a convenience to keep the hordes of kids happy. At least that's what it seems, as there was no real motivation for the party at all.

Anyway, onto the real story, (the party was such a distraction I've almost lost my place!) The Antagonist (Abuser) seemed genuinely angry. I mean, really, genuinely angry. Not just on screen. In his real life. Was this just good luck in casting or did we glimpse something more? Creeeeepy.

And we all know the girlfriend should get the hell away. Waif haircut just sealed the deal. Good casting here. A great little actress with plenty to offer. Her quiet restraint was a perfect foil for the male.
And it was going towards being a solid tale, until Mum arrived.

As an ex-bully this character just didn't work. She walks/talk her way into a slackly constructed and unconvincingly delivered monologue. There was no conviction, no emphasis in or on her story. And really, was the bad guy so good at concealing his meanness for 20 something years that it comes as a surprise to Mum one random Xmas? Either she's just coming off Xanex or has serious case of absentee-ism.


Now the cops come to save the day, (Flashing red & blue lights always make the night feel so much safer, don't they?)
Of course, it'll all be better now; The bad guy will Change His Evil Ways and the girlfriend will Forget Her Troubled Past and be emotionally repaired.
The Cops will charge him with Ruining the Nap of the Carpet, Wearing an Angry Shirt and Disturbing the Xmas Wrapping.
He'll be Thrown in Irons, fo' sure. Hooray!


Domestic Violence is a serious subject and Team Swampy didn't take it seriously. This script needed a lot more development before the camera rolled. Perhaps they're too distracted by the dog & kid brigade.

Team Swampy are rich in talent and ability. I'd really like them put aside the PlaySkool toys and show us what they're really made of.

A bunch of bored somethings need to get away from it all, so they do, on bikes.

Quite apart from the fact that MOST of this film ISN'T ON THE ROAD, this was a confused offering.

Who were these people and why are watching them have breakfast? Coffee and smeared mascara? Toast & jam & pepper?! And something else...why?

I'll moderate my tone, ok. Please, watch a road movie before you try to make one.

Clearly one of the best in this Heat. If this isn't amongst the City Finalists there should be rioting in the cinema.

The only dialogue was the compulsory line (apart from some throw away words near the beginning) and the rest is a visual treat.

For owners of DSLRs, pay attention. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE! Damn sexy, high res, shallow DOF and right on the glass precise. Pat the cinematographer on the back and buy that fella a beer. But make the screenwriter(s) pay for it.

A thin, frail story, (possibly not enough to see it rise into the finalists), but its going to be a tough call. I wouldn't like to be in the room when the Judging Panel crack this little number open.

Yes, its gorgeous, a perfect harmony of tone, picture and nuance.
A super subtle story, the female lead travelled through the undergrowth, and so did we. We could piece together how she felt without too much effort. Nice.

Bad, really bad, clumsy sound effect of a really big dog, that morphs in a cute puppy. Maybe I'm nit-picking. And while we're examining the flaws...there's Aaron. Not a handsome set of features, I'm afraid and a jarring, crushing, hamfisted delivery of the line.
The balance of this film is so very, very fine that he may have just buggered it up.
In many ways, it reminds me of the voice over in one version of 'Blade Runner'. We're really into the emotional, psychological and temporal space of the piece, and then...Aaron talks.

The young lead is a serious contender for Best Actress, in spite of the absence of dialogue. Being more than words may just be her winning factor here.

Musically, and emotionally, its PERFECT. 100% on the money.
Never far from the heart, it emotionally connected with me, and I'm a tough nut to crack. I've never been affected by a v48Hours film in the way that this score did. Respect.

The Trampoline Sequence will be Cinematography winner.
Or you can have your money back.

The power team of twins Luke & Kirk Bremner (2010 City Winners) bring a tidy, competent superhero short, in the form of a single frozen moment, that sees the very, very subtle superhero saving a well-breasted young woman from being mown down by a runaway car. And while it appears to be simple, its not.
And that is whats being shown here. And while uncomplicated as a narrative, this short has a power that belies its simplicity. Look again.

In spite of the tissue thin story, its a very difficult job setting up, and making a special effects set piece like this work. And then you have to get away with it.

The special effects, (time ramp, motion blur, etc) were flawed at the background plate, (yes, well did see the 'smear fix' at the lower right of the car shadow) along with untidy keying and colour grading, but they're a good pointers to the skills that this team are capable of producing. While flawed, they are eloquent and very detailed.

In terms of production values, these guys are through the roof!
The mid air-ness of the ear-bud of the young lady, and the newspaper in the car, are very well crafted.

And it would seem that they've planned to take advantage of the near perfect Golden Hour of the location. The voice over of the supehero was, however, tragically dull and uninspiring.

But...and I say this with some discomfort, its just not enough.
If this one scene was bookended with a set-up of who is who, and then concluded with satisfactory, even wry, resolution then I'd happily call it a triumph.
But it stood too alone for my interest to stay beyond its duration.

Close, but no cigar.

According to the MC, this team volunteered to DQ their film. Apparently they wanted to replace their over-the-line film with one of a higher visual quality. I'm uncertain that even a lower res representation of this flick wouldn't have hurt them in any way.

After a lazy intro, they open with an empty room, (Over heard: "They open with that!? Bad choice."), then to a BADLY LIT, grubby flat, a bare stool and a BADLY LIT, unkempt actor.
Then they fall further from grace by shoving Garageband, on an iBook, at us, and use people as the synthetic instruments.

C'mon, people! This isn't a premise for music/dance genre film.
Hell, its barely enough for a high school music video.
And while I'm bringing your attention to the 'production values' of this train wreck even the 'synthetic actors as instruments', at the front of the action, were badly lit too.

So, it goes on for two more dull stiff minutes, then for no motiated reason at all, the 'lead actor' stops in mid track for a world-record short-pee! Why? Maybe he wanted to get away from this lamer, too.

Typing 'Ex-Bully' as a track header ON-SCREEN brought forward the biggest groaner of the night. MC Storey said to cough 'bullshit' when you see the obvious. So I did. We all did.

Mr Barker & co, (the controversial genius behind 2Bodies 1Night from 2009) hasn't raised the bar at all. This is lazy, lowest common denominator scripting AT BEST. Flashy LEDs, synth angel-tones and pounding reflex subs are no substitute for story. And the music track, well...its wasn't nightclub proof, put it that way.

See Me After Class.

A tragi-com with Disco! Tough.

Well executed, drawing me in several times, and it really did feel like a documentary at times. Shot with a relaxed hand, the obvious flaws were, well, obvious. Patchy lighting, and at times the sound op was sleep at the wheel. Too bad.

TEB are a proven film-making group, Sophie picked up Best Actress a couple of years back (no chance of that this year I'm afraid) and Pete is a well known afficionado and skilled hand in front, and behind, the lens.

The leading man, with his concrete-and-velvet accent, gave this film more credence and gravity than I expected, especially when the premise is so thin. Supporting actors were good, but not great.
The badly lit bedroom scene could've been cut, and should have.

The development of the 'disease' as it escalated from inconvenience, to irritation, to homewrecker, to homelessness was an unexpected pathway for this story to take. We were taken on this journey with thought and consideration. Well done.

Towards the end of the find is a scene that really bothers me. Its when some student types harass and kicking the mans cans when he was down and out on the street. I felt this scene in particular was un-necessary and this single act of meanness spoiled the final third of the film for me. Oh that, and the tired, and rather predictable, kilted ending.

(Quite aside from all that, who was the red-head in the hot pants!?)

While this film was serious when it should be and flippant when it could, it didn't measure up to their previous outings.

'Coffee' remains their pinnacle and a film I know I want to see again and again...

There's so much I like about this flick its hard to know where to begin. so, I'll begin with a smiley face :-) and then another :-)

Beautifully crafted, tongue in cheek, bald faced humour, Pathos & Bathos wrapped up as a serious contender for City Final placement.

This is Cinema from a group who know that being subtle isn't easy. They have style to throw around, they are capable and able to produce the goods. Entertainment means working at it, and their efforts are there for us to see and appreciate. 100%.

With possibly the funniest line of the Heat, "You wouldn't steal a car would you?'" "Yes, I would." caught the audience by surprise, a true delight in timing and meaning.
The faux Euro-Franco voiceovers were well scripted and delivered with impeccable timing, an exceptionally funny and difficult thing to execute.

Yet this flick wasn't all fun & games. A jilted, obsessed lover, a black & white soft-focus wind-swept coastline and a very pointy knife can't end well. And it didn't, but oh god it was beautiful!

How EPF made Dunedin look like Prague, Lyon, Marseille or Paris is a testament to the capacity of these very capable film-makers. The original score by Alex wilson...magnifique!
And in the final scenes, we are treated to delicately handled soft focus, natural lens flares and deep field staging on a lonely barren hill. The only element missing from fully embracing classic Euro-Cinema style would be the presence of an open-top sports car, instead of some average sedan. Still, I remain very impressed.

Turn away now, art lovers, because here is where the review turns sour....
As previously stated it was beautiful, funny and engaging, yet strangely distant. The male lead I never really got to know and the motivations of the scintillating female lead Josephine Byrnes (whom we should hope to see a lot more of) remained something of a mystery. Apart from that...well, I should refrain from complaining like a Frenchman abroad.

Perhaps I should dare to hope to see this film again in the City Finals. I would like the opportunity to drink in this masterpiece again, to appreciate it and maybe even understand it, like all good European Cinema.


As creepy and awkward as clown movies are, this one screamed BEST OF THE NIGHT.

A damn fine script right from the first line.

The characters in this flick are beautifully crafted and rich, the behind-the-scenes footage is epic, even the clown v. mummy seq is cool, and the tragic consequences of someone holding onto the only bit of fame/glory/purpose they're ever going to know, in spite of its waining popularity, is a poignant and tragic story well told. That the protege survived and can tell Waynes story after his demise adds tremendous impact to what is already an elegant and well-considered story.

This group made this film sing and dance and throw pies. In spite of the audience being perhaps a little too young to grasp the importance and depth of this story, it was well received.

Highly flawed technically, (crap camera and dodgy sound) but this was a terrific script.
And story is KING.

In no way was this a Quest film.
It was a showcase of the action-adventure, stunt-man skills of Tombola Gus Productions. Meh.

Chase sequences of fence vaulting.
The bad guy, with plastic pistol, was a clone of every other bad guy. Ever.

And the buried treasure the trio we're 'questing' was a plastic New World shopping bag of 4, no 6 cans of V.

Err, thanks V, for inspiring such a mighty quest.

This is the part of the film where a giant God-hand descends from above, chases the aforesaid film-makers across field, mountain and ocean, through dark forests and across stormy seas finally trapping them in a dark, stony and barren canyon. It wags its mighty finger in disapproval and, in a sky-shaking voice, says
"Eh, you fellas! You wanna develop your script before your shoot it next time, alright! Choice."

The one room film is a very, very tough genre.
Immersed in limitations, concise boundaries and highly focused on the relationships within the room, this group of teen-somethings TOTALLY NAILED IT. My delight of the night.

Quite apart from the technical excellence of this film, (10/10 across the board, even a limited length dolly shot in what have been a very cramped environment) the story delivered was crisp, tight and right on the money. A truly great script.
I actually liked the guys on screen, I knew about them as individuals and I wanted to know more about them. This was a tough act to follow.

The ending, while under-done, was a reasonable exit to a difficult situation.

Hmmm. Hard to review a film positively that is so absent of good choices. The body switch genre is rich in opportunities: farce, discovery, insight, betterment, the list is quite long. And this group missed 'em all.

In this under-done film I have no idea why I'm watching any of the characters.
The relationship between the boy/girl couple is unconvincing. There is just no reason for me/audience to engage. and the supposed affair, apart from the amusing texts, is lost too early, too easily.

The cause of the body switch, (while not really that important), is unseen, and when the couple do wake from their slumber (to discover they've switched bodies), their first instinct is to put on shoes and leave.

Hell, even Lindsay Lohan managed to make a reasonable body switch film.

Sorry guys, this film is a mis-fire.
But the potential is certainly there. Don't stop. Make more.

Definitely off-genre road flick. and still, this very young group pulled it off.
Front man/straight comic Ryan (Sir Gerald whatever!) played a great part. His self-aware, straight to the camera and engaging style won the audiences hearts and laughs immediately. One to watch.

The audio was good, mostly, which is to say it didn't drop out all the time, lighting was patchy, and that is a real shame as there was much interest in the framing choices made.

The improv between 'Philip and Mike?' was obvious and funny. But I could hear crickets when the presenter interviewed the road. I mean, wtf?

The scene interviewing the road professor was clever, concise and possibly the best of the film. Well written and bloody funny too.

With only a few things to tidy up, the group with the odd name, have a big future ahead of them. More please.

From the get-go we knew this lo-budget horror telegraphed the awful, fatal truth, 'We-have-no-sound-gear...'

Damn. Because if we could've heard what was being said, it would've made this compact, well researched and competent horror work.

But instead it was "allscdkjsh!" "gdbkefb", and "jfhdghf wah wah wah." and then a scream.

I can forgive the well below picture quality, (heck, shooting on an iPhone3 isn't easy) and even the night lighting was ok, but, read my lips, DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SOUND!

If your work was properly mic'ed and re-worked in post production this could've been a 3 or 4 star flick.

'These are the droids you're looking for'

Totally likeable, if a little rough around the edges, laugh flick.
I liked this a lot. Apart from the awful unsteady camera, boring framing and very questionable sound, this group of chums really did put some effort in.

"Are you going out tonight? You look like a pirates whore!'

"In what way is Titanic a comedy?" - "LDC banging a really ugly chick. Hilarious."

Clearly these guys like being together and it shows.
Perhaps a little too much ;-)

The sexy robot maid seq made my night.

A technical marvel from a group of very promising film-makers.
Crisp, clean audio (9/10) great pictures (9/10) but very lean on story development (5/10)

At times, I had to question which story I was supposed to follow...

The supposed break in and accusation, the lying friend,
the Bobby Young guy or the (quite creepy) cop character.

While this is technically competent film-making, its not going to be memorable.

Congratulations for the very pro over-the-shoulder shots, rack focusing and good, no, GREAT framing choices (the seq at the Lookout was SUPERB), but a quick re-read of the script before shooting would've seen the glaring holes in this story.

Really, who leaves a ring behind in a robbery?

EFG are bunch of roughneck filmheads with a long way to go before we can really enjoy any of their 'masterpieces'. They have ambition, drive and plenty of time to get it right, but...their work seems too rushed. No, thats not right, more like frayed or threadbare.

The EFG are young film-makers, no doubt, but doesn't cut them any slack when they're in competition with similar aged competitors like The Thunderbolt Kids, The Pow-wow Rangers or Hobo Pictures.

For this reviewer its the inherent, even required, silliness of their films that I feel is really holding them back. The thin, reedy quasi-female voice used (too often) by this group is not suitable for this competition. Frankly its just not funny. Their 2010 abomination still haunts my nightmares. Ugh.

Audio is improving, but hardly ever on target, no visual effects to be spoken of and the scripting department needs a damn good overhaul. Fellas, read a play! A book! Any of Syd Fields works on screenwriting will help or watch a good film, without popcorn and beers.

Still, the audience laughed, the Protagonist was suitably awkward and self-effacing, and the running gag ran its dash.

An improvement, but Can Do Better.

The idea was sound, if a little flakey, but the execution...well, it could have rewarded us with a significantly better body switch experience, and for AP students we could have had a very fine time of it.
I mean, these guys are film students.
Kudos for: AP for managing to put in a team this year.
Kudos for: the 'bony hand' makeup (nice trick) and
Kudos for: The green diffuse 'Leader speaking to Minion' seq
(which incidentally raised the most awkward laff of the night) but...
The Negative Zone was so flawed that no matter how many After Effects are thrown at it, nothing is going to stick here.

C'mon, we know that was an Avocado, not a grenade. Next year......


A group have a party at someones house. Well, I think its a party.

Seems more like a dialogue festival with cue cards.

There is some talent here, a room full of mature actors with worlds of wisdom, but oh, the awful, awful dialogue.


I'm happy to never see this POS film again.

Offensive from the Team Name, Title, Concept (What concept!? Its a toilet gag without the toilet)
to the lame, grossly inaccurate ending. Why kill a guy with the prop? Just lazy.

If you wanted to make enemies, you've made a damn fine start.

Lazy, pretentious, narcissistic and juvenille. Not one laugh during the whole performance.
Burger seq was cool though, but useless narratively.

To allay any fears or mis-conceptions, I'm a film-maker too. I know how much hard work goes into the shoot weekend. When I see a team blatantly produce a film without thinking about it, it irritates me.

Learn narrative structure, guys, framing and editing too.

Come back later, huh.

Likeable, but too flawed.

A superhero film? Obesity Man who steals a burger and then kicks another (salad burger!) from the hands of an innocent bystander!

The running gag, (casual/smart or business casual) was funny. And quite an agile joke too.

Monocle Man wasn't so much a nemesis, as an irritation.

Audio! Dammit. How many films are going to lost in the wind because you've failed, again, to understand the importance of being heard?!

Some funny moments, sure, but not enough to see you again.

EDITED COMMENT It sez a lot when there are no reviews of a flick...

These guys/girls have some skill, but story is not one of them though. Through all the Magic Bullet colour grading, quick flash edits and very, very average camera skills this film is an empty vapour.
A poor mash-up of the alt-mind of Fight Club and Beautiful Mind. Without any of the charm of either.

MacJay, (from their masturbating team intro to the vapid, ah-that-solves-it-all-close-up-pill-bottle-ending) seem to thumb their noses at the audience and offer them little else.
Lamest use of the prop in all of Heat 2 and the line was...well, it was used, lets just leave it at that.
And how was Bobby an ex-bully? Dropped the ball, fellas.

I just couldn't find a soul in their film. I wish it were otherwise, but it ain't.

My nights highlight.

A musical flick with a story, likeable characters, guitars and awkward flatmates.

Hamish Gavins cameo as 'damaged street bum' (too damn funny),
the metalheads vocal, the too-gay-mans' Fred Astaire, a weedy but capable leading man and a very pretty love interest ensure that this group (and theres a lot of them!) will probably be in the City Final.

There is talent here. They'd better get tickets to the Final, eh!.

I couldn't write a better review than Howakhan has.

This was a delicate operation undertaken, and while competent in your execution (if a little low tech), it was fumbled,

and damn, so obvious who did it you might as well have had a text crawl in the lower third (SHE DID IT!)

This was, in truth, a thriller, not a horror.

Ah well.

Competent stuff, well thought through. Well, mostly.

There were so many plot holes in this flawed gem, it was like they needed an extra sieve in their Cheese Roll kitchen:
Just why was the recipie so closely guarded?
Was theirs so bad that they had to steal someone elses?
If theirs was so bad, lets see the disaster!
How did they find out who had it, and just why was the guardian of the 'secret' such a dweeb?
Why was the place bugged by the cops?! Cheese Roll kitchens are not P labs!

And while in getting worked up and hungry;
Just who was the Angry-Looking Girl in the red dress and leather jacket, Ma Baker? (Pardon the pun.)

While it was the best use of the prop all night! and the audio was good, (very good), there are too many nagging questions in the way.

A highlight of the night, a story I actually liked and one I could follow, but oh! those plot holes!

Chances are we will see them at City Finals though. I overheard one of the judges saying they thought it was great! Cool.

I can see this new team getting together over a few brewskis and rolling up a new story for next year.

With the unlimited power of curled paper, an animation stand and a mighty, mighty group of smiling professionals, there was little doubt that this film had the potential to impress.

Parry & John are a power team of visual and editorial skill, Rudy Adrians music is perfect, timely and beautifully arranged. The narrator, Kerry, is a nice counterpoint to the male lead of their 2009 winner 'Charlotte'....but...and this reviewer now hesitates, haven't we seen 'this' before?

Parrys capable story telling skills reduce his need to take any serious risks. Doubtlessly, 'Mysterious Girl' is a good story, (perhaps a little circuituous at the beginning though), and it led to a satisfactory ending. Yet, as an audience, we weren't surprised or delighted. We were, (please, forgive me Mr Jones), once again reminded of how jolly good you are at what you do...telling good stories very well indeed.

An animation of this calibre is a mighty feat under the best of conditions, and 48Hours is not the best of conditions! So any production of the standards that Linemen set is a bar raised very high indeed. I congratulate Linemen in a laudable effort, a true sonnet of visual skill and a testimony to the efforts of those devoted to their craft. No doubt we'll see this at the City Finals.

I just wish I liked it a bit more.

Zombiecopter! Their name should strike fear into the hearts of lesser mortals!
A likeable bunch of scallywags with a history of delivering the goodies.

Production values are way up on previous years entries, but their audio! It was just awful.
Great lines lost in a wash of background noise. Mics just too far away from the action.

There is no doubt these fellas & felleasettes are a group of able film-makers:
Great lighting (if a little flat in some places), good production design (I really liked the interior-lit McGuffin) and capable, driven performances; but somewhere on the long journey of making this film they fell off the road.

A lot of wasted potential in this patchy, but likeable, flick.

Two North American girls, without any story motivation, decide to go travelling. But they're afraid of befalling a fate worse than death. So they hitchhike. Its like dumb & dumber without the laughs, tension or drama.

A lot of story was on the plate though, their hero meets up with the ex-bully who messed up his kid brothers life, the girls meet up with a one-night-stand, the antagonist, (a very creepy ginga), is lurkng on the edges somewhere, but its all too much on the periphery.
The potential was there, but none of it was used.

The pieces to camera were well done, even believable, but the appauling audio mix from inside the vehicle was the last straw for this reviewer.

Come back next year, please.

The evenings gore fest, and it was a good one!

A late entry, (MC said they missed by 10 seconds!) this Horror noir was a set-piece gem! Brilliant art direction, staging and practical lighting left us no doubt as which genre they were shooting for.

Great use of defunct technology to set the period and vibe. This film was coherent, disturbing and it really worked.

Squirmy moment of the night when the good Dr used a coathanger for a Trans-nasal lobotomy! On his daughter! Bloody hell!

Nice touch at the end where the Dr and his lobotomised daughter are playing 'Operation.'

I would have rated this as one of my fav's.

Ruined by a screwup in post.
LOUD sound effect of an idling diesel tuck (even when travelling!) totally separated us from the story, which, from what we could make out, was kinda cool.

The final special effects shot, ( a hand painted truck!) with flame effects, didn't fool anyone. Next year, eh.

In the meantime, fire your audio post producer.

Being an animator is a tough life choice. You spend hours and hours pushing plasticine around, under hot and infuriating conditions, never really knowing if its going to work. Kind of like being a teacher.

Imagimotion are a team who've dedicated many hours to this craft. and, worked. Kind of.

Jumpy camera like a Mexican bean.
Wildly fluctuating lighting. Very poor quality audio. Bugger.
But a purpose built sets (from plasticine & cardboard) a fun story and the audience loved the payoff.

"What have you got?"
'Ah, nothing, just your girlfriend!"

Naked, naked girlfriend on the phone too.
Picnic scene was the funnest.

A little more focus on the technicals and this group could be a welter-weight contender.

Being late didn't help this flick at all.

Even having more time to edit this deep and meaningful story didn't aid the story or development.
Aside from the dodgy greenscreening, and hard to find storyline, I felt like I was being shoved in front of someones 'morality and society are all screwed up' play.

A tough, spirited and suprisingly agile actress, Angela Lyon, and a misanthrophic cast of ne'er do wells, (Hank, you sexy cad!) couldn't save this. Purple dildo to the rescue!

Poor audio at times.

A heavy hitter.
Very well crafted and engaging film, had my attention right from the go.
Clever and artfully directed, excellent camera and good pacing kept this little gem rolling along.

The execution of the characters was impeccable.
The ex-bully, (Bobby is now a detective cop), was played well, and his sidekick played his part with professional timing. I'd like to see more of these two.

I'm a little uncertain if this group know how to shoot at night.
Some night scenes were great, and at other times, just dark fuzz.

The bust-in by the cops and the reveal of their true intent - Magic!

Very likeable and well executed flick. Audience really got it, too!

Started well, but woefully overacted by the antagonist.

The vaguely stoned bully was quite cool though.

Seriously, dude. Thats some funny shit.

A guy finds a live fly in his margarine, on the way to complain, his BX breaks down! and goes to complain, the fly steals a car and off they go to the company. For some reason as the fly and the guy stop for a paddle, and we're treated to an underwater shot from a surfboard. Then fly knocks out the douche-bag owner of the margarine company in a freeze frame ending. Poor story but funny as.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as the fly does his thing. Funny, but a bit annoying too.

The fly driving a stolen car is just hilarious!

Now this was clever.
A guy, with a bullying past, exchanges his body for a couch! so he can be more comforting and supporting. Brilliant cheese!

Shot on what appears to be multiple formats, unsuccessfully, this flawed flick was fun to watch, especially the interviews with Bobbys (too-young) parents and the company spokespeople.
Audio failed them when they needed it most though.

Great, and funny ending.

I want to see this group develop the essential skills they so desperately need.
Story writing and imagination is very good, and I'm sure they will be a force of Nature in the future, but for now, they fall short technically.

A bunch of Super Teen Detectives (STD!) catch the bad guy, but did they?

Place your bets for Best of the Bunch right now.

Bus of the Undead (what the hell does that mean, anyway?) pack a mean punch. These guys are on the steep, steep rise to fame & glory. Their fifth entry in V48, I think, and they're getting better all the time. Multiple Mothra winners keep these guys in the clover.

Crisp, never-out-of-focus camera, tight clean audio and what looks like the Big Box of professional graphics and music tracks packed into a well crafted, funny and engaging story.

Great line gags, sight gags and running jokes too! Good, no, GREAT direction, and casting.

'Call me ...' gag had the audience laughing all the way. A clearly likeable film.

Place your bets!

Tough one, guys. ANOTHER musical! But I reckon you pulled it off really well.

The tunes were cool, even catchy, and used the crisp quirky zipper and pen click idea, cool.
Lyrically fun and funny, even the auto tune for actors who couldn't sing, albeit, your mixdown as bit quiet.

Visually average, even conservative, but competent and in focus!

Loved the 'limited dance number' on the desks, audience loved the hot girl with nail polish and heels too.

1/ A superb little number from a team thats on the rise. Spoiled only by uncertain camera angles and very patchy audio.

2/ Beautiful brides dress, and bride! Casting of the priest, and the grooms dialogue was...can-do-better,
but good setting and shooting opportunities, let down by bad, bad audio and auto focus. WTF!

3/ Liked the use of Swing Dance as the fad. But, ultimately, flawed execution let this flick down.
Expect great things from this team in the future. Didn't they do animation before? Big step up & forward.