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Nicely shot. I like the characters, and the gore. It was funny and entertaining to watch. Good work.

Nicely done. I enjoyed this but I must admit that there were times when I thought it wasn't clear that they were aliens. I can totally see that ending coming though.

Awesome Z-grade! I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and it got a lot of laughs from me for sure. Helicopter scene was awesome and I loved it!

I enjoyed this film, clever wording, light and funny. I have to agree that I don't get what the connection to the title is. Overall, I loved it.

A lot of laughs on this film. I enjoyed the humour. I know it was on purpose but it felt way too claustrophobic for me, and some sequences felt disjointed.

Nicely shot. I love the colour palette. I wouldn't think of this as a 'Supernatural' genre, because it felt more 'Alien' to me, but I still really enjoyed this film. Great work.

I like the story and the interaction between the characters, and I also like that the entire film is mainly set in the elevator. But I'm not a big fan of the music.

Great story, love the twist. The sound issue bothered me a lot, but I understand the challenge shooting at the beach. I wish the compulsory female character was more present.

This got me laughing so hard. I love this film, really loving the humour and the conversation between the characters. This is a great film as a whole and has great use of the elements. Very entertaining to watch and in my opinion is one of the strong films in the heat.

I didn't actually understand what was going on because of the audio level and it was hard to hear. The film has some really nice visuals though.

This film got a lot of laugh from me, and I love the budget robotic style. I thought this was cleverly done and has a good story. Some shots are a little too dark in my opinion, but overall I enjoyed this film very much.

Love it! I enjoyed this from beginning to end, clever use of the genre and elements. I love the humour too. This was a strong film as a whole and it was very entertaining to watch. Well done.

Good story, but it unfolds a little on the slow pace, I didn't feel tension building where there should be, and I feel that the ending wasn't as strong as it could be.

This was a fun film to watch. Love the costumes and the settings. I enjoy the humour and the story. The audio is noisy though, but I appreciate that it was probably quite challenging to deal with the background noise where they were. Overall I really enjoyed this entertaining film and it gave me a good laugh.

Love the awkwardness between the two characters, the creepy factor and the tension build was done very nicely. Not a fan of the lighting, and looks like the picture was a bit soft on some parts of the film for an extended period of time, but I like the film as a whole, and I like the ending.

Some lovely shots in this film, and I understand the tension that it's trying to build, but it didn't quite get there for me, I like the ending and the use of those closeups, and use of shadows was clever too.

I like the way the characters communicate, but I feel the story is disjointed and I couldn't make sense of it. But I like the drone footage at the start, smooth and strong.

Love the visuals. Beautiful drone footage, and the colour palette used looks great as well. But the story is a little on the weak side, and I struggled to form a connection with the character, I feel that it could be fleshed out more - especially that this film was well under the time limit - and give the audience time to connect and understand more of what's going on.

I really enjoyed this film, it's funny, nicely paced, and well shot. I think the Christmas element could be brought in earlier during the film before presenting it at the end, because it didn't feel like a Christmas film, however I do get the frustration and effort that goes into getting that perfect gift which normally happens when Christmas shopping. Well done :) Loved it, and it's a strong start to the heat.

I like the use of bread and the pov, but I wish there were more to the story.
Good effort from the team :)

Love the sound design.

I found that there were a few shots that lingered a little too long (or not needed). But, I like the tension at the end, and this film made me squirm with the finger cutting scene.

Love this film and it made me go "aaaw" and laugh in a lot of places during the screening. The film was beautifully shot and put together. Very cute too. Really wished the end credits played back smoothly, because it looked impressive!

Great film. I enjoyed the lead's strong performance, and also enjoyed the format of this film (video diary), however, to me it felt a bit flat somewhere in the middle. I really appreciate the camera work as the set was quite plain. A couple of the things that bugged me in the film were the part where the main character spelled out that Harper was thoughtless, and the injection sequence (the first thing I noticed was the fact that there was air in the syringe - the character would be dead if that really got injected into him). Love the revelation and the ending though. Overall, it was a good and fun film to watch :)

Once I understood the use of genre, I thought it was very clever. The film was well shot for most of it, and sounded good as well, however, I do find the story to be progressing a bit slow for my liking. But overall, I thought this deserve to get #1 or at least #2 on the audience favourite as it was a very clever film.

Nicely shot for most part, great acting, I like the use of the line of dialogue too. I quite like the story, but I feel the ending doesn't really do it for me. The biggest let down was the sound. I wished these guys have more time to polish the sound, and it would have been stunning.