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Title: Currie Street Creatives director. Goal: Make you laugh. Reality: Leave you hungry for a pie.


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What a hilarious introduction and reveal. Humour aside, this team did quite well utilising what was available to them to make the most of their story. The editing was clever. Great work.

I loved the originality of this film! I laughed quite a lot. This team is very clever with their scripts - always a surprise. And great humour as well. The special effects were impressive. Keep it up, team.

I really loved the narration and the cinematography. Its not a Taranaki 48 Hours without Bread & Butter Productions. I would have liked to see the shots hang around a bit longer. There was a bit too much movement that turned more into a distraction and disrupted the story. Other than that, really well done! Always love what this team produce.

I LOVED this film SO much. I was blown away by what Hannah put together on her own in 48 hours. That alone is quite an achievement. But then you add the animation, the story, and the song! Oh my word. This is one I cannot wait to share with all my girlfriends. I haven't seen a 48 hour film that made me laugh this much. I believe I had tears. Wonderful work, Hannah. Keep it up.

What a funny, original story! I thoroughly enjoyed the script and the acting. I laughed quite a bit. This is a team to look out for!

Beautiful cinematography. I loved the music. I really enjoyed the storytelling without words. Beautiful! The storyline was slightly vague and some of the shots held a bit too long. Would have been amazing with some more varietal shots, close-ups, emotions in the face. Otherwise, really well done. Looking forward to next year's!

Watch out world - Through the lens is on their way! This team surprised everyone last year and this year, did not disappoint with this humorous love story for the ages. Incredible makeup! Well done! And great to see the team step out and attempt something new with the animation. I expect this film to do well.

Such a silly film! I was delightfully surprised by the main actor and her hilarious dance moves in the end. Great use of the overhead shot and wonderful venue opportunity. I was expecting a bit more dance or musical as it were the genre, but did quite enjoy the ending choreography.

Quite a funny film about friendship and making it big in the music industry with a wonderfully cheesy ending. Was a bit lost for a while on what was going on. I think the team tried to cram in as many funny moments without considering their storytelling should carry an audience seamlessly through. However it all came together toward the end and I had a good chuckle. Look forward to more films from this team! Lots of potential here.

Wonderful story and use of cutaways to quickly tell what easily could have been a full-length feature film. I was really looking forward to seeing this film and Spacies Crew did not disappoint! Wonderful acting and cinematography. There were a few moments with poor audio but this may have been the venue as it had happened in a few other films. I expect this film will do very well! Great work.

Such a shame this film didn't make it in time for turn in, because it is such a laugh! This team had such a difficult task to make a split screen musical but they really pulled it off with their own style. Quite humorous with clever lyrics. Would have liked to have seen a 50/50 split screen. Overall this was fabulous. Fingers crossed for Best Disqualified!