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Really impressed with this cute monster love story. The voice acting felt really authentic. Very charming dark comedy.

Good looking, well-paced, unconventional short film. It was a bit of a stressful watch at times, but I really didn't see the ending come. The filmmakers certainly have a handle on their dark, comedic, tension.

Simple, but well-executed concept. One of the funniest films in the heat for sure! It was also impressive how much they managed to pull off with just an iphone (I can imagine this becoming an ultra challenge in future years)

Looked like you guys had a lot of fun making this film! I enjoyed the different high school clique parodies, especially the when the Goth group emerged after sensing the hero's "pain".

Fun concept. Real cute acting and direction. This was a well-paced short that had a lot of people laughing, good work Lunch Club!

Audio quality wasn't great, but I really enjoyed the idea. Being stuck in an impossible to win video game got a fair amount of laughs from the audience. Would have been nice if it was a little bit longer, or developed into a larger story.

Beautifully shot. Slick editing. Great naturalistic performances and good directing. I loved the lead actress. She played a strong, but also vulnerable protagonist, and I felt she carried the film.

The Devil vs Angel showdown was definitely the highlight of this film. Unfortunately I found it a little hard to follow a lot of the lyrics and subsequently, the plot.

Looked like you guys had a lot of fun making it though!

Every time I laughed, a little piece of me died from guilt. When making jokes about incest, you're pretty much going to lose half your audience right from the get go.

Some great performances from the parents. The dad in particular, was hilarious. You could tell that everyone involved threw themselves into this idea. A few technical issues, but I managed to follow most of what was going on.

With a tighter script and stronger direction, this could have worked... Maybe... But hey, they got a response. And that's the most important thing.

Fantastic premise. I really liked the quirky direction. With a tighter script and faster pacing, this could have been a really unique time-travel piece.

I wasn't a fan of the title cards to be honest. They just seemed to break up the action, and didn't feel right genre-wise. Perhaps a narrator would have given the story a stronger direction.

Fortunately the film had enough gags to maintain our attention until the end.

Right from the get go, I was quite excited for this puppetry piece. It's something you don't often see in the 48, and when done well it can portray a rather unique perspective. I think this film started off quite strong, but ended up getting lost in it's own story. The narration needed a little more energy I thought, as did the whole film. A little too slow paced for my liking.

Still, you guys took a gamble in trying something different and good on you for doing so. A really brave effort guys.

I'm not sure how intentional it was, but I found this film hilarious. Good work guys. This film was very much in the spirit of 48 hours. Perhaps if they had played up the absurdity of it all, it may have created more laughs and been a stronger film on the whole.

A hilarious concept. Some brilliant acting. I did find it little exhausting. The film didn't really seem to go anywhere until the end. Still, they were bang on with their genre. It was definitely obsessive.

I really enjoyed this film, and I was disappointed that it was disqualified. After seeing so many dark and violent movies in our heat, I found this a breath of fresh air.
It was a simple story. Beautifully shot and filled with many believable performances. Notably the girls speech at the end. It was the kind of dialogue very few actors could pull off, and she did.

Great work guys!

I thought the POV shots in this film were done really well. Acting wasn't too bad either. I didn't really understand what was going on, but I still enjoyed it.

The split-screen visuals were cool, and I liked some of the cinematography. The lack of music and diegetic sound left the film feeling a little empty, but otherwise a good effort.

This film was a good concept. I thought it kicked off with a really strong start. The robot squirrel was hilarious. However, it did seem to drag a little in the middle. I could see where it was going, it just took a while to get there. Perhaps a different ending would have made this film stronger. The death felt like a bit of a cop out. But still, I enjoyed this short very much and so did the audience. A very good attempt at the robot/android genre.

This film showed a lot of promise. The concept was simple and clever. The lead character was a humorous mixture of quirky and deadpan. Pacing was a little slow at times, the film needed stronger execution. With a little more experience this film could have been quite the contender. I hope these guys stick at it, because in a couple years they're going to be really good.

I liked this film. It had some good ideas, and some strong acting in parts. However, it was a little tricky to follow at times.
In my opinion, the converging storyline genre was one of the hardest this year, but Russian Doll gave it a pretty good go. Well done guys.

Hilarious! The film was nicely shot and well edited. There were wonderful performances from both the leads, and the script had a quirky flare to it. The audience loved it.

Ridiculous, dramatic and a good parody of the genre. Blood effects were over the top and hilarious. I enjoyed this one.

Good effort for a first time. Had some funny moments.

This film was probably the best of the heat. Clever, quirky, original idea. Lovable characters and perfect for the 48 hour genre.

Well shot and had a good arrangement of music to back it up. Ending felt a little off. Perhaps if we had seen more development into our two masked fiends, then it may have made more sense.

Thought this was hilarious. Acting was good and idea was simple. Good film.

I had a good laugh watching this one. I thought the film had a wonderful energy to it. Would have been nice to have more coverage during the final scene, but hey, it's 48 hours. Who has time?

Thought this was a great idea from a team that was still quite new to the film making business. Unfortunately a film in reverse means dialogue feels pointless. Perhaps if there had been subtitles, then these supernatural events may have been clearer, and more engaging.

Was a little confused by this one. The flashbacks didn't really seem to do anything for the film, and I almost forgot this was an "End of World" genre.

However it did have a few funny gags, and some interesting shot ideas.

Interesting idea. I thought the bad acting actually worked in this films favour. I found it quite comical seeing the two mains so nonchalant about being kidnapped by a driverless car.