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A nice idea with a few technical issues that catch us all out under the pressure of 48 Hours. Didn't quite hit the mark as a gross-out comedy but certainly saw some mileage in the idea, and a lovely use of the kids to charm us all.

Something didn't quite hit home with me for the ending so I'm really split on this one. But it looked fantastic with the camera work, the colours and the sharp editing. The acting was great from everyone and I liked the overall idea. Still a highlight from the heat.

Ultimately I couldn't get Monty Python's Holy Grail out of my head so it felt less original, but very enjoyable to watch with great homages to the 80s (my era!). Sharp photography and a fabulous end shot of recording the soundtrack which was so typical of the era.

It's really hard to do a musical in 5 minutes and I largely agree with all the other comments made - certainly enjoyed the radio exchange. I would have liked to see more focus on the husband's change in attitude because I think really the film is about him.

Really enjoyed this one - it looked great, had solid acting and I like single-location short films that rely on dialogue. I think you set it up well with the script and I don't think you needed the cheap-laughs as it was creative enough with the guy just generally being a dope!

Some nice set-up scenes with the guy getting ready, and I enjoyed the usual awkward dilemma of buying condoms. I found it a little slow to the punchline, and this was unexpected as you'd established things well. I think you could have done even more with that final scene to really get big laughs, but overall it was solid and enjoyable to watch.

Technically solid and simply (i.e. effectively) done. The twist was well signposted early so was not a surprise, and it was quite slow and limited in a single room. But I did love that we realise the murder actually hadn't happened yet and therefore everything up to that point was the staging. [Spoiler alert! Oh, too late...!]

What a lovely film this was - your lead carried the film so well and the story was clear and on-point. The technical errors of sound, lighting and focus unfortunately distract from what is ultimately a charming film.

This looked fabulous, beautiful cinematography and I loved it when the split screens aligned up, or the camera movement between the splits. I get that this is something about split personalities but when it ended I wasn't really sure what we were actually learning about the character. I wonder if, had the rules not been 100% split, you'd have merged the final image together to bring the character back to whole?

It looked great with sharp cinematography and clear sound. Well acted, but I didn't pick up on the gross out element of the story. A confused ending was a shame as there was clearly a lot of potential here.

It looked amazing,but I personally didn't get the story at all. The long landing of the plane was very out of place. Beautiful photography.

The story was quite weak and I had little sense of a Race Against The Clock. However, there wasBrilliant cinematography and editing made this a lovely film to watch.

A little too crazy for me and the actual plot line a little thin, but some nice mocking of mainstream man-at-computer clichés which I enjoyed a lot.

Very nicely photographed, and the idea was sound as long as you knew it was an “immobalised” movie – I’m not sure it would stand alone. The repetition was a little too repetitive (!), but a very effective use of the dialogue line at the end.

The cinematography was bright, sharp and clear and stood out compared to the rest of the DSLR films we had seen. However, over 7 minutes those shots became limited and so some other angles would have added to pace. However, great acting, and a good twist at the end which made you go ‘aaahhhh!’.

Started quite slow and formulaic but gathered to a really nice pace and some good photography. The twist was obvious once we got into the woods but not telegraphed up to that point so was still a good end. Overall a real solid movie and a highlight of the heat for me.

Some nice acting, some nice lines and a satisfying ending. Some focusing issues detracted a little and you could have made more of the converge point, but an enjoyable film.

Some nice acting here (appropriately wooden!), and it was strong enough that I don’t think you needed the captioning to lead your audience. The story was heading to end towards a cliché, but your end twisted nicely away from the obvious and was very enjoyable to watch.

And I appreciate you steering well clear of cheap machine-related-sex-gags!!

Started very nicely and with some good humour, but as the lip synching was lost and you veered into cliché, it faded from the middle. However, some good laughs along the way and must have been fun to do.

A reasonable twist at the end that you could have hinted at during the build up for greater effect, but some good action scenes in the build up. The visual effects came across as comedic which seemed contrary to the films more serious tone. Had some good potential.

A bit drawn out. I’m sure I missed something as I’m afraid I didn’t follow this story at all.

This started out with all the signs of a cliché deaf ‘silent’ movie, but it was very nicely shot and turned into a well crafted story cleverly using the text message idea. A definite stand-out for me.

Too weird for me, sorry, and the sound quality meant I missed some lines. However, you clearly had a blast making it and that’s the key for 48 Hours!