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I really enjoyed this, as I am a big fan of puns. However, I think the story should have perhaps been kept a bit more simple. I think having the 'fad' be just about punning would have been awesome (but that's probably just me). The conversation starter adjudicator guy at the party was a great addition. Great script, overall - some pretty clever stuff!

The use of 'ex' bully meaning that he bullies his exes was just brilliant. I really enjoyed the performances by the two lead males but I thought some of the group scenes were a bit clunky.

I would have liked to have seen a less close-up shot of the moment where the male protagonist thinks he has the sword...then doesn't... but keeps trying to stab Bobby anyway. I just wanted to see more of that, because it was a great moment.

Costuming was pretty good, but I would have re-thought the use of the bonnets on the women indoors, as they hid their faces a lot and made things look a bit messy. Also, with the effort that went into costuming, I feel like some more effort should have been made with the hair of the girls, in particular.

I thought this was pretty well-executed and it was a shame it was disqualified.

I liked the way the ending turned itself on its head - it was a pretty classic twist and well done.

However, I would have found it a bit more interesting to see a silent film played against type a bit - for example having some more subtle performances instead of the OTT old-style. Would have given a slightly different take on the classic silent film and perhaps made it a bit more compelling watching.

My favourite part was the 'ex-bully' aspect, where Bobbi pulls out her old box of school stuff, filled with slingshots and books on bullying techniques. Conveyed the 'ex' aspect wonderfully.

A simple quest movie, but oh - they did well with what I think is a difficult genre... My only niggle would be the old 'get the required 48 hour elements out of the way in the first 30 seconds'. I feel like more effort should go into incorporating the elements and this film had the weakest use of them in the heat.

Having said that, when the film cracked into it, the little beard wandering off and having a play on the playground equipment just made me laugh so hard. The stop-motion would have taken quite some doing and I thought this team did a beautiful job. I also enjoyed how the bundle of hair got smaller as it moulted all over town.

I didn't think the acting was all that great, but it was secondary to the beard, which was the star of this film. I disagree with one of the other reviewers, I think the reunion with the beard at the end was made that much more fantastic by the way the cut hair was just disgustingly stuck to his face. Gorgeous!

This film started very strongly. Loved the 'hacking' sequence at the start. Felt like there were a few plot lines that didn't really go anywhere, though - like the 'stalking' of the girl (it wasn't clear which one he was actually videoing) and Kelly's 'stalking' of the main guy.

The line in the lift after the bully's amateurish jibe ('that doesn't even make sense') was beautifully delivered and the male protagonist was very watchable on screen.

Thought the 'girl fight' at the end wasn't very well-executed, but I liked the way it ended, overall. Also enjoyed the interpretation of 'ex-bully'...

I would have found a way to dispense with the long-winded and somewhat wanky voice-over. As another reviewer has stated, it caused the watcher to think there was a 'moral' of some sort, which wasn't actually forthcoming.

Having said that, this was a pretty good film, with consistent acting throughout. I liked the interpretation of the 'body switch' genre - think this team did very well with it. I kind of wanted to see the POV change to that of each character in turn as George started to see the day from their perspective.

I really liked the device of focusing on each of the objects that prompted a memory of each part of the day. That was very well done.

The moment between George and the girl at the end was very genuine - beautifully awkward and a bit stilted, just like real life.

Pretty enjoyable - some very funny moments. Didn't hang together too well for me, but it certainly embodies the spirit of the competition.

One of those films that starts out and you go.. wtf? And then as it goes on, you still don't know what's happening but you don't care anymore.

I concur with everyone who commented on the 'paramedic'd' line. Comedy gold.

I had real trouble with this film. The highlight was the acting by 'Bobby the fantail', but overall I found the dialogue clunky and laboured. The audience were hammered over the head with the 'bird' metaphor, which ended up a bit rambling and confused.

Also, the filming while obviously walking backwards in front of the two characters was jerky and jarring.

I felt that the shots which showed the city clearly in the background prevented any sense of isolation that might have been created to assist the story. Perhaps more of it should have been shot up on the bush track.

I loved this film. Thought there was some fantastic acting from both of the main guys - particularly 'Captain Confidence' himself.

Pushed some boundaries in terms of taste (ie abuse of a wheelchair-bound former teacher) but it worked for me, overall.

The moment Captain Confidence first found his stride and threw sugar in the face of his former tormentor stands out as the highlight of this heat, in my view!

I thought the musical aspect was lacking, with one quite average song being the only real nod to the 'musical' genre.

Nice idea but I kept wondering whether it was almost better suited to the 'one-room' genre - two soldiers in a bunker before heading off 'over the top'. The farm gate in the background somewhat detracted from the 'battlefield' they were trying to establish.

Some great acting from the blokes, though - particularly Bobby.

I really enjoyed this little silent film. There were a couple of inspired moments (the fart-hat and the transformation of the wire flower), but I felt that it got a bit muddly in the middle. I would have just kept it quite short, to maintain its sweetness.