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Cool idea! Started out strong.
For a while there I was convinced that you had made a short, finished it, and then decided that the Behind-The-Scenes you had also made was better and gone with that. The classic "writer writes a novel about a writer who has writer's block" but about the 48! Then it got dark and spoopy and I'm looking forward to the sequel!

Great shot on stopwatch at the start! From there, a fun, spooky concept :)

Okay, here are my notes from the heat:
"Colour blues nice. Long-take impressive with framing. Some very good camera work. Intriguing story had me hooked! Plants awesome [which I think at the time meant "convincing and not overdone, excellent!"]."

Opening pan, loved it. Fun concept, fun execution :)

Effective sound design. Some gain differences between clips but cool. Nice audio transitions.
Really liked the underwater cutaways and shots in the pool scene.
Colour muted, nice music.

One thing that really stood out for me was the lighting at the party location - shot at night, I couldn't see any ISO noise and everything seemed to have a lot of detail retained. Very well done there :)

I really enjoyed the crash zooms when stuff starts talking about itself towards the end of the film - great stuff.

Very nice colour - desaturated and cinematic. Fantastic lighting during the stake-out scene - absolutely stellar. Some truly great camera work :)

Easily one of the top contenders this year - everything about this is fantastic!

Nice shots, and very good VFX in that car, given the time limit :)

Cool opening scene. Groovy cuts and 90's procedural cop show aesthetic for a while there. Some really great cinematography. Makeup great too.

Funny. Camp. :)

Very fun concept. Love the bad Steve Irwin impressions. Very effective cringe movie, well done team

Nice camera work and framing, especially at the start in the house. I enjoyed the dairy scene with the unsettling use of focus - stabilizer was a little janky but hey, they're hard to operate!
Liked the dark, moody grade that was there from beginning to middle.
Liked the audio transitions.
Liked the overhead shot.

Okay, here are my shorthand notes from the heats:

"Strong opening shot. Aspect ratio A+. Grade A+. Sound design! Great sense of tension and pacing. Fantastic wides despite square aspect ration (how??!). Decent close-ups. Didn't quite get it - am I too dumb for this?"

Loved it, team. Keem 'em comin!

Mormon repetition was very fun, and the story was fun overall :)

Couple of bits where the colour needed more attention (some blues that exist near the train station in some shots but not in others). Some bits that could have been masked such as the background bridge cars. Otherwise, pretty good.

I edited this film, so, these are my mistakes ;)

Nice stabilized tracking - very nicely done. Cool colour separation and use of orange and complementary blue - common enough these days, but looks absolutely fantastic here.
Great camera work in general. Fun concept :)

Good narration voice. Interesting sc-fi concept!
Thought the hungry tummy noises were very gross, which on the one hand made me think some nasty poos were on the way, but on the other were just really enjoyable. The water-soaked bit was a great laugh.

Liked the cool trucking shot.
Short, simple, I love it!

Enjoyed the use of the cool cow shed location, and I liked the convincing day-to-night colour grade when our heroes nap.

Loved the firework projectiles and the wrecked car! That's some dank production design haha. I also enjoyed the teleporting redneck at the end :)

Nice, convincing gunshots with audio very well placed in the mix. Loved the convincing creepy basement and light flickering - very cool.
The tone was fantastic. The premise is so dark and moody, but none of the characters seem to take any of it seriously - love it!

Nice! I liked some of the costume and makeup - especially the goth-looking feller and the chad. Had some fun dating stereotypes. Loved the "what's that smell?" "that's the effluent pond" dialogue delivery.

Certainly a wild one! Very much enjoyed a lot of individual aspects. The costuming was very fun - inspired by some blatant copyright infringement (which is, in my opinion, very metal)
The Fortnite dances, the swear bleeps, the meta wind: Amazing.

Everything Steppenwolf said.

Additionally, I felt that this film did everything that it sought out to do perfectly and my only critique is that the acting, particularly towards the end to give game-streamer guy a bit more character, was a bit poo. VFX were solid. Props were solid. Characters were fun as. Well done.


When two young women struggle to confront their lazy and unceremonious flatmate, they are forced to turn to alternative measures.

I always like when the monster in a story is a human person, and while I would like to believe that people like this guy don't exist, the inspiration for his character had to come from somewhere! I found the story of this one to be a little bit erratic, and some scenes (e.g. the morph-suit man on the bed) had me a bit confused, but the overall story was quite fun. Makeup was solid. Lighting was solid. Acting was meh but that's the 48!


When an internet celebrity gets a new boyfriend, her follower numbers soar. If only he loved her as much as he loved his car!

Anti-RomCom to a T. This modern story is a fun take on today's internet society - satirising the vacuous, shallow kinds of people that are popular online. I found the two-dimensional characters and simple story a delight for this genre, and felt that it fit perfectly into the time limit of the competition. That said, I would have liked to have had more examples of the boyfriend's interests getting in the way of Kaitlyn's internet career. I think that that would have helped her snapping on him seem more sensible and not so out-of-nowhere.
The documentary style fit great, and the moderate-to-good acting helped to sell it. I enjoyed a lot of the shots and found the filming of crew members for the boyfriend's car shoots really funny, especially the camera/boom operator at the end.


Edit: saw another review that mentioned the physical acting. I hadn't even thought to weigh that in! Raised the star rating by one. Bloody good job, Liam.

A hunter-gatherer living in the wild finds a ringing smart-phone and, curious as to the device's nature, takes it back to his modest camp to investigate.

I liked the premise. A technological not-knower faced by a curios device is eventually hunted by people looking for its owner. Genre-wise, the balance of suspense and excitement was definitely there. I think the plot could have been expanded to show where the owner of the mobile had gone, as while I was given a strong sense of anticipation, there was no payoff. Beyond that, I liked many of the shots and scenes, especially with the 'savage' in his element. I enjoyed the guitar in the soundscape and felt that it helped to set it apart from films with largely no-copyright files from the internet. Admittedly, it felt better suited to the calm scenes than the thrilling ones, so I think there could have been an alternative style in those areas.
The outfit of the 'savage' I found confusing. It is quite modern, but it's torn up. It suggests to me that either little thought was put into costume, or, there was a backstory element that was not included in the film.

Overall, I enjoyed it. 4/7