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Location was awesome. Good too see an international team involved. I'm not sure if the funny moments were meant to be intentional, but the red haired man got a lot of laughs from literally doing nothing at all. Was very melodramatic, which made it entertaining. Good job guys.

I also didn't get the ending, but it was a lovely film so a shame that it was disqualified. Non-dialogue doesn't mean no sound at all, so i thought maybe some ambiant and sound effects mixed with the overlaying music might have been nice as it felt a little bit like a music video. I liked that you didn't just use the notepad for the required line, but added a little bit more context to the notepad. Well done.

This was a funny film. The dialogue made it. The sheep shot was hilarious, and very unexpected. Had some really nice shots too. Well done guys.

This was hands down my favorite film on this heat. Was really entertaining, and had some great gags. Both the lead actor and actress were superb, what a great performance by both. The end I actually liked, it looked like it was meant to be anti climatical. I liked the development of the insomniac idea. Really well done, I'd love to see it again.

The soundtrack was great, and i liked how the whole thing had an strange innuendo. I wasn't too sure of what order the events were meant to be in, i didn't quite know what was happening. The ending was nice, as we finally got to see what the crime was.

Unfortunately I had no idea what was going on here. I couldn't read the fortune cookies, and the black and white was nice but it was a little too dull for my liking. I thought you had a clever idea making the horror psychological, but it didn't quite make sense. Good effort though.