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I really enjoyed this film. Was definitely a stand out to me from heat 9. This was beautifully shot and edited and genuinely gripping. Looking forward to watching again.

Your film was beautifully executed. Amazing acting, production values and set. The pacing was good but would like to have seen a little more payoff with the ending. Great job!

I'm gutted for you guys that you were late with this film but at least you got to see the super positive audience response. Your production values were high but maybe a little too ambitious given the time frame. Acting was great and script was very well written with some simple but humorous dialogue. Keep it up next year. You'll smash it.

Loved the creativity and pure effort that went into this film. The fact that you guys committed full heartedly to ultra by using real children AND real animals is admirable. Costumes and set design were imaginative and impressive. It's always clear from your films that you guys have so much fun. Good work teeeeam.