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Nice use of locations, and the plot developed nicely, finishing up with a superb shock ending - I don't think anyone was expecting that! Could have used some more creative shots/editing, but overall a highly enjoyable watch :)

Hilarious film, and got a great crowd reaction. Excellent dialogue, but a little too much shaky cam. "Camera boy" lines were top notch.

Started off fantastically - the lighting of the opening shots in the apartment was perfect and the story developed at a nice pace. As others have said, the second half of the movie let you down somewhat, but overall it was highly enjoyable and a great idea for a horror. Best of luck next year!

Awesome actors, nicely shot and edited. Story line might have needed a little extra oomph, but regardless I was surprised that it didn't make top 3 in the audience votes!

Some nicely framed and lit shots, and a great lead actor. Nice way to kick off the heats, very well done for a team of such a small size.