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The protagonist in this film gave a performance rarely achieved in a 48 hour film, bravo.

What was evident from the reactions of the crowd in attendance, is that this film was a powerful roller coaster of emotion. Seriously funny one moment, crushingly despair the next.

The Audience Award for me was well justified, and the story and execution of a Race Against The Clock Film was expressed with originality, wit and a fearlessness we have come to expect from Team Crankleskank.

A 48 hour film with real promise.

Nice editing and V/O. Personally I enjoy 'real movies' and not stop motion. Fantasy adventure this certainly ticked the box though seemed all a little to easy for me. Good solid effort definitely had a few laughs

Delsur certainly know how to make a film but with a credits list like that you would expect such. Awesome opening to the film and slick production values. Some good acting and nice pace but I felt the production values may have taken a little away from the story. Great work by the main characters though holding it all together.

Nice film again from the team at DERP. Excellent use of a tough genre. Entertaining, quirky and some great effects work. This is a good team and they always have a fresh take on 48 hours. Enjoyed :)

Really enjoyed this film. Great structure, and use of intro/ending idea was great. Simple, funny and an easy story to follow with good use of elements (genre, prop, line etc). Nice pacing and character arc, excellent acting and production work, very professional. Good effort again from this team.

Enjoyable and definatly had it's moments. Fun production to watch.

A good effort and quite cute. I found it to be a little clunky though.

Unfortunately the "A" cut of this film with grade, VFX, retiming and missing titles etc was 20 seconds late to hand in.
What you see in competition is just the rough "B" cut which was also finished.
The A cut is quite outstanding and address's some of the valid points made here. Great work