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Filmmake. Director of Coverge, A film part of HP 48 Hours 2017.


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What an awesome film! The song is amazing and made me laugh all the way through the city finals. A very memorable film, well done guys!

Really good work on the animation, Loved the sweet and simple storyline which was funny and a little disturbing ;) Good work guys :)

Nice use of your actors ;) I really liked how serious you took it and how well this was accomplished and reflected. Possibly some more locations will add more intrest, otherwise really good work!

Intresting use of narration. I didn't see a smash cut though, mistake me if I am wrong. Possibly next time expand your story and be a bit more creative! Well done anyways :)

One of my favourites from tonight! Acting was nice and the simple storyline was funny and very effective. There were some audio sync issues I saw but apart from this you deserve the first place you got! Well Done

Nice work guys. Really like the humour used and the shots looked nice. The blue blood was also a nice touch! Maybe next time work with sound, especially any wind sounds, try to remove. Overall good work!