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Ridiculous Tim. I love how you challenged yourself by just creating the most impossible situation to make a film.
No reception, next to zero crew, your ma ditches you.. oh and then you get 'star crossed lovers'.
And yet, you nailed it.

All I'm saying is if you missed this, damn you are unlucky.

It had me in stitches most of the film and I hope it does get leaked due to this heat being it's only ever ever viewing...
... the world should/needs to see this number.

Yo. Just going to say it, but I hope you win or at least go to nationals... I would just love to see more of your work.
I'm not really a review gal so bear with!
So first up, completely nailed genre- an absolutely poetic and breathtaking film. I couldn't believe I was watching something made in 48 hours...
Your camera movement, cuts, transitions, set design, score, and your actors... just fit so seamlessly together.
I loved that you made us kinda giggle a little, but as you continued to show us more, it hit me, you uncovered an undertone of something that felt so real.
You choose to show venerability through a 48 hour piece using dance and I totally digged it.
Just wow guys..