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This awesome little film! Above par in every aspect but more than that it is cleverly written, wonderfully acted and beautifully shot. Very impressive guys!

Clever title, even cleverer writing. Very solid, enjoyable performances without exception by the actors. Nicely shot, great use of genre and my favourite use of the prop in this heat (quick and unobstrusive). I was disappointed how the ending was milked though and agree that the freeze frame should have been at the point of impact. Give the audience the benefit of the doubt and let us imagine our own poo-tastrophe. Nonetheless, my second favourite of the heat.

Refreshingly, this film didn't shy away from having an opinion and hit the musical genre while steering clear of the worst clishes. The music and song-writing were hands down fantastic, the whole concept entertaining and the lyrics made me laugh very hard! I also wouldn't go as far as saying that the film didn't have a story. The story was in the subversion of the US-critical Kiwi characters through the, ahem, 'truths' presented to them in Bobby Youngs song. The lack of interesting shots is a fair point to make but I was entertained enough not to mind. My favourite of the night.

Good acting by the lead actors, fun animation that didn't take itself too seriously and a fun set up for the story. I must admit that I expected the young guy to get back at the magician and felt the whole 'You broke my gag order!' thing was a bit blah. However, the execution of the quest for revenge was highly entertaining and the massive sound issues were just really unfortunate.

'Poopies!' and 'Mummy can you sow my head up?' were definitely the lines of the night. Must admit that I forgot about this film though. I think that while the story and execution were quite funny and the gore hilarious, the script lacked pacing and a sense of urgency. The little girl was great and the rest of the acting certainly above par for 48hrs.

Up until the point where Bobby Young's identity is revealed this was a beautiful little film. The rest disappointed. The male lead and the try-hard ending ruined it a bit for me. During the scene of the big reveal, the Bobby Young actor gave absolutely nothing and completely ruined the turning point of the film. The only thing that made it worse was the 'shocker' ending, unimaginative and a cop-out. The lead actress was fantastic (chapeau!) and the cinematography in many places superb (that shot through the kitchen window!!!). My fourth favourite film of the heat.

Good premise, good use of genre but failed to grab me in any way.

I loved the opening shots of this film! The main actor was great and a joy to watch and the rest of the cast wasn't half-bad either. It was refreshing to see a team attempting to make a road movie without involving a car. Genere wise a good effort but didn't quite get there for me. The cinematography and soundtrack were lovely and the use of planking got the laughs of the night. One of my audience votes of the heat.

Best worst fight scene EVER! Not great film-making but certainly entertaining, funny and with lovely characters.

Started out promising but lost me pretty early on. In the end, it was a genre fail, a story-telling fail, and not exactly memorable. My least favourite film of the heat.

A good script with a lot of potential. Unfortunately the terrible acting, despite making the film (perhaps unintentionally) funny, and the shaky cinematography didn't quite cut it for me. On a more general note, how many more prostitute murder victims and deceiving demon women do we need to see?