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I'm a film maker. I love movies and I like to win the Oscars one day :)


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Very good videography. Loved the camera work.

Fantastic execution of a very difficult genre. Well done.

Good job. You have to work on sound recording skills on set, and most importantly story structure. over all good work and wish you all the best in your future movies.

I give you 8/10 because of the story. very funny. I liked the acting, it was like a birthday party. are you guys part of an English college ?

Funny movie. I liked the acting. Sound wasn't ok but I guess it was the theatre. After all I think it was one of the best ones in heat 5.

The story actually wasn't bad. Cyber punk is very hard to do in 48 hours if not impossible. The effects were OK, actress was smiling all the time. Pictures were good but music too loud for the voice.

One of my favorite movies of the night, good school effort. Loved the tower scene :-) keep up the good work young Jedi. May the force be with you

Best picture/supporting actor of the night. The story wasn't my favorite.

It was badly made but it was super funny. I think the writer is amazing but the director needs to learn a lot about shots and editor needs to work harder too. The over all was good laugh. Thanks for the movie

It was cute, but it was suppose to be one SHOT movie :))

It was my favorite. it has everything in it. End of the world for the one person who wants to kill himself ?! Brilliant idea !!! your nicky brick was the unluckiest ever ! loved the BOXER at the beginning. it was all good.

I like the effects and I like the execution. But it was something off about the image quality and color grading, as like part of it was shot before the competition. The Genre didn't fit either, I couldn't see the urban legend there.
As I said the color difference in hospital scene and the other three shots was so different.
I like the action tho. very cool slow motion effects.