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someone please remind me what this one was about!

This was a wild ride, a true 48-hour classic in the 'what the f**k just happened?' category. I wasn't bored though :)

Good effort shooting outdoor dining in the rain! 'Fuckboy' peeing out of the window was a great character introduction, made me really feel for Jane(?). I kind of got the idea she was courting her own grandfather though, which made it a bit icky :)

A fairly predictable, but very enjoyable film. Loved the grandma!

An ambitiously large story fit into 5 minutes. This one had real tenderness and a heart warming quality to it. The dad's ghost / epiphany scene in the middle was very abrupt and the resulting character change quite hilarious, but it worked in its own style. The door knob lingo was a nice touch.

A solid story that didn't stall or stumble and finished strong. Nothing much to complain :)

A well written, solid and topical story. The film was working really well up until the fight scene, where both acting and editing took a hit. The ending brought it all together again and felt pretty satisfying. Good work.

This was so sweet! I was laughing and crying. Technical issues aside, the child actors were so wonderfully authentic and adorable I could have watched them court for 15 minutes. The ending was a cool little twist.

Good job swimming in the river! Watching this made me feel very cosy sitting inside in my warm and comfy chair. The actor must have been miserably cold. I liked the references to an animal encountering a human device. The ending didn't offer any payoff in terms of what was going on with the phone or the guy himself. There could have been more...

To be honest, I didn't get it :) I got there was a serial killer and the phonetic connection to cereal is... solid. But the man in a wig part. Maybe someone can explain that? We ended up discussing this afterwards with several theories as to what was going on. Don't get me wrong, it was fun and some uncooked meat was sacrificed for art. The newsreader was a nice contrast to the raging lunatic killer.

Tackles big issues, but felt a bit disjointed, largely due to technical issues and sluggish editing.

This was entertaining. If the actors had truly committed to the skit, this film could have risen way above all others. But there was that slight piss-take vibe that is very common in 48-hour films. Anyway, a fun ride with clever ideas and snappy editing.

Starts as a subtle comedy but quickly switches gears into a slapstick type toilet pumping. Some clever lines.

A simple idea of following a necklace that gets lost and found. A hard choice in terms of keeping the audience engaged, given that what we mostly see on screen is an inanimate object lying in different places. But there were some beautiful frames (op shop counter from above was a nice touch) and a lovely smile at the end.

A lovely hodgepodge style animation and a great voice over that added a level of interest. Almost felt like an illustrated radio show that you accidentally started listening to in the middle and found yourself kinda hooked so you keep listening, trying to figure out what it is about.

Had some funny moments and an unexpected makeover sequence :) The year 1958 must have been so much before the fillmmakers' time, that they considered it the 'caveman era' :D But that freezer, being as battered as it was, had really stood the test of time.

A fun Easter story with a proper ending, which seemed to be missing from most films in this heat. The moment with the child playing and the car reversing had me covering my eyes. Thank God it was just the Easter bunny! The driving in the beginning felt waaaay too long. The conversation with the son was lovely, beautifully acted and heart breaking.