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Great twist at the end, and also an amazing team intro. Was gutted that the storyline meant that most of the film consisted of a dark table scene; because the team intro indicated this team could really pull off some great shots. Can't wait to see what this team pulls out next year.

I adored this film. The acting was brilliant (particularly the monologue from the female lead, captivating) and I loved the reincarnation of the classic dance dance revolution game. I wanted to see more!

A fantastically shot film that oozed wit and managed to somehow make having one testicle a classy story. Some awesome tracking shots and also great acting by the lead. Very clever dialogue which played on "one is enough" several times. I did however get a little bit lost so would have enjoyed a simplification of some of the story. All in all a great effort, and extra points for somehow managing to include a one eyed dog as talent!

Brilliant and hilarious, was glad to be at the screening of this film. The Mockumentary style worked extremely well, and within that framework the film still managed to have a clear conflict and resolution...(a big twist of a resolution, look out of it!). I laughed the whole way through (as did the rest of the audience) and although the dancing was highly and frustratingly repetitive, I found this a clever move as the repetition meant the audience could feel the frustration of poor old Daryl. I can't think of how to improve it so well done!

A really clever and well told story; you could see where it was going but still got a pleasant (or should I say unpleasant) surprise at the Meat Loaf! Would have scored higher however I feel the splatter shots brought it's until then excellent standard down. Great acting particularly by the ball bouncing character (and nice use of the shot of her feet might I add).

Editing this review as I realised I reviewed the wrong film on here.
This film was HYSTERICAL. SO funny. I'm not sure if it was meant to be but I loved it. Favourite shot was through the window and seeing the man roll down the hill in the background. Awesome stuff.