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Very well done.
The film follows a guy who wakes up and is shocked to find that technology has gone haywire with the fridge making his milk cold, and the toaster toasting his bread!!
He tries to warn others, especially his good friend, but no one seems to believe him!
It was a fun and original take on the Technological Thriller.

It was a very short but sweet film about a pear that gets accidentally put in a bowl of apples instead of the bowl of pears.
When the man who has put the fruit into their bowls leaves, googly eyes pop open on all the apples and the pear, and they shuffle around the bowl until the pear (looking quite sad) is lost in the depths of the apples.
The man returns, and luckily finds the pear in the apple bowl and puts it in the pear bowl where it belongs.
The stop-motion animation of the fruit was well done, the story very simple.

Funny at times, this film shows the deteriorating romantic relationship between the 2 main characters.
There were parts of the film that were taken from a range of popular romantic/Rom-com movies which included the titular "10 things I hate about you" poem, and what I believe is a reference to the tent silhouette scene from Austin Powers, among others.
It was entertaining.

An interesting take on a time travel genre.
The film is set at a support group for people who can't handle time travelling.
I'm not sure I quite caught all the reasons each of the people were there, but the one guy who is shown 3 times (presumably he has time travelled between each time) and adds a different suffix to his name (the 4th, the 5th, the 6th) is quite funny.
I don't think I understood the ending though.

Interesting premise - incompetent genies. The main character finds a genie, but instead of getting 3 wishes from the 1 genie she is told she will get 1 wish from each of 3 genies.
The "genies", however, are unable to actually give her what she actually wishes for, just an approximation.
Unfortunately it seems that they were unable to finish the film properly - they didn't actually show the 3rd genie, but they tried to make up for it in a creative way:
Having the 2 genies that were there complaining about the 3rd genie not actually showing up cos he ran out of time.

There were some nice shots in this film, but I can't say that I got any narrative from it at all.
It was very "arty", I just couldn't see what was Technological Thriller about it.

Great attempt at the Ultra guys!
It was funny, it was musical, the twist was kinda unexpected.
I'm not sure, though, that it quite followed the "all main characters must be children or animals" part of the Ultra requirements, as the "bad guy" wasn't an animal, nor a child.
But when it changed to the POV of the dog it was very entertaining.

There was an interesting premise to this film - what if your life was linked to your phone battery?
It starts with a guy frantically searching for something - a phone charging cable. Then I believe it resets to the beginning of the day.
The rest of the film follows 2 flatmates across a day, and the "life" of their phone battery. One flatmate is very active and social, the other just sits around the flat sleeping, eating and watching movies.
Throughout the film it showed the level of the phone battery, but it was the same for each of the flatmates. I was kind of expecting that the battery level would drop faster for maybe the guy who was out doing things.
In the end, I'm not quite sure what happened. It seemed that they both just went to bed?
I'm not sure it quite hit the "last day on earth" genre completely.

I always look forward to the film from Dwarf Shortage each year.
This years film was a sweet story of a blind date, and a missed connection.
The beginning of the film was almost completely in the dark, with some use of light from cell phones and a door, and the actors talking to each other.
I think it might have begun a bit better if the darkness was explained a bit sooner/quicker, as it kind of seemed as though the edit might have failed to render the video for that section to begin with.
But once it was established that it was a blind date in the dark it made complete sense.
The rest of the film was pretty good, although it wasn't quite clear in the end whether the male character actually recognised the female character after the elevator closed or whether the little flash backs etc. were for the benefit of the audience.

This was a really cute last day on earth film. A couple reminiscing about their life - what they could have done if they had more time, but ultimately happy as they are as time ticks down to the end.
Some cool animated bits, and some deep emotion.
At the end, though, the explosion (?) could have been a bit more recognisable. It seemed to just be the impression of an explosion.