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This was by far my favourite film in heat 9. And I was in heat 9.

I wasn't sure how to take the film at first. It was definitely Z Grade, but was that on purpose? Then the boom dropped. And it was hilarious and fun the whole way through.

Looked like alot of fun to make, and was lots of fun to watch. Great work Issa Film, it definitely is a film.

A really good story with some nice surprises along the way. Plenty of laughs and a great ending. Overall a fun film to watch, and it seemed like a fun film to make too! Good work on this one.

Some well acted dialogue and funny moments. Looked really nice, especially seeing as it was just in one dingy flat. A great ending too.

There were some pretty funny moments, and solid gender separation observations. Felt like the ending could have been worked a bit better but I enjoyed it!

Pretty neat film. Great use of animation within a real world, and there was a nice simple story. Very enjoyable watch!