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Needed a more original idea and somehow lost it's way in pace and energy despite some good comedic touches.

Beautiful locations and finely paced acting but perhaps the overall idea wasn't quite strong enough to carry this film through. Another film made at the expense of vegans!

Superb homage to classic early black and white cinema, getting all the elements of the genre and period bang on. Beautifully polished and witty film with a brilliant translation of "Fuck no" from the actor titled as "I do not partake" Piano music was just right. Easily strongest contender for Dunedin overall winner.

We counted 23 f-bombs and a lot of guns and shouting. Invercargill must be repository of hard core action film fans judging by the films being made this year. Lots of energy but sound and camera work on the rough side.

Interesting effort from an Oamaru team lacking the polish of the better funded teams. Some good story telling elements such as the clever use of wool as a fuse.

"C" for clever. Really well shot and acted, building to a not quite so hard hard hitting conclusion, as some story elements seem to have got lost along the way.

Great film that carried a subtle but well crafted message in the guise of entertainment. The Cohen Brothers also use dubious male bonding to deliver a punch. Final line is a 48 hours classic "Blowing out others peoples candles makes your own shine brighter" Cool use of compulsory elements.

Feel the audience squirm during the duck milking scene. See the main character of Charlie Flowers turn into a time traveling homicidal maniac. Witness the dodgiest special effects ever bought to screen. And you thought Invercargill couldn't put NZ cinema on the map. How many CC's was that moded?

Well handled story told with a sensitivity to both the main characters who played their roles well. Some not so great editing spoiled the flow of the story a bit. The jokes came thick and fast especially at the expense of the Christian flatmate.

What started as a great scenic film builds well enough and looks great but perhaps let down a little by not enough impact in the story overall. The Pink Floyd reference was cleverly done but overall felt like a little more polish than substance.

The voodoo doll as a revenge motif was carried well throughout the film by both the main characters. Some creepy special effects and good camera angles too. Great use of the wool as puppet string. Intimate and vulnerable moments from the main character worked too.

The inner thought of each character idea had good potential and the disparate perceptions between each of the characters made this interesting. Let down by some uneven performances and could have made better use of potential camera angles and more dynamic light and sound. The loop back from the card table tipped over at the beginning and end was a nice touch.

Lots of potential for this team. Sound is rough and ready as is the camera work. Script is good. This film needs to figure out how to tell their story visually and they will be making some great films.

The shrek sheep idea could have ended badly but through some adept scripting and acting this short carries itself well. The obsessiveness of the Charlie Flowers character carries the film well and uses elements such as the radio news bulletin and the near death dream sequence very cleverly.

Starts out more gansta than punk but it can't be denied that these kids have attitude and ideas. Great manic screaming in the original punk song at the end. Vicious.

Lots to praise in this short. Story starts well, the voice over from Charlie as the naive would be lover builds to the tragic conclusion at the hands of very well portrayed Russian mafia. The use of the flowers as a prop was an excellent device and some great acting too. Deserved to win the schools heat.

Some very enjoyable elements in this short. Splatter effects were great and the plot wrap/murder at the end fitted right in with the horror genre. With some tighter camera work and script this team could be one to watch in the future.

Some stylish camera work, a tight script and a very realistic fight scene helped to make this dystopian film interesting. The locations were well used and the team certainly understood the filmic elements implied by the genre.

School team with shaky camera work and sound. The wool prop was overplayed. Acoustics were a downfall with the scene in the squash court hard to hear at times. Some good comic elements and the best scream of all the Dunedin 2016 heats.