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"Content in an M film may include such things as violence, sexual references, offensive language and drug use." - Office of Film & Literature Classification

@Python66 I think you are definitely splitting hairs there. It's like saying there was a cut between the end of the film and the credits. In my opinion the title and credits aren't part of the "one shot". But that's just me.

Neo-noir-sci-fi-10-trucks-special. Loved every second.

Everyone loves male nudity + Helen Clark right? This got my 2 point vote.

Best film of Heat 1. This could easily do well outside of the 48Hours. Loved the cunning use of the required dialogue, every time. You know 3 kids with a hockey stick, a baseball bat and a cricket bat are going to be up to no good! Dubstep FTW! Brilliant freeze frame ending made so good by the FANTASTIC acting. Those kids rule. Guys, next year please try and make your movie in under 48 hours, that's all I ask. Would have given this my 2 point vote on the night.

Great ending, solid concept, well shot. Possibly a little slow on the fire escape scene, but over-all enough to keep me interested the whole way through. Well done.

Well, um errr... This movie made me laugh, and had some great moments - especially crazy alien dude. Just need to sort the technical finer points... probably a decent camera, establish the characters, write a script and this film had great potential.

Very technically well shot and edited film. Great colour. Something very exorcism feeling about some scenes.. Especially the tortured bedridden female lead. Nice use of the Wendy mascot holding avos and tomatoes (and chainsaw!). Gave this one my 1 point vote for the audience fav.

Sad that this one didn't play through, was looking forward to guessing what was going on.