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This was well put together, but . . . I'm still not sure if the twist was shocking or sad or just unconvincing. If the central character had shown a bit more personality it would have been both better and worse, that is more impactful. I don't know if that is what I wanted or the *exact opposite*. Okay, now giving this more points than my first impulse, because clearly it left me with more questions than any of the others in this heat. But I can't say I liked it.

Some cute kids and a really nice opening scene. Overall the techno for this techno thriller was a bit limited (maybe more horror genre?), but it looked and sounded absolutely lush, and the central character was v. nicely done.

Nice use of typical office and city environments in this arch mocumentary, a quirky approach to the against-the-clock genre. The use of direct-to-camera monologues cut with action was well done, and there were a few funny moments, but it would have been nice to have had some richer characters.

They gave the genre a good shot - some nice table rattling and a noisy monster banging around ominously off camera were effective. But the story just sort of stopped.

There was not a whole lot of music in this very short short. The puppet was interesting and it might have all gone somewhere, but it felt like everyone just gave up after a few minutes of mucking about.

There were no characters you could like in this story - which made it hard to care what happened to them. A pity, because there were some good bits in there, such as some nice camera work.

Very nicely shot and slickly put together, definitely the best looking in its heat. I liked the child-high viewpoint used, and the young lead actress did a great job within the slightly too clever plot.

Great central character and amusing idea worked through nicely, with a real sense of local geography.