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Very well done. Look like a well-oiled, experienced team. Little bit of an echo of the henchmen in Austin Powers, but still great fun. Technically rock solid and story so clear, even I could follow it.

Very well done. Required elements were organic rather than forced. Sound, visuals all strong. Brilliant performances. Yeah, POV could have been better, but if you don't a spare camera to through off a cliff...

Very funny. Good concept. Great performances; not sure if real or comedy South African accents. Tighter editing and better sound would have supported other facets.

Brilliant use of sound design and VFX/animation. Story was pretty straight forward, but well executed.

There was good idea in there, but had trouble fully understanding what was going on. Some nice shots/setups included

Some good use of VFX and sound to add to they story. Story was clear and interesting.. Could have left him dead at the end though... Some good night shots too

Nice use of the low-tech. A bit of a 'Back of the Y' feel. Very funny, got some good solid laughs. Some tighter editing might have made it stronger; so long as it kept the shot of the undie-mobile slowly crossing the screen.

Nice clear story (which seems harder to achieve than you might think). Good use of limited locations. Sound design supported the story. Some framing could have been stronger.

Some very good acting and production design. Nice restrained use of VFX to enhance the story. Sound could have used some more attention.

Good atmospheric visuals and editing. Tension built through monologue voice over. Story element could have been extended even more.


Probably the most visually solid film of the heat. Nice depth of field, colouration, camera movement etc. Music deployed effectively. Very good acting; unless those 2 must be a couple, lol. May have benefited from stronger throughline of story.

Not sure why it was disqualified. That's a real pity, as they nailed the genre; both subverting and celebrating the musical movie form (I learned to say stuff like that at Uni). Catchy songs, good performances, no technical issues.

Very funny, entertaining and no technical issues. Some classic lines "we did the card already... I predict this one to do very well.

Good solid storyline, with nice little reversal at the end. Some technical issues, but overall entertaining effort.

Technically very competent. Good performances. I had some difficulty figuring out what happened to the threesome at the end..

Great use of CBD locations. Some genuinely disturbing imagery. I didn't quite follow the plot, as I wasn't certain if timeline was linear.

Very technically proficient. Sound and music were used effectively to add a real sense of atmosphere. I didn't have 3D glasses so can't comment, but cool idea. The ending was perhaps a little bit weak compared to the buildup.

Good ideas and use of required elements. Some nice use of depth of field. Story throughline maybe a little unclear

Good use of humour and comedic performances. Nice silly little mystery story. Music well deployed, sound could have been better.