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Really enjoyed the film guys, its nice to see a film in the comp that doesn't play on comedy which is easier to do with a lot of these categories. The visuals were beautiful, you didn't over use dialogue and it left you with a feeling of "I want to know what happened!!" This piece would fit perfectly into the universities VP2 experimental films paper!

Excellent job team! Your actors were awesome and you did a good job with the story.

Excellent camera work as always guys! I feel like a little less dialogue might have gone a long way as it was hard to tell if the film was intentionally funny or if it was meant to be more sad, which the stiffness of the dialogue delivery didn't help as well. (Please don't take that negatively) Overall the film looked amazing you guys did an awesome job with a tough genre!

You lads did an excellent job! It was charming and I was laughing the whole way through! Reminded me of the popular cringe comedy style of many YouTuber's I'm excited to see what kind of films you guys come up with as you gain more experience, very creative!

Felt like the joke was dragged out a bit too much, too over acted. The story did have promise thigh well done on the concept etc.