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So, imagine The Breakfast Club, but with androids. That's the vibe I got anyway... this is a fun film about a soon to be obsolete android transferring his data to a newer model. There are some genuinely heart felt moments and strong comedic acting, including an 80s style power pop montage. I would like to have gotten a stronger sense of the world the film is set in, atmosphere wise. That said still a cool little flick and a nice take on human relationships. But yeah, with androids.

Curated gives a unique spin on the Holiday Movie genre as we follow a man looking to take a virtual vacation from his life and live out his fantasies. Things take a bleak turn however and we are confronted with questions about the power of the subconscious. The film had an almost trailer feel to it and I would enjoy seeing a longer form version of the film where we are able to learn more about the lead character, his boyfriend and the curator. Well made and well acted.

I think this story had a lot of potential and still does. I found myself wanting to know more about the characters and their motivations. Given the time restraints as mentioned already in another review, more details may have been a challenge to incorporate. I think the performers did an excellent job of leaning into the world of the film and gave honest performances. I think this is a story worth developing into a longer form short film or even a web series. The creators could come up with some really cool stuff regarding duality and identity, in my opinion.

An interesting take on the real time genre. The dialogue seemed disconnected to the action of yard work, though the notion of a character listening to a podcast was a cool way to present the narration. A unique concept that could be explored and experimented with more deeply. Some will agree with what the film says, others will disagree and others will hold more varied points of view. But that's kind of the point of filmmaking really.