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A common problem I have with these shorts (my own included!) is that the story is either too big for a 48 film or isn't big enough - it's a tricky balance and Shatmate got it right. The story was clear - shitty flat mate needs to go - which left Shatmate enough breathing space to just tell the interesting parts of the story. Some solid acting from everyone. There were a few scenes which is often a problem but they were all brief and got their point across which helped the story flow. The best looking film of the night, including many simple but interesting shots with depth (even some great visual comedy with the flatmate falling on his bed to pan over and reveal the girls in his room). The ending exorcism is a double edged sword for me - liked it came out of nowhere but would have liked some more set-up, as if it was the girls last measure.

Interesting we hadn't had a 48 revolve around social media before so was refreshing to see. I thought the concept could have used a bit more of a story though. There wasn't a message I left with other than 'I won't be following Kaitlyn With A K' anytime soon. The fight scene as well went far too long, a simple "I'm done" would have been enough. Also the main actress needed to decide on a accent as she was switching from Kiwi to American word to word which created a tough sound to the ear. Just thought this could have had a more clever message as it had a subject matter no one has tackled a lot in 48.

I can't help myself. You get full stars for that single cut of the boy gobsmacked he'd found true love which got the most laughs of the night.

The Revenant Kiwi Style - never knew I wanted that until I watched it. Fittingly so, the main actor should be recognised for his 'physical' performance which was bizarre but honest. A good use of the location also, the whole little area Do the Interns get glocks? used was a neat little location in itself. I liked your idea of someone going off the grid (very timely with social media) but felt the concept could have had a better pay off then the main character simply dying. I was thinking after watching they had set-up the other man and his wife. Maybe the wife is fighting with him while he goes to find the 'infant savage' and 'infant savage' convinces him to join him off the grid, ending in the two splashing in the water, free from the burns of modern day society. Just a thought, would have maybe strengthened your message a little more. Nice work for shooting outside in the rain and actually getting useable footage!

Bloody bizarre (and this is 48Hours we're talking about). Quite a disjointed story (did we need a news interruption and then an elderly person wanting to find love?) The joke ends in that serial and cereal are pronounced the same which would have been a funny concept if only Freddie Wong/RocketJump didn't do it 8 years ago in much better fashion. I was also really confused as to why there was a dub and it didn't match? Was this on purpose? Otherwise some good effects work.

Another solid comedy by SnowForge. This probably isn't something the team is that concerned about but after a lot of sound difficulties throughout the heats I watched, SnowForge had crystal clear sound design. Anyway back to the story - simple comedy set-up but thought the last pay-off could have been a reversal of some kind. It ended slowly not with a bang (well it did end with a 'BANG' - you know what I mean). The continuity joke earns another star.

Solid comedy concept and good use of location - I love it when you expect a big location in an expected way only to flip that expectation. This and the shots were very Wes Anderson-esque but it fitted this story. Some good acting (yeah, try crying at a fish funeral and make it realistic next time you want an acting challenge). My improvements for next time would be include a bit more of a pay-off to the story. It needed something more rewarding than simply the main character plunging furiously into the toilet. Maybe that would have worked better if it was revealed just before they flushed that the 'Out of Order' sign was there? As I saw it before I wasn't surprised when that happened. Also missed a chance to have the fish flow back out of the toilet (and no, not then be taken by a dog).

It's challenging to have a coherent story and to sustain a serious emotional tone. You guys excelled at both. Simple through line with the necklace prop which kept the story understandable and relatable. This made the film rely on visual storytelling which I really love, no dialogue was needed and the film (I could say all films) was much better for it. I also really liked how we didn't see any actors faces until the very end. I myself actually had a similar concept where I was planning the same thing - letting the audience work things out without connecting to a face. Brilliant stuff, really trusting your audience's knowledge of human behaviour and storytelling. Only improvement could also be a detriment of maybe adding a bit more awareness of time? Maybe by using surrounding backgrounds or props? However as I say this could ruin the timeless quality of it. Well done guys, keen to see more from you next year! Keep up telling story with visuals! That's why man invented the camera!

Solid entry from the DF-10 team again. The pay-off of running over JC was great. Really did a bait and switch type deal with the young girl too, was expecting her to be run over to increase the bad situation of the protag. Only comments would be chopping a lot of the first minute or so of driving. It didn't add anything to the story. I could have seen our character passing a church during easter to hit the message home even more if a driving sequence was required. DF-10 certainly like their comedy to have specific targets that push social norms, always refreshing to see over the 'Hot Boxed Car' sub-genre.

Nice work with the first part including which included some film grain, very hard to pull off. It's not a films job to make logical sense only emotional sense however I couldn't understand why the film's first scene was set in 1958? The main character was a 'caveman'? Would it not have made more sense to have the first scene and character then be set further into the past, 1000's of years maybe. This could strengthen the concept. The idea of a caveman resurfacing and getting a makeover was interesting however the jokes ran out quickly. It could have been tighter if maybe we had a last minute twist or an idea more engaging than the caveman being introduced to the friend. I recommend watching Key and Peele sketches which do a good job of this.