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An incredible short film. Stunning cinematography with a great script and edit. FAB WORK

Forgot to review this one from when I saw it at the heat. What a great spoof! The black bars were a really nice touch and the constant clashing of the swords in the background was hilarious!

I gotta say that I couldn't make out what half the dialogue was when I saw it the second time in the City Finals... Not sure what it was because I could hear the dialogue perfectly in the heats :(

Either way I still enjoyed it!

What a fun short! The locations were fantastic (along with the costuming) for the other planet at the beginning!

Great acting all round and how can I not mention the special FXs!?! How you guys did that many special FXs in 48Hours I don't know but thumbs up!

The stalking scene generated more than a few laughs :)

I was glad they won best use of character for Nicky Brick! Loved it.

Adam - Colonial Tech

Discussed this one with friends afterwards and we all really enjoyed the training montage scene! Perfectly done with some great laughs!

The elevator scenes were great. Especially the two woman who got shot and the card throwing was hilarious!

Really loved the use of the character Nicky too! Loved that Nicky seemed to pop up multiple times even after dying.

Great job!

Great take on the action genre. The playground scene had some fantastic camera work at the start which really emphasized the spoof-ness of the scene which I thought was great!

Great acting by the team and I really enjoyed the ending with the water and the crazy man in the restaurant!

Adam - Colonial Tech

Just back from the City Finals and this was a perfect film to end the night! Loved the whole idea of the film.

"I'm Batman" - the flatmate hunting scene was fantastic and the laughs didn't stop there! The actors did a really great job (especially the scenes where they are reacting to the weird stuff happening around them) and the Harry Potter Poster was a nice comedic touch.

So glad this film won best use of prop because that scene is GOLD!

Fantastic job on the scene with the magic in the kitchen and huge laughs from the milk 'surprise'!

Adam - Colonial Tech

From people I discussed it with afterwards this was definitely one of those films that people either loved or hated! Very offensive but very funny at the same time!

Absolutely fantastic animation work for 48hours! I can't even imagine how stressful it would be to complete that in time. A no brainer for the Best Animation award!

I actually loved that it was a PSA for safe sex and the original song was amazing. Voice work was superb too!

Adam - Colonial Tech

I do love a good Found Footage film and you guys were FANTASTIC! Perfect use of the genre. Extremely creepy villain/fetus that had me on the edge of my seat! (I actually think the string in some of the shots adds to the film haha)

Loved the use of the horror clichés too!

Adam - Colonial Tech

An easy 10/10 for me! I haven't laughed so hard while watching a film in a LONG time!

Incredibly original with a FANTASTIC script and truly EPIC make-up and acting! Deserved every award it received and more...

LOVED the quote about the Humans being too fast and about staying in a pack. You also very skillfully added a touching love story in there!


I really pray that you guys take out the Grand final because you deserve it!

PS Loved the speech you did at the City Finals "B..R..A..I..N..S"

Adam - Colonial Tech

I just saw this at the City Finals and I gotta say I really enjoyed it! Everyone involved did a great job especially impressed with the cast, camera work, sound, story and the use of the prop was fantastic!

Looking forward to watching it again online.

Adam - Colonial Tech

A twisted but hilarious short!

Absolutely loved the 'awkwardness' of the lead. The 'virginity' conversation was great and had me laughing!

I was impressed by the use of the prop (leaf) in the ending too :)

Adam - Colonial Tech

Watching the heats was extremely fun and this film left a smile on my dial. It's nice to view a film from a team (of teachers!) who looked like they were having such fun!

Gotta hand it to the lead actress for her stunt work! Some 'Black Widow' fighting moves there!

Love the imagination from the team too: Thugs who carry katanas, guns and knifes!

Adam - Colonial Tech

What a great short film! Thoroughly enjoyed the humor, puppet work and mini-sets. Perfect ending as well!

Outstanding job! Everyone involved should be proud :) It left me with a huge grin on my face.

Adam - Colonial Tech

I was extremely impressed with the acting and the cinematography along with the witty script.

Fantastic job!

Laughed more than a few times. Did I mention that the make-up effects were also top notch!

Adam - Colonial Tech