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Very funny favourite of the night. Cool intro too it actually got some cheers from the audience. The whole film was tight and had a pretty cool concept. The dialogue was funny and you could actually hear because of cleanly recorded sound and well done soundtrack. Favourite scene was the old ladies at the end haha very nice touch. Could have had a slightly more dynamic ending but it was a good job! Hope you go through.

Didn't really enjoy the film. The low quality video made it hard to watch, some of the acting was pretty good and some wasn't. I could follow the story but could have been developed a lot more.

This was one of those films where I had little idea of what was going on. Had the potential to be a cool cyborg film but it wasted the majority of its time with some guy spouting unfunny dialogue for 5 minutes. Really wish you would have left his dialogue out and had some cool fights between the androids and cyborg.

The story was pretty good, it made sense and had a conclusion. I would have to say for an action film the fighting was pretty poor but there was some cool shots in there but some faster fighting would have been better. Also that guy had a hairy chest! haha

I didn't really see how it was a horror until 2/3 the way in, and it wasn't exactly scary then. You have only got 7 minutes and that should be 7 minutes of horror. The sound was all over the place too, that's to be expected in 48 hours but makes it had for the ears!

My third best film of the night. good job for school team. The story was pretty tight. There are parts where it could have been done better but overall well done!

Didnt enjoy this one very much. Pretty low quality with sound and video and didn't really enjoy the story. Poker scene was probably the best scene.

This was pretty funny. I enjoyed the acting and humour. The effects with the lab scene and the picture close ups was also pretty sweet. Enjoyed it! Just a few technical problems but overall good job.

Yeah not too great. Was pretty low quality sound and video wise. The story wasn't very inventive either. The guy was pretty creepy though haha. It was funny when her pen got stuck in her hair too! The sound effects in the library sounded like a flashback to a porno lol