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So many different aspects of this film that were so great. Being transported off to Jurassic Park being one of them. Fabulous make up, a pity about the behind shot of one of the actors showing white skin at the back. Cutting that shot from the film would have made for higher production values.

I really enjoyed this movie and was guessing to who had died when. The music and cinematography matched with the story so beautifully. One of my favourites. We had filmed there a few years ago, lovely spot for creating atmosphere.

Wow. Great structure to the story, innovative way of telling it, or should I say singing it. Very entertaining. The words of the song matched so wonderfully the music. Definitely lived up to its genre. Loved it.

This is a stand out on the night for me. I take my hat off to you achieving so many scenes in such a short amount of time. Fabulous editing. Acting was great. Definitely deserved a selection into the finals.

A delightful way to convey a deeper theme, great idea. Wonderful make up and costuming. I wanted it to continue.

A great script, with a strong theme. Not easy to have plants grow from seed to over take a city in 48 hours, but you managed to pull it off.

I enjoyed this short. The different visual ways you presented the two generations was innovative and worked well.

The concept of this short was great. Making a milk shake with the French dictionary, I expected her to speak in French when she woke up. You could feel the fun that you all had making it. I hope you enter again next year.

A well deserved win for best use of shadow. Great work. As the story started I was anticipating what was going to happen next, good first act, nice visuals in the bush, made me feel like I was there.

At the start I wondered where the story was going, held me in suspense. Looks like you had some fun. I like that you had clearly defined characters for the actors and they played their part well. Good effort.

I thought the story was fabulous, I was second guessing what was going on and then the reveal - it was unexpected but plausible. Well done.

One of the stand out favourites for me. Absolutely the best door slam. Fancy putting a musical onto yourself! You made a great job of it too. The use of the black costuming helped pull it all together nicely and suited the musical genre. Well done!

That was a tricky genre to deal with, you handled it well. Great story line and twist at the end. My favourite part was handing over the wilted roses.

How brave of you to tackle this subject and to represent it in a different way visually. I thought the shot looking into the coffin was awesome. Well done.

Very clever use of the TV ad. Emotions of pizza workers priceless. Great story and good acting.

One of my favourites. The story was outstanding. Your acting fabulous. Well done.

Fabulous story line and great telling of the story. A talented actor.

Certainly a well deserved win. The use of make up and costume visually with the lyrics was AWESOME. I can not imagine how you did all those changes in the short time you had. Hope to see you back next year.

This film made me think, wondering the plot. A lot of the films had great story lines this year, and yours was one of them. I know time is short to get everything in, but a few added sounds in the fight scene would have added to it. So unexpected to find the guts come out. Wonderful.

I really enjoyed this film. Lived up to their genre. Great sound design. There was a lot of work put into this film and it shows. Well done. Can't wait to see what you will do next year.

We all expected something good and you delivered. I enjoyed the film, always a good laugh. That large font for the count down was a bit out there. I can just imagine the fun brain storming all the things you could do to delay the trip. Nice work.

Nice intro! It aroused my emotions as I felt for the others that were wished back. Well done.

This short made me smile - making sure we knew where the collision was. Great production values.

Awesome twist in the story, I waited with expectation to see what was going to happen and I wasn't disappointed.

Fabulous short all round. Well done.

Great story, I liked the pacing. Good use of your genre.

Clever use of female, enjoyed the diverse shots used in this film. I enjoyed the first half of the movie more than the last.

A great short, thoroughly enjoyed it - great twist at the end - loved it was his mother that he revealed it too!

Great use of your genre and theme. A well told story.

Thought your script was brilliant. An enjoyable watch.

Nice short, nailed the genre in such a short space of time - very clever.

At the end of the night it was your film that kept running through my mind - how clever on all counts. It is what great short films are made of. Just a thought if you showed different shots of the routines for each day, but just enough to reveal the repetitive nature of the days would have added more drama to the film. Audiences don't need a lot to get the picture. Very clever close ups and editing. My favourite film.

I enjoyed the interview style and the song. Not easy to get a song together in a weekend, well done.

I really liked the capturing scenes at the beginning, however once in the dark room it turned into a comedy and I missed getting what the mystery was. Oh well I should pay more attention.

A great story. The running through the park was a bit strange, where the girls could see each other. Great acting by the girl with the dark hair. I enjoyed the film.

That grandma under the blanket was great. Some tighter camera shots may have made it more interesting visually. I did enjoy it though.

Lots of laughs once the 'dance' started. During the intro in the gym I missed hearing sound effects of the equipment - especially as there were so many with the fighting.

How great were those piles of ash, very creative, and placing them all for the shots. Well acted too.

This was a very polished production. I liked the way it followed the main characters in parallel. I was expecting the female character to have a more dramatic change.

Enjoyed this movie made me laugh.

Awesome acting. Held me all the way, nice twist at the end.

Very creative. Made me laugh. Thought your use of the prop was best for the heat.

Started out with excitement and continued moving along at a good pace.

Was awestruck at how you got all those people together for your film, or maybe you party crashed. I enjoyed seeing the coloured lighting effects. Funny.

I enjoyed the take on it being a youtube video. Thought the toilet shot was fun. Nice getting something off the ground into your short makes movie going enjoyable with such variety.

Wow awesome to watch, great visual story. Wish it had developed the story a bit more - wanted to keep watching.

Liked the use of black and white and fun in the tent, well done

Enjoyed the galloping horses and supporting actor on the cell phone. Was hoping to see a crystal ball. Looked like a lot of fun in the making.