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Absolutely loved this film. Great twist on the genre, and the ending really got me. This is the first film I've ever teared up in, so I'm giving you huge props to that. Good job.

Cute film with great shots. The resolve could have been worked on, but I wouldn't expect anything major from a 48HOUR film. Sound was a little quiet, but that could have just been because I was sitting at the back.

The match cut: wow. Definitely the best of the night. The lead characters were believable and lovable, and you really owned the genre with the ending, and shock ending definitely isn't the best genre in the comp. Great film, but maybe invest in a good microphone so the film can sound as good as it looked.

Entertaining and creative film. Love The Eh Team and their films, and was distinctly reminded of last years film with the same quirky dialogue and humor. Well done.

Love Domino's quirky films. Definitely a team to watch out for. I loved the whole story line, very creative and original. Well done guys.

Great black comedy film. Best of the heat. Well done.

Not as good as last year. Good take on your genre, a refreshing twist to the regular buddy films. But I do feel it was a little predictable. Also, the dead Siamese twin plot is in a lot of movies (Freaks, Basket Case, Sisters, American Horror Story) so it was a little cliche. I was a big fan last year, but unfortunately you didn't deliver as well. I did love your team tag though, as a homage to last year.

Great film guys, loved the shots, loved the storyline, could have been an awesome film if you had more time. Would love to see it again with the whole thing properly done.

Well done on this film, and what a tough genre to get! Whole concept was hilarious, and passed it off well. Good job guys.

Terrifying, yet hilarious. It was incredible how much you incorporated the prop, the whole thing was incredible. Well done.

Great film. One of the only film that stayed fully to its genre, And was funny as well as adventurous. Acting was great with a funny twist at the end.

Probably the best film in heat. Everything was great.

Great horror movie. Reactions need a little bit more work, AKA when I see my friend murdered, I wouldn't normally say 'We should go to the office', would you?
However, The toast wall. Yes.

Funny parody of every rom com movie. Editing was a bit off, But would be easy to fix if you had more time. Camerawork was a bit shaky, I'm guessing you didn't have a tripod?
Apart from that, Funniest film in the heat.